The Secrets to the Steak and Eggs Diet

The steak and eggs diet is one of the most controversial diets out there. It comes with good reason—there is a lot of bad information out there put out by “health experts”. For some reason, the government has flip-flopped like a yoyo for years about eggs, which makes the steak and eggs diet have a stigma of blocking your arteries and killing you.

Why has the government flip-flopped so much in regards to their stance with eggs? It’s hard to say, but there’s always political motivation behind a movement like that. While I’m not a doctor and you should definitely talk to a physician before you undergo any major lifestyle change, I can say that the steak and eggs diet has resulted in phenomenal results for me personally.

First Off, What Is the Steak and Eggs Diet?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You eat nothing but steak and eggs. This is the general premise of it, but people have been known to substitute the steak for other types of meat (more on that in a bit).

Typically, a diet like this is also done around intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting: Skipping one meal a day (often breakfast). Rather than eating right upon waking, you instead with and eat two (often larger) meals in an 8-hour span. The exact hours don’t matter. You can make it 3pm and 11pm. 6am and 3pm. Most common is probably 12pm and 8pm, or somewhere around there.

You’ll also notice that when you just eat steak and eggs, there’s absolutely no carbs involved. Just fats, oils, proteins. Call it Keto. Call it no-carb. Call it the 4-Hour Body diet. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just steak and eggs.

People like to make dieting this complex thing, but what really makes you lose weight is eating less calories than you use. It’s that simple, but people like to make a cluster out of it. Don’t do this with the steak and eggs diet. Keep it simple, stupid.

Just steak. Just eggs. The end.

Rules of the Diet

  • Only eat steak and eggs (duh)
  • Cook everything in butter if at all possible
  • Cook steak any way you like (more on that below)
  • Cook eggs any way you like (more on that below)
  • You can substitute different meats if you need to
  • One cheat day a week where you can pig out all day (cut down to one meal for better results)
  • Utilize intermittent fasting—2x meals a day—you’ll find it’s easy on this diet

Do You Need Carbs?

A fair question, because it seems odd to just totally cut them out—especially if you’re exercising. You don’t need the carbs on the steak and eggs diet, but different people are going to react differently to going no carb. Personally, I found that my workouts had consistently less energy to them when I was on the steak and eggs diet. I felt sluggish. However, I found a simple solution.

I consumed a small item with carbs in it about an hour prior to a workout. This countered the low energy perfectly. Something as simple as a piece of toast with butter or peanut butter on it, or half of a turkey and cheese sandwich. As soon as I started doing this, my workouts returned to normal (and I just felt better overall).

You have to remember that if you keep the carb number low, it’s not going to make a huge different. A piece of whole wheat bread isn’t going to make a huge impact when you’re eating nothing but eggs an steak. You’re still going to lose weight, lose fat, and you’re going to do it fast.

You Mean I Can ONLY Eat Only Steak?!

Let’s face it, steak can be expensive. And when you’re going to be eating it twice a day, those costs are going to add up, quick. Thankfully eggs are significantly cheaper. So yes, you can substitute other meats—as long as they’re only meat. I definitely think beef works best (and tastes best with eggs). Chicken can work in a pinch. A little salt, pepper, butter, and garlic powder works wonders when paired with eggs. Dump a little of your favorite hot sauce on it (I’m partial to this one, it’s a classic) and you’ve got an excellent meal.

Bacon works.

Ground beef works great, too. You can easily prepare a couple pounds of ground beef, with a dozen eggs, and portion it out. Throw them in containers and into the fridge they go. Just grab one as you need it.

However, I’ll give one final alternative for the steak and eggs diet. And it’s my favorite one.


Probably the most affordable steak out there for what you get, and it’s easy to save for later meals. You can buy a several pound tri-tip for under $20 if it’s on sale. Pick up a couple of them, and grill one a week. That should easily get you through three to four days of meals in regards to your meat.

This recipe is my absolute favorite tri-tip recipe. Pappy’s is a fantastic alternative if you don’t want to make the rub yourself. Finally, if you’re the type who prefers marinated meat, I’m partial to both Stubb’s and Yoshiba’s.

By the way, if you live in an apartment and can’t cook a tri-tip on the BBQ, and oven will work just fine.

How to Prepare Your Steak & Eggs

Again, the beauty of this diet is simple, so don’t overcomplicate things for yourself. It’s meant to be a diet that’s sustainable for quick and efficient fat loss, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Preparing Your Eggs

steak and eggs diet

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Pick your personal favorite, albeit some are going to be easier to prepare quickly than others.

  • Scrambled
  • Fried (in butter)
  • Sunny side up
  • Hard-boiled (probably the best option for lunches if you have a job)

In addition, hard-boiled are a great snack. Frankly, a diet like this is filing and you’ll rarely experience any hunger pangs. However, if you do, a couple hard-boiled eggs should take care of that without a problem.

Preparing Your Steak

steak and eggs diet

The quickest way is to throw one on the grill with a good chunk of butter. Add salt and pepper (generously, I’ll add) and whatever other seasonings you’d like. I’m partial to oregano, garlic powder, and maybe a pinch of paprika. Use whatever you like, they won’t have an impact on your diet.

Of course, I’m old school. To me the best way to cook a steak is on the BBQ. When I utilize the steak and eggs diet, I make sure I get out to the grill a couple times a week (depending on the season) and cook my steaks there. I usually will make two or three at this time, and refrigerate a couple for later. If you go this route, make sure you prepare the steaks-to-be-saved on the rare side, so they can be reheated but not overcooked.

Conclusion of the Steak and Eggs Diet

steak and eggs diet

In the past, I’ve lost 8 pounds in matter of just two days on this diet. While that’s drastic, it continued—I had no issues losing another 10 pounds over the next two weeks. I looked good too, the right weight was coming off—fat, not muscle. Eating like a warrior truly does make you look like one.

In short, I can’t recommend doing the steak and eggs diet enough for those who are looking to lose fat in a quick and efficient way. Not to mention—it tastes great. Steak and eggs are two of my favorite foods in the world, so no complaints there (personally).

This diet is so simple. Again, I’ll reiterate that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t make it complex. It’s a side bonus of this diet: you free up brain power to accomplish other things.

And here at Biology Boost, we’re all about boosting up, in any way possible. The steak and eggs diet is a great way to do that.

‘Til next time,


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