Neomodafinil Review — Is This New Vendor Reptuable?

[IMPORTANT: We’ve recently heard Neo is not fulfilling orders and is difficult to contact. Suggest you buy here instead.]

You know what, I totally know the drill. Modafinil is popular right now so new vendors come in, trying to capitalize on that. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a profit. The thing is if you are going to be starting a new company you have to at least try to be better.

The issue with so many new Modafinil vendors is that they do not try to be better. They are fine with being mediocre and that really pisses me off. The opposite is also true when I see a new vendor that looks and feels great, I am always thrilled!

In this Neomodafinil review, we are looking at one of the most promising new vendors on the market. They have only been around for a little while but I feel like keeping an eye on them. I am pretty sure they will only get more and more popular.

Neomodafinil Review Basics

I like to start these reviews off with a summary of the most important points. In the case of Neomodafinil, the keywords that pop into my head are…new and already really cool.

Starting off with their site, it is refreshingly well-designed. I tested it out on different devices and it works great on all of them.

They have all of the information about themselves and the product available and easily accessible. I love how upfront and honest they are about all of their conditions and policies. For instance, they could say shipping is up to 30 days and be done with it.

Instead they go on and explain the whole shipping process and from whereon after they have no control.

Transparency for the win!

neomodafinil review

Payment Options

If you have tried other Modafinil vendors you know card payments can be a bit problematic. Some vendors avoid them altogether while others just accept that there are going to be some issues.

Neomodafinil does neither.

Once again, they are very upfront about their preference of Bitcoins.

They offer a larger than usual discount for Bitcoin payments, and they encourage their customers to choose this payment option. They do offer payment by credit or debit card but they are not ashamed to warn you about the possible problems and delays.

Over time, Neomodafinil has figured out that MasterCard works best and they recommend that. To be honest, there have been no issues with any of the payment methods. Then again, it might be too early to tell.

Another thing I love about Neomodafinil is they provide information on buying Bitcoins. I know my first time paying in Bitcoins was weird and confusing. It would have been nice if that vendor I used back then had directed me to user-friendly Bitcoin markets (like Neomodafinil did).

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Shipping Methods

At this point Modafinil buyers pretty much expect free shipping to be the norm. Neomodafinil doesn’t disappoint in that respect either. They do offer express and reliable shipping free of charge for all of their offers.

Neomodafinil uses EMS (Express Mail Service) almost religiously. This means their packages arrive safely and quickly – in some cases we are talking less than a week. In my book, that is as great as it gets! The EMS always includes signature delivery. So not only is your package a quick and efficient traveller but it will also safe.

In some cases, they have to use Registered Airmail which admittedly is slower but no less reliable. Either way, all orders receive a tracking number so you can monitor the package as it gets close to you.

The usual countries that can’t receive packages directly can benefit from a forwarding service. Neomodafinil recommends Skypax.

Personally, I don’t know if I recommend forwarding services as a whole. They are convenient and for some people, they might be their only option. Still, I urge you to think twice, as you could end up with a seized and unprotected package, which is really unfortunate.

Seller Guarantees (A.K.A. What Protects Your Pills?)

I have an ironclad rule with Modafinil vendors.

If they don’t offer any reship or refund options for seized packages, they are not reputable. Yes, it is as simple as that. Modafinil can get expensive (although the price per pill is still low). The last I want to happen to a package is for it to be seized and destroyed. It is pretty much standard that good vendors offer some sort of guarantee to protect you in these cases.

NM is no exception. They refund all orders delayed for more than 30 days. For some people that has meant that they eventually got the package AND the refund.

The only thing I did not like so much is there is no bad batch protection. Essentially, if you get a product that does not work or causes an unpleasant reaction you can’t ask for a refund.

Thankfully, instances, where bad batch protection is needed, are so rare that they are negligible. It is more about the principle – if it were because bad batches are a real risk, then why would you even order Modafinil to begin with? Anyway, I really hope Neomodafinil change their policy on this issue.

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neomodafinil review

Neomodafinil Product Quality

Neomodafinil offers both Modafinil and it’s more potent cousin, Armodafinil. They supply from HAB and Sun Pharma. Oh, and they also have cheap and convenient sample packs for beginners to find their favorite product.

HAB and Sun Pharma are two of the most well-established Modafinil producers. Sun Pharma especially is a large company with decades of experience in making the drug. They have their technology down to every last tiny detail. If you are the paranoid kind (you know, the kind that convinces themselves that they have cancer every time they get the flu), then go for Sun Pharma.

To be completely honest, though, there is no noticeable difference in the product.

It is just that buying from a larger company with more experience gives you some extra peace of mind.

Neomodafinil’s products are genuine and always (as far as I know) arrive in top shape. It might be because they are relatively new in the game, but so far there have been no reports of low-quality pills and unexpected side effects. Buying from an online pharmacy is all about the trust and for now, Neomodafinil has mine.

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And How About The Customer Service?

I can’t do a Neomodafinil review (or any Modafinil vendor review) without touching on the customer service quality. After all, what would generous promises mean if there is nobody to keep them? Neomodafinil is very engaged with their customers. Shopping with them feels personal which I really love.

The one improvement I would suggest is to have customer service contacts more accessible on their website. It was certainly not easy to find them and that is not the best policy if you want to gain the trust of new customers.

The Prices

Bulk discounts are great, aren’t they?

Add the impressive Bitcoin discount (20% is much higher than the usual ~10%) and you get a pretty sweet deal. As usual, HAB Pharma’s products are cheaper than Sun Pharma but not by that much. Neomodafinil’s prices are more than half the prices of normal prescription pills (yes, even generics)!

Plus, you will not have to go through the trouble and time waste of getting a prescription (and you will not waste your doc’s time).

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Neomodafinil Review: Are They Worth It?

Buying any pharmaceutical drug online can be nerve-wracking. Modafinil pharmacies are more than a tad safer than Viagra or Steroid vendors but it is still weird to order pill online. Well, no, it isn’t weird but it feels odd because that is not how you normally do things. Truth be told, using any online pharmacy involves a giant leap of faith.

When we do vendor reviews (including this Neomodafinil review), the point is to make the process less scary. You can be sure that I would never recommend anything that I would not use myself. In the case of Neomodafinil, I am thrilled to try it very soon. They are the new kids on the block and they try extra hard to beat the competition.

For me, as a customer, this would mean getting treated in the best way possible.

And The Verdict Is…

Definitely try them out. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Low prices and stackable discounts – you can get the price down by at least 30%
  • Convenient payment options including a card payment that actually functions well
  • Excellent shipping conditions
  • Seller guarantees that protect your package

Would I recommend them to a friend? Oh boy, I would recommend them to anyone.

Have you ever bought from Neomodafinil? What was the experience like? I would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and opinions in the comments section below.

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