Red-PCT Review—How Good is this Testosterone Booster?

Frustrated? You’ve been working out all year long and yet you still end up looking the same. Chances are your reading this is because you need something to give you that boost. Read the rest of this Red-PCT review to find out how it can help you.

If you’re anything like me, you suffer from information paralysis. You find yourself reading an abundance of articles and looking for the best way to melt that soft, flabby fat —quickly.

No worries, I made the same mistake.

I even took it a step further and tried several popular fat burners, that several body building websites recommended. For example, the famous Hydroxycut prior to it being banned.

In my experience, fat burners did work in dropping weight. The problem, however, is that you just ended up being a smaller version of yourself—skinny fat (still fluffy and jiggly in all the places you hate).

Well, guess what!

I found something much better than those ridiculous fat burners that are just loaded with caffeine.

It has everything a man should need in a bottle.

Biology Boost’s RED-PCT Review

Introducing RED PCT

Red-PCT is a testosterone booster. A supplement that helps you increase your testosterone and make you feel, and act, like a man.

Red-PCT accomplishes this with 3 simple ingredients that outweigh the 10+ ingredients in other bottles. These ingredients are:

  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) acts as antioxidant and supports your liver.
  • Arimistane (3,5-diene-7, 17-dione) blocks estrogen from forming.
  • Chlorophytum borivilianum – If you are a steroid user, this combats the negative sexual side effects that come with steroid use.

Now before you run away and think this is only for steroid users, read the rest of my Red-PCT review to find out how it can help you.

Let’s start with the pros of this magic bottle.

1. RED-PCT Blocks Estrogen

Estrogen plays a big role on how your daily look fluctuates. If you read through most bodybuilding magazines and bodybuilding websites, you will likely notice they never openly talk about estrogen and how this affects men.

So how do you know if you have high estrogen?

Look at your chest. Do you have man boobs?

If you do, chances are you have high estrogen levels.

Here’s a fun fact:

Besides man boobs, estrogen can mess with your head by giving you a bloated look (hold tons of water around you that can be perceived as…you guessed it, fat!

Who would have thought.

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2. Increased Muscle & Gains

It’s not what you think, but it does increase muscle hardness. You know that pump that us gym rats are always chasing?

…well, with Red PCT it can leave the muscles feeling pumped for as long as you’re taking it.

Think about it. You always wanted your pumps to stay and now there is a magic bottle out there that can do this for you.

Additionally, it helps increase muscle gains. Let me clarify before you start imagining things, I’m not talking about huge overnight type of gains. What you could potentially gain could be 3-5 pounds of lean muscle. Although it can be different for you, everyone is different.

Note: What you can gain varies from person to person—personally, I put on five pounds of muscle.

3. Boost In Testosterone Libido

Of course, with an increased testosterone levels, you’re bound to be one horny dude ready to pounce on anything that walks your way.

One of the side effects of having high estrogen or low testosterone (or both!) is that your sexual desire just disappears (out of thin air), with no warning.

With Red PCT, your testosterone doesn’t decline, on the contrary, it quickly rises—you’ll feel it increase after just a week or two.

But, if you go to your local vitamin shop and listen to them clowns who will sell you crap for 80 bucks—be my guest. But, before you waste your money, ask him/her:

  1. What are the ingredients this supplement has?
  2. What is Arimistine?
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4. RED-PCT Makes You Feel GREAT

Not in a high euphoric type of way, but more like you feel confident in yourself. You’re a man on a purpose now. You’re not daydreaming about things you shouldn’t be like:

  • Your girlfriend and what she’s up too
  • Imagining how life would be like if  you did have high testosterone
  • Creating stories in your head in how you’ll accomplish your goals instead of taking action

In essence, you won’t have to daydream. You’ll feel more energized and not waste time on dumb things. If you have a habit of not being decisive and being lethargic for no reason at all, give Red-PCT a try.

5. Stand-Alone Supplement

Red-PCT Review

This is big news for the skinny fat guy, or any guy who just has trouble with getting rid of that fat that blurs your muscles (you don’t need to be ripped and huge to take this).

If you have immense troubles with the looking at yourself in the mirror and asking yourself these questions

  1. I’m running all the time. Why don’t I look ripped?
  2. I’m doing everything, eating healthy, not drinking. So why the f*** do I still look the same?
  3. I don’t get it, I’m lifting heavy and I still have man boobs. What gives?
  4. Is there anything that will get rid of this skinny fat look?

Does this sound familiar?

Tip: Stop going hard on yourself.  Understand there something you can’t control. But there’s supplements you can buy to be in control, like Red-PCT.

The 1 Drawback

The one drawback I had with this product is that you have to cycle it. Unlike, fat burners that you can take forever, you have to cycle Red PCT. By cycling I mean using it periodically—8 weeks at a time.

Like all powerful products that work…

You must take a break from it before, your body becomes used it. If you don’t, the side effects can occur.

So don’t abuse and go crazy…

Note: Even though Red-PCT is a staple for the steroid users and a God send for skinnyfat folks—the side effects can include: achy joints, dry mouth, too much testosterone.

RED-PCT Review Conclusion

Given, you read my Red PCT Review…you now know that, if, you’re skinny fat or just fat—you should definitely get this.

On the other hand, if you’re a steroid user and you’re reading this, this can also benefit you as a bridge and help bring back your testosterone levels back to where they should be.

Before I let you go, I’ll give you a piece of advice:

You must diet. Avoid eating junk. This is probably the most crucial mistake I’ve seen countless people do. Even I did it. If you think this a magic bottle where you don’t put any work in, then this product isn’t for you.

All in all, this product is for any person who needs that boost in the right direction.

What testosterone booster do you recommend? What was your experience with a testosterone booster? Did it give you the same benefits as RED-PCT? Did my RED-PCT Review help you?

Share with us below, the community of men who want to boost themselves.



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