“A tablet of NZT-48 a day, and what I could do with my day was…


Master the piano in a matter of days. Learn a language while listening to it on a morning run. Become a financial genius. Basically, become the most brilliant person on the planet. All by popping one limitless pill a day and letting the magic happen.

Does a real life NZT-48 exist? It’s the question anyone who has seen Limitless has asked. The possibilities for your life if you could function on that kind of level truly are Limitless. Well, at Biology Boost we’re here to tell you that these pills do exist—kinda.

Introducing Modafinil: The Real Life NZT-48

You’re probably wondering what I meant when I said “kinda.”

The effectiveness of Modafinil isn’t anywhere near the extreme of NZT. Obviously, if you’ve seen the movie, you’ve seen the side effects the pill can have. It’s simply not realistic to function at that kind of level forever. Even a work horse needs rest sometimes.

However, taking Modafinil regularly will skyrocket your productivity to heights you can’t even imagine. I’ve managed to write over 30,000 words in a single day while utilizing it. It’s an incredible product improved my focus, output, and overall made me feel like I truly could do anything I set my mind to.

Generally speaking, performance enhancing drugs like this aren’t easy to come by, and Modafinil is no exception to this rule. It’s an incredibly powerful nootropic, so it’s classified as “dangerous”. Nothing could be further from the truth. As long as you’re responsible with your usage, you can easily become limitless, too.

If you’re willing to jump through some hoops, it’s not terribly hard to come by. It’s worth it. Imagine you’re a race car driver, driving a brand-new Ferrari at breathtaking speeds around the racetrack. Everything is precise, fast, controlled. It’s beautiful. That’s what Modafinil does.

Modafinil transforms your brain into a Ferrari. Fast. Precise. Controlled.


The precision and speed of a Ferrari is a beautiful sight.

Where to Get Modafinil (NZT 48)

You’ve got a couple options.

#1: Get a Prescription

The difficulty and feasibility of this first one depends on your doctor, obviously. If you want to get a Modafinil prescription, you should highlight the following points with your doctor.

Also note that Modafinil can also be called Prodvigil.

  • That you have low energy and are tired all the time.
  • Mention that a friend has been on Modafinil/Prodvigil and has had success.
  • Simply ask if they would be willing to write you a small prescription (10-30 pills) to try it out.

If you work an odd schedule such as late nights or really early mornings, you’ll have an even better case. Modafinil is used to treat sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder.

If that doesn’t work out…

#2: Buy Modafinil Online

There are numerous online vendors of Modafinil out there (this is where we'd recommend you start) on the market that will ship you their version of NZT-48 straight to your door. It all comes in secure packaging, but does sometimes take a significant amount of time; depending on where you live.

I’d also suggest reading our Adrafinil vs Modafinil post, if you’re wary of ordering Modafinil online.

The Truth About the Real Life NZT Pill

Here’s the thing about Modafinil: if you’re smart, it’ll improve your brain/cognitive function. You’ll be able to work quicker, longer, and you’ll feel motivated. You can’t sit still when you’re utilizing it. However, there is one flip side to it.

It won’t make you a genius. It improves what you already have. If you’re stupid, you won’t become a genius overnight. Even if you’re smart, it won’t. Modafinil is a nootropic that improves your already existing functions and abilities by enhancing them. It is not a pill for guaranteed success—you have to still do the work.

The best way to utilize nootropics in general is to write out what you’re going to do. Too many people I know have taken Modafinil and ended up wasting their day on something pointless. They were incredibly focused, but on the wrong things. If you have a big deadline for school but then start cleaning your room—guess what? You’re going to focus on cleaning and let the paper slide by the wayside.


Write down exactly what you want to accomplish during your day. Think as if you’re Bradley Cooper in Limitless, ready to take your NZT-48 and become a superhuman. Once that list of things are written down, start doing them. It’s a great idea to actually do this the night before you plan to use Modafinil.

