Prohormones for Sale: Do They Actually Work?

If you’re a gym rat, you get that getting to the top level takes a lot of work. And sometimes you just need a bit of an extra boost to get there. Steroids can really help in regards to this—but yeah, they’re scary shit. Stabbing a needle into your ass is enough to scare plenty of people off of the idea. Then I started poking around and discovered prohormones for sale on the internet.

Prohormones for Sale—Starting Out

I was always a skinny little dweeb growing up. When I reached my mid-20s, I decided I needed to transform my life in one way or another. I needed to pack on some pounds—preferably lean pounds and not fat pounds. I started lifting heavy, eating some high protein and fat foods, and even dabbled with hiring a personal trainer. I was focused.

Eventually, I found what worked for me. I got the “new gains”—meaning I got bigger, quickly. I also was sore as hell, all the time. But eventually I got past that new lifting phase, and hit a plateau. My body was just not growing as fast as it was at the beginning, nor as fast as I wanted it to.

I began to implement different routines, meal plans, and more. I digested workout plans and blog content like a maniac.

No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get that edge back that I had when I was first lifting. I was impatient and wanted progress NOW, not over time. So then I began poking around to see if I could find prohormones for sale…

Learning About Prohormones

No thanks…

If you’ve been around Instagram, or bodybuilding forums, you may hear all sorts of claims about guys being natural. Hint: many of them are not. Many will actually openly admit it, depending on how much of a brand they have to protect.

In the case here at Biology Boost, we’re not posing on Instagram for supplement and workout gearing clothing—so all is fair! We can talk about prohormones for sale and not risk losing sponsorship, or otherwise have to worry about being “politically correct.”

In today’s age of low testosterone, and generally taboo culture when it comes to performance enhancing drugs—I had a lot of respect for the guys who were willing to talk about it. They’d had their blood work done, and concluded they needed to get a leg up. They truly needed it.

But regardless, I was still young. Needles aren’t my thing. And my testosterone levels were normal. But I still wanted an edge—hence I found prohormones for sale online.

Why Prohormones?

One of the bigger issues about injecting steroids or testosterone is actually getting your hands on it. In most places in the world, you can’t just walk into your local friendly pharmacy and ask for testosterone or steroids (but in some you can!).

Prohormones had a much easier barrier to entry, since you can buy them online legally. And yes—they are legal.

While I won’t bore you with the science behind it all, scientists have been able to change small chemicals and “add” them to legal hormones. This changes the “technical” term of it (i.e. testosterone is now “testosterone with XYZ substance to make it legal”). Make sense?

Of course, politics are always playing party pooper and banning new things every year—then it’s back to the lab, and the new item hits the market.

Prohormones are edible and far more convenient than sticking a needle in your ass—but it comes at a price. Those “added” compositions are taxing on your liver. Your liver has to break those down, and it’s not good for you over a long period of time.


In any case, I decided it was worth the risk to try at least for a few weeks. I figured if I had any problems, I’d stop and that would be the end of it. So I placed I found a reputable place that had prohormones for sale, and placed an order. In addition, I picked up a few other supplements to give my liver a boost (NAC and liver support).

Prohormones: The Experience Taking Them

Let’s get one thing straight—there’s no sense in hunting for prohormones for sale if you’re not going to put in the work in the gym. I made sure that before I began my cycle, that I’d have plenty of extra time to work out and keep my diet clean. I made sure I didn’t have any major weekend parties, travel plans, or other commitments that could potentially get in the way.

The first few days, nothing really changed. By day 3 though, I got hungry. The first sign that the prohormones I’d bought were having an effect on my body. While I wasn’t yet Hulk in the gym, I did begin to realize that I was going to need to up my caloric intake in order to stay on top of things.

I also made sure that I kept very hydrated—I was pissing like a race horse.

However, it wasn’t until I went into the gym a week after starting to take them that I saw the results I’d been hoping for all along. All of a sudden…everything seemed light.

Bench presses shot up in weight as they felt weightless. My legs had massive amounts of stamina and could squat forever. I was doing dozens of pull-ups as a warm-up and then going on to crush the rest of the workout.

I knew then and there that the hype about prohormones was real. I felt like a Spartan warrior.

And the pump after—damn. Keep calm ladies.

The Results

For the rest of my cycle, this kept up. Every day in the gym was a new adventure. I gained several pounds of solid muscle, and a bit of water weight. Eventually my body managed to flush out some of that water weight, and I looked leaner and meaner than I ever had before in my life.

After the month, I went back to being a normal human. The massive gains in the gym returned to their plateau. The great news was that the gains I made during the cycle did not just dissipate. I merely returned to being a mortal.

I had no lasting side effects.

Prohormones for Sale: Final Verdict

So, do prohormones for sale actually work?



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More Info Needed - June 22, 2017

Thanks for writing the article. However, you failed to mention several important points:
1) What prohormone were you specifically taking 2) What was the daily dose 3) What other supporting supplements and doses and/or post cycle supplements and doses did you take 4) were you using test or other gear at the same time 5) what was your starting height, weight, and body composition 6) what was your daily diet 7) what was your workout routine 8) how may pounds of muscle did you gain and how many pounds of fat did you lose 9) before and after photos?

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