ModUp.net Review—Are They Reputable?

ModUp.net is yet another Nootropics vendor on the market these days. As the team here at Biology Boost is committed to reviewing and sharing our experience with as many of these as possible, it’s time to give ModUp.net a look.

Well, first off—here is the website.

Take a look for yourself before we go any further into the review.

Probably the first thing I noticed was that they only sell Modafinil.

It’s not that I expect a Nootropics vendor to have products to help you with juicing at home or something of the sort. But, many vendors out there offer a variety of Modafinil that vary in strength. It’s a bit different to have just one option on a Modafinil vendor.

But…Is ModUp.net’s Strategy A Bad One?

I would actually say that no, it definitely is not.

Think about the first time you’ve jumped into buying Modafinil, Adrafinil, or any other smart drugs out there. It’s a bit of an intimidating experience. Not only do you not exactly know where they’re coming from, who you’re ordering from, and whether it’s technically “legal”—but then you’ve got to pick between many different types of the Nootropics?

It’s a nightmare that could easily turn a first-timer user away. And that’s a shame, because Modafinil as a whole is a wonderful product that has helped a lot of people—in many aspects of life, whether it be focus, productivity, or just feeling less tired.

Maybe we need someone like ModUp.net in the industry that keeps things a bit more simple. Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing. With that being said, we definitely can understand why a more experienced Nootropics user would want to order from a place like Modafinil Star that has more variety.

Customer Service with ModUp.net

To start off, ModUp has a great FAQ section that will answer quite a few questions about the drug and their general policies.

Click here and scroll to the bottom where it says FAQs.

But overall, their customer service is top-notch. I’ve spoken with Victoria on multiple occasions—she has never been anything but incredibly helpful.

In addition, they’ve also got a reasonably active forum. People are sharing their experiences with the Modafinil from ModUp.net. Victoria and her team also take pre and post sales questions in the forums, so if you have questions, give the forum a search. It’s very likely it’s already been answered.

And yes, the forum is free!

Quality of Modafinil

I ordered a batch of 60 pills (four weeks supply) from ModUp.net and received it within ten days. As my body responds very well to Modafinil, I simply sliced most of my 200mg pills in half with a sharp knife.

Depending on how much I take in the coming weeks, I may up the dose and actually take the full 200mg. But, I haven’t used Modafinil for about a month—and knowing me, taking the full dose will turn me into a cracked out monkey who will not see sunlight for the entire day because I’ll be that focused 🙂

With that being said, the stuff from ModUp.net is as good as there is out there. My first day, with 100mg of their Modafinil in my system, I cranked out:

Yeah—one day on ModUp.net’s Modafinil helped me accomplish all of that.

Listen, I know myself. I do things on an extreme level. Writing as much as I did that day was a fun challenge. Modafinil gives me the extra boost to get it done quickly and efficiently—and move on to the next project.

Discipline matters.


Many Modafinil vendors offer as light discount if you pay with Bitcoin versus credit card or PayPal. It’s usually about 20%. ModUp.net actually offers 33% off if you order with Bitcoin.

So if you’re got some crypto-currency lying around, I’d definitely recommend using it with ModUp.net. If you need a hang with some of those things, make sure you check out this article.

Closing Thoughts on ModUp.net

I’m of the belief that the more Modafinil vendors we have on the market, the better. It doesn’t allow anyone to monopolize the industry, and inevitably places get shut down. It’s good to see them keeping a healthy competition—it keeps prices and quality both in check. Excellent for us customers.

In addition, it’s not to see that ModUP has built a little community with their forum.

Their winning combination of customer service, a quality product, and feeling of community make them a no-brainer as far as a Modafinil vendor.

In conclusion: 9/10—1 point deducted for lack of variety, which matters to me as I’ve used Modafinil for years 🙂

Questions, comments, etc. about ModUp? Leave them below!

– Ben

PS: You can place your order with ModUp by clicking here.

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