The Top 7 Cold Press Juicers Review

Pretty much anyone that is serious about juicing owns a cold press juicer. This not even an over exaggeration. Unlike centrifugal juicers, cold press (or masticating) machines work nice and slow to give you all of the amazing nutrients.

True, they are much pricier.

Buying one is an investment and rarely do people get a masticating model when they first get into juicing.

In this cold press juicers review, we are looking at the best of the best. These machines are not cheap (although they are getting more affordable). You might as well spend some time researching your purchase.

But first, what are the benefits of getting a cold press juicer? In other words, is it really worth the splurge? Here are some helpful pointers:

  • Commercial juicing methods and pasteurization are great for keeping harmful bacteria away. Unfortunately, they also destroy a lot of the goodness in juice. Vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients are lost—so you end up with much less than what the original fruit or vegetable contained.
  • Centrifugal juicers are quick and easy, not to mention very affordable. But they also drive a lot of air into the juice. All of that goodness we talked about? It is very prone to oxidation. When oxygen from all of that air reacts with the nutrients, they spoil. Well, they do not literally spoil, but they do lose their value. This is why you can only consume a juice made by a centrifugal juicer right away. Leave it in the fridge and you end up with sweet orange-flavoured water (and no vitamin C).
  • Masticating slow juicers don’t have any of those disadvantages. They have some of their own — mostly that they are big and sometimes a bit pricey. In terms of juice quality, though, cold press all the way if you want the best. Not only does cold pressing preserve all of the valuable nutrients, you also get more juice. It really takes every last droplet of goodness out of those fruits and veggies.

Now that we have it clear that cold juicers are not just some hipster trend, how do you pick one?

Funny enough, it is best to start with the disadvantages.

No, really.

This is what we are going to do for this cold juicers review. I know you don’t really care about the RPM (at least not as much as you care about the price and quality). Anyhow, without further ado – the top 7 cold press juicers review that you came for!

Omega VSJ843RS – The Gamechanger 

cold press juicers review

Why it sucks? 

It is expensive! I am sorry, that is the truth.

Not everybody has that kind of money laying around, waiting to be invested in a juicing appliance.

Why you should get it anyway? 

Simply put, this is the best juicer out there.

If money was out of the question, I would not tell you to buy any other juicer. This Omega model is sleek, easy-to-use, and incredibly powerful, too. The cool part is that unlike most cold press juicers, this is a vertical one. It is easier to store, much lighter, and oh so easy to clean.

And how about the actual juice? Here is where I will tell you about the RPM. You want a juicer that really takes things slowly. At 43 RPM, the Omega VSJ843RS is slow even for a slow juicer. That is a very, very good thing (does not sound like it, though).

The slower the juicer, the more juice and nutrients you get.

More importantly, speed plays a huge part in oxidation. When your juicer takes its’ sweet time to make your kale-spinach-carrot energy bomb, the amount of oxygen that sneaks in is as low as it gets. This means that you can prepare your morning green juice ahead of time. Heck, you can even make a batch for the week and never have a hectic morning again (just kidding, mornings are always hectic).

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center

cold press juicers review

Yet another Omega juicer in the top cold press juicers review. Noticing a trend already? I can’t help it, Omega makes some damn good juicers.

Why it sucks? 

It is big and heavy. I can’t say it is too pretty either. Look up the measurements and the weight before buying and make sure you have enough space. This is definitely not the model for a studio apartment (although it is perfect for families).

Why you should get it anyways?

True, the Omega J8004 might be a bit chunky but hey, cold pressers can be beautiful in all shapes and forms. This one I love because it has such a great capacity. You can easily run a juice bar with this bad boy and I am not even exaggerating. It is amazing for large (or even not that large) families. It also doubles as a kitchen robot so you can have homemade pasta all day every day. The Omega J8004 is super versatile, it is powerful, and not to mention super sturdy. It sounds like the dream appliance. Well, for people with large kitchens anyway.

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer HH-SBB11

cold press juicers review

Why it sucks? 

Almost as expensive as the Omega VSJ843RS  that I already complained about. I kind of felt that this one is a bit too pricey as well.

Why you should get it anyway?

Apart from its’ obvious benefits (for being a cold juicer) and the cool colours it comes in, the Hurrom model has some key advantages that separate it from its’ competitors. The one I love most is the patented SST (Slow Squeezing Technology) that really squishes every last bit of juice from the produce. You really get very little pulp with this one and it is quite dry, too (easy for cleaning plus a good sign that all the goodness is in your cup).

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer

cold press juicers review

Why it sucks? 

It is a commercial heavy duty juicer. Yes, that might say a lot of good thing about its’ quality but you better be ready to give up a lot of countertop space. Also, be careful when you lift it. This one could break a toe or two.

Why you should get it anyway?

The G5-PG710 is truly built to last. It has a 10-year warranty on the parts and 3 years on the motor. It is safe to say that this is an investment juicer (although I hear investment other things like gold and paintings don’t have warranties). There is also a built-in homogenizer that makes it the perfect ice cream maker and more importantly – perfectly safe for baby food.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

cold press juicers review

Why it sucks? 

The pulp comes out a bit wetter than what you see with other juicers. It’s nothing compared to the soggy mess you get from some centrifugal models but a masticating juicer could definitely do better.

Why you should get it anyway? 

It is so affordable! Honestly, I am all about you get what you pay for. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at how much the Aicok model offers for its’ modest price tag. It is efficient, easy to use, and silent, too. I think you actually get a lot more than what you paid for.

SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer

cold press juicers review

Why it sucks?

Juicing takes a bit longer with this one. Also, some people have complained that it clogged up easily, although this seems to be more of an exception, rather than a true disadvantage.

Why you should get it anyway? 

The wide chute saves you a ton of time chopping and prepping the produce. The dreaded clean up is also super easy. There is no foam and the pulp is super dry, so this is a great sign of minimal oxidation. Overall, this SKG juicer saves you a lot of time. Juice can be stored for up to 72 hours since the model was created with anti-oxidation optimization in mind. It is great for those meal-prepping enthusiasts out there or even if you are busy and lazy like me (but still want to be healthy).

Omega NC900HDC

cold press juicers review 1

Why it sucks?

It works at 80RPM which is decent but it could be slower.

Why you should get it anyway?

The Omega NC900HDC was a runner-up for my personal favourite, to be honest.

It is extremely efficient – you can run the grinds a second time and not a drop will come out. The life span you can expect with the Omega NC900HDC is also pretty awesome. Talk about a sturdy reliable machine! Finally, although this is just a cold press juicer review and not a competition, it definitely outperforms most of its’ competitors by a lot!

Do you have any juicer recommendations of your own? What is your top model from this cold press juicer review? Make sure to share it in the comments below!

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