Your Ultimate ViaBestBuy Review (For Modafinil)

We have reviewed all major Modafinil vendors at this point. But there is more to buying Modafinil online than dedicated e-shops. Some online pharmacies offer Modalert and Modvigil along with their other products. And I recently realised, we have hardly given you any information on that. Since online pharmacies are either amazing or appalling, today’s ViaBestBuy review is supposed to be a pointer in the right direction.

We are looking at who is behind the company, how they run the business, and whether you can trust them. Diving right in…

Who/What Is ViaBestBuy?

Go ahead and Google them.

What pops? Viagra commercials. Hey, there is no shame in using the little blue pill but that is not what we are here for. It turns out that ViaBestBuy can also sell you Modafinil at a very competitive price.

I know, an online ED-pill place sounds a little dodgy—but bear with me.

Why People Have Been Buying Modafinil From ViaBestBuy

Do you see a paragraph on ‘History’ in our other Modafinil vendor reviews?

No, you don’t because these people have rarely been around for more than 1-2 years. ViaBestBuy, on the other hand, was established back in 2010.

They have years of experience that other online stores simply lack. Granted, they have only recently started branching out of ED treatments. That does not change the fact that they have been in the game for long enough to have come across all sorts of problems.

Choosing ViaBestBuy, you are giving yourself some extra peace of mind which a lot of people need when they are buying medication off the Internet.

ViaBestBuy Review

Pleasing the people online is a tough call. There will always be the occasional hater, the grumpy client, the one whose order got lost and he is now super mad at the company, all of its employees, and their respective families/pets/friends/neighbours as well. I think ViaBestBuy are actually doing great and they have been doing it for over 7 years now.

Seriously, when I was researching for this ViaBestBuy review, it came as a bit of a surprise how few haters ViaBestBuy has. They are reputable and they have all of these independent reviews online to prove it. Most people would praise the quality of the product as well as the customer service. You should know by now that I am pretty much unbothered with ‘product quality’ when it comes to Modafinil.

The pills come from the same two suppliers anyway.

Customer service, on the other hand, really got me excited.

Modafinil can’t be imported in the U.S. if you are not a FDA-approved supplier. Although there are no consequences for you if the order gets seized (no criminal record, no fines, no cops showing up at your house), you can still potentially lose some money. That is why all reputable Modafinil vendors offer a refund or reshipment in case the pills are confiscated.

The trouble is, even non-reputable vendors can say that they will do it. When it comes to following through with their promise… Well, they disappear. This is why customer service should be your number one priority (number two, really, because number one is that they have the policy).

To hear that ViaBestBuy have proven to be trustworthy and great at solving any issues that might come up definitely gives me a lot of confidence in recommending them.

Order Modafinil From ViaBestBuy

And What Are The People Saying About The Modafinil Itself

viabestbuy review

The ViaBestBuy review section is separate for different products. There are now more than 20 reviews exclusively for the Modalert they offer. Here is what one customer had to say:

Legit product in good blister packs, not that flimsy paper you see with knock-offs sometimes. Love that you know what’s going on while it’s coming to you and how fast customer service responds. Will definitely order again!

Here is the thing. I did not really know that there were knock-offs of Modalert. Upon reading up on that, turns out there are. So guess what? Some form of proof that the product is genuine just made it to the list of my top requirements of Modafinil vendors.

The other thing I love about what Lynn Luegemors said is the customer service remark. Impressively responsive is what I like them to be.

Another customer by the name of Terry K said:

No problems getting my package even though customs. I looked at a lot of websites that sell modafinil, but there was always an issue with shipping and all this other stuff that makes me nervous. I don’t have extra money to blow on a product I’ll never get, which is why I’m so glad I found this place. You can see where package is as it travels toward you, and I had no problem getting it here in the States in just under 10 days.

The speed of shipping, in fact, was another thing virtually everyone praised. And I am sold – if I can get my pills without having to wait for a full month, then, of course, I would choose the vendor that has that.

Order Modafinil From ViaBestBuy

ViaBestBuy Information On Modafinil

One thing I definitely love about ViaBestBuy is they have detailed information about all of their products.

This is true for the ED-pills and it is also true for the Modafinil. It might not seem like a lot, especially if you already know most of the stuff but it is, in fact, very convenient. Besides, I like it when websites are not just trying to sell you the pills as though they were candy.

Even Modafinil, which is one of the safest smart drugs out there, can have some negative consequences. It is only responsible that the vendor should warn you about them.

Case in point, ViaBestBuy listed all substances that should not be mixed with Modafinil. On this list (just to refresh your memory) are:

  • Ambien;
  • Clonazepam;
  • Klonopin;
  • Lexapro;
  • Nexium;
  • Omeprazole;
  • Trazodone;
  • Xanax

As you can see, some of these drugs are very popular.

Heck, even kids are popping Xanax these days (a topic for a whole other article). Most vendors rely on your personal responsibility. While being smart about Modafinil and taking the time to research it is great, giving people one more warning is only decent. You never know what consequences that pill you are selling could cause if your customers don’t take it responsibly.

How About Payment Security?

Yes, this one is an issue for most sane people. How do you know that the payment page will keep your data secure?

ViaBestBuy has gone for one of the safest options out there – 128-bit SSL.

Although you could go higher than that with the Secure Sockets Layer technology, the 128-bit version is perfectly safe. You can be sure that your credit card information will not end up in somebody else’s hands.

Where Does ViaBestBuy Ship?

Unfortunately, just the U.S. ViaBestBuy is not the best option for those of you based in Europe or elsewhere

. But them only shipping to the States might be a good thing as well.

When you have a company that exclusively serves a single country it is only natural that they are much better versed in problem-solving for the unique issues that might come up.

Order Modafinil From ViaBestBuy

It Won’t Be A ViaBestBuy Review Without Some Negatives

OK, I am not here to full-on advertise ViaBestBuy. There are some cons to buying your Modafinil from them. The two main ones would be that:

a. the selection is not varied at all

b. they are relatively new in the Modafinil game

The selection issue is bigger in my opinion. There are vendors who now offer Modafinil and Armodafinil from three different suppliers (as opposed to the usual two).

ViaBestBuy only has the Modalert by Sun Pharma. Although Sun Pharma is a perfectly respectable company (and they are quite possibly the most experienced producers of generic Modafinil), some people prefer HAB. Also, HAB is the cheaper option and let’s face it, that extra cash you save is really important when you are struggling student. I

don’t doubt that ViaBestBuy chose only Sun Pharma to stay on the safe side. What I strongly dislike is when I am not given perfectly good options like the ones HAB have.

Which kind of ties in with the lack of specialized Modafinil vending experience. The target for Modafinil is arguably different from the people who usually buy ED medication. Although the overall time in business is more important, I do think that ViaBestBuy can still learn and improve as a Modafinil vendor. Let’s see what they come up with a year from now.

I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

ViaBestBuy Review: Conclusion

ViaBestBuy is one of the oldest, most experienced, and reputable online pharmacies. Yes, their past in their past in Erectile Dysfunction remedies seems a little worrying but even with Viagra and the like, they have proven to be trustworthy. Yes, I would definitely recommend them.

If you have a ViaBestBuy review, or if you have any tips, suggestions, or article requests…you know the drill! We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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