Other Benefits of Modafinil

In no particular order:

Staying Awake

You know how you get to the office, grab that first cup of coffee…then a couple hours later you’re ready to pass out in your chair. Maybe you’re even the one in the office who everybody knows sneaks out to their car once or twice a day to catch a quick snooze.

That won’t happen when you’re on Modafinil.

Stay goodbye to any and all tiredness. It just won’t. There is none of the…

“I’m pooped. I’m as dead as a bear in hibernation, and somehow it’s only…2pm! HOW IS IT ONLY 2PM. I AM ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH MY WORKDAY. UGHHHH. I HATE MY LIFE WHY AM I SO TIRED?!”

Not Hungry

Modafinil is practically a diet pill in disguise. Say goodbye to being hungry. Fasting will never be easier than when you’re using a nootropic like Moda. You’ll lean right up, much like you do on a steak and eggs diet.

Just a cup of coffee to supplement, and hunger is suppressed for hours on end.

Modafinil FAQ


What’s the coolest thing you ever did on Modafinil? Is it really like NZT-48?

I wrote an entire 30,000 word book in one day.

That’s probably the one that jumps out to me. Overall though, I’ve done some of my best work on Modafinil.

I’ve built entire websites in less than a day–including this one you’re reading right now 🙂

What’s your routine while using it?

For starters, I wake up early. Modafinil has a very strong effect on me. If I take it at 10am I’ll be up until 3 in the morning, no doubt. I usually get up by 6am, brew my coffee, and take my “NZT-48”.

I generally don’t eat for quite a while. I drink lots of coffee, mineral water, and normal water. It’s important to stay hydrated. The coffee and mineral water help with any potential hunger pangs. I’m no stranger to fasting with strategies like the steak and eggs diet, so it’s pretty easy to just not eat.

I don’t eat until I want to start to “come down”, so to speak. Once I ingest some food, I notice the effect tapers off right away. If I’ve accomplished a lot so far, sometimes I’ll have a small meal at 3pm or so. Then I’ll head to the gym and get in a killer workout, then go back home and work some more.

There’s also been times when I didn’t eat until 6pm, and didn’t notice any hunger pangs. I was that locked in.

NZT-48 surely had it’s side effects—does Modafinil?

Yep, all the usual stuff. Headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, and every other item that you see on every medicine in the world. Obviously, you should use it with caution and consult a medical professional.

The real side effect of Modafinil is dehydration. You must drink lots of water during the day, and you’ll piss like a race horse.

Funny side effect: Sometimes I’ve been so locked in that I didn’t notice I had to pee until the last minute. Talk about being efficient—I don’t think I’ve ever run faster to get to the bathroom.

How often do you take it?

Depends on what I need to get done. I notice that after a few weeks of taking it at 100mg, three times a week, I start to lose a little effect. I can up the dose to 200mg and get it back, no problem.

Generally speaking, after doing a few weeks of crazy productivity like that, I have to step back a bit. If I take ten days off of using Modafinil the effect is as pronounced as the first time I ever used it.

No addictions, no withdrawals, nothing. Just awesomeness.

I don’t think everyone reacts to it quite the way I do, but the only way to find out is to try it yourself.

Where can I get mine?

As of right now, this is the place to get your Modafinil. They’re professional, fast, and they provide a quality product. If you’re not sure of what you’d like to try, I’d recommend going with their variety pack. You can try them all out and determine which type of Modafinil is your personal NZT-48.


Modafinil was an absolute game-changer for me. It helped me pursue my own dreams of quitting my corporate job and building my own business(s). It’s made me more productive, focused, and taken me to cognitive heights I didn’t even know existed.

I can’t recommend it enough. It can truly make a difference in your life if you utilize it the right way.

It’s an A+++ experience.

Let me know what you think in the comments below by sharing your experiences with Modafinil and other nootropics.

Talk soon,


PS: If you’re ready to get your own NZT-48, just click here.

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