Modapharma Review: What You Must Know Before You Order Modafinil Online

In this Modapharma review, we are looking into one of the most well-established Modafinil suppliers out there.

About Modapharma

Modapharma is an online nootropic vendor that carries Modafinil, Armodafinil, and interestingly enough—Piracetam.

They have a UK warehouse which is very convenient for customers in Europe, plus it helps with customs.

They have both HAB and SUN Pharma generics of Provigil and Nuvigil.

Modapharma Review—What Makes Them Different?

The one thing that impressed me most about Modapharma is their quality control. They have had a third-party lab test their products for authenticity before ever publishing them on the online store. All four Modafinil/Armodafinil options have been tested by Advanced Botanical Consulting & Testing, Inc. and you can see the certificates on the website.

For the purposes of this Modapharma review, I decided to be a little skeptic and I researched ABC Testing. They are an independent laboratory that mostly works with food and dietary supplements, but they do have the means to test out pharmaceuticals. The certificates on the Modapharma website are authentic and signed by the actual president of the company. Although ABC was probably chosen for their relatively lower pricing (testing drugs can get pretty expensive), they are legitimate and I trust their results.

If you want to play detective even more than I did, you can shoot ABC testing an email or even call them to confirm Modapharma’s results. To me, this was an unnecessary step as I wanted to confirm that ABC actually had the technology and capability to test drugs. Too often we see labs that don’t but still charge you for the test and then falsify the results. Hey, it happens but I don’t think it is the case with ABC testing.

So, the bottom line here is that I love Modapharma’s commitment to quality.

Many Modafinil suppliers would not go that extra mile but with Modapharma you have some additional peace of mind.

modapharma review

The Customer Experience

Modapharma is pretty well-established in the nootropics community. There are tons of positive reviews on Reddit and other forums. You can also find some awesome product reviews on the website itself (plus, it is only for verified purchases). Here are the highlights of the customer experience when you buy from Modapharma:

  • The customer service team is very responsive and friendly. Any problems that might arise (even ones that are kind of not their fault), they solve super quickly.
  • The payment options are safe and work well.
  • Shipping is very fast, even to Europe (thanks to their UK warehouse).
  • They ship to countries many Modafinil suppliers do not serve. And you have an insurance even though customs in those countries are so strict the package runs a higher risk of being seized.

One Modapharma review said it took just 3 days for the package to reach her. Another praised them for re-shipping a seized package to Ireland (some Modafinil suppliers would not even ship to Ireland). There are also no reports of bad batches which in my book is truly amazing. I think it is safe to say Modapharma takes great care of it’s customers!

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Shipping & Customs

Although I kind of touched on this above, the shipping policy of Modapharma deserves a paragraph on it’s own. It seems to be the second great thing that sets them apart from other suppliers.

The shipping is fast, free, and always tracked. They will re-ship or refund if you don’t get the order in 15 days.

They even serve countries with stricter customs (like Ireland). US-based Modafinil enthusiasts might not have this program but some European countries customs really have their shit together, and most packages are doomed. For that reason, most Modafinil suppliers simply will not ship directly to those countries. The only option if you want to order Modafinil is to use a company that would redirect the package.

There is no need to explain the downsides of using a redirection service.

It is expensive, it takes time, plus the order might still get seized and the supplier’s insurance will not cover it. This is why its a huge relief to have Modapharma which does ship insured Modafinil and Armodafinil from a European address. The fact that they have a warehouse in the U.K. is key here. Products delivered from India get checked and seized much more often than the ones that come from Europe.

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A Word About Piracetam

Modapharma has a wider range than most online Modafinil suppliers. They also sell Piracetam, which is a memory-enhancing nootropic. The Piracetam comes from a UK-based pharmaceutical company. The brand name is Nootropil and it is actually a widely used drug in Europe.

I have personally used Piracetam from this company and I have to say I am quite disappointed with Modaphrