RED Focus Review (From RED Supplements)—The Next Great Nootropic?

RED Focus is finally here from the boys in the RED Supplements lab (I don’t know if they actually have a lab, but hey—it sounds badass). It’s been on their “Coming Soon” page for about a year, and it seems they’ve finally got all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed—it’s not an easy task to bring a supplement to the market. So let’s dive into Biology Boost’s RED Focus review and see what it’s all about.

Make no mistake, RED Focus is definitely a cognitive enhancer—i.e. a Nootropic. Call it whatever you like, the technicalities don’t matter so much. What’s important that you know is that it makes you more wakeful, increases focus, increase your energy levels…

…and generally speaking, to just get shit done.

RED Focus is also supposed to do all of this without some of the traditional side effects of Nootropics, such as dehydration.

RED Focus Review: What’s Inside?

One of the best things about RED Focus is that it’s 100% legal, without a prescription.

Again, I don’t even want to know how much paperwork it took to get that kind of recognition. Most Nootropics like Modafinil are legal with a prescription, but you can’t just walk into your local neighborhood pharmacy and buy them.

Which is a shame, because they’ve got tons of benefits.

RED Focus gives you the same benefits, but is 100% legal.

It contains multiple Nootropics that increase your cognitive function. However, they’ve combined them in a way that will give you a more “mellow” concentration (see: Kratom).

Rather than cracking out like you’re on Adderral, you’ll have a controlled release of cognitive enhancement. Rather than cracking out, you’ll just get stuff done.

Say goodbye to your procrastination on that master’s thesis you’ve been putting off for about four months.

Or the pile of paperwork that your boss handed you in the morning—it’s now 3pm and you haven’t even began to sort through it.

RED Focus is designed to give you that kick in the ass to get going, and to give you the mental clarity to keep you there and get the task at hand done.

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How Does RED Focus Compare With Modafinil, Adderall, etc.?

Ahh yes, the key question—how does this new supplement actually perform in the real world?

I’m pleased to say that it works very well for what it’s made for.

This means that it’s going to make your life better. You’re going to stop procrastinating, you’re going to stop sandbagging through work, and you’re going to be more productive and efficient.

You know—we all have a very finite amount of time on this planet. That time is better spent being productive. Working towards your personal goals. Not just skating by and floating through life—doing just enough to live.

Human beings thrive when we have goals and ambitions to shoot for. RED Focus helps bring those goals into your vision, and then gives you the brainpower to tackle them head-on (no matter how intimidating they may seem to be).

What RED Focus doesn’t do is give you quite the focus you’d find on a supplement like Modafinil or Adrafinil. But, that’s okay, because…

The Come Down Is Easier

RED Focus review

I tell you, after a day of taking Modafinil, it’s really hard to come back down to planet Earth. I always feel like I need to knock back a good glass of whiskey or a couple of beers just to mellow myself out a bit.

It’s not that it’s a bad thing—but I do think using that kind of horsepower within your mind for too many days on end will result in burnout. I should note that I don’t think there are any harmful physical side effects, but emotional and psychological burnout is real.

After taking a week of Modafinil, I’d just have nothing left in the tank for the next week.

Adderall? Don’t get me started. Just read this article and you’ll get an idea of how I feel when I take it.

RED Focus falls somewhere in the middle between that hyper-focus (that burns you out), and increased concentration on a sustainable level.

could take RED Focus every day for a week, and I don’t think it would affect my life outside of work. I’d be able to come down easier, unwind in the evenings easier, and I’d be recharged and ready for the next day. It’s far more of a sustainable Nootropic over the long haul.

That’s not to say that you couldn’t combine a bit of both.

Take Modafinil for a couple days a week—then cycle off and take RED Focus the next. I’m incredibly pleased with RED Focus because I’ve now got more options at my disposal. I can cycle off of Modafinil for a few weeks, and maintain close to the same level of concentration, but without having to go so hard.

Overall, RF is a great middle ground between high-focus Nootropic and coffee (definitely pair Focus with some of the RED Coffee, it’s excellent).

RED Focus Review: Closing Thoughts

It’s exciting to see a new Nootropic get approved and be 100% legal. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.

After all, competition in a marketplace promotes higher quality products. This increases the options of Nootropic consumers, while upholding high standards for quality for the producers.

RED Focus does an excellent job of promoting energy, wakefulness, and increased cognitive function, and does so in a much more mild, smoother manner than some other stimulants. Overall, it’s a great product to use everyday, and as a tool to cycle between more powerful Nootropics.

I definitely couldn’t recommend it enough, and look forward to seeing what else comes next from RED Supplements.

I hope you enjoyed my RED Focus review, and you can start your increase in focus right here.



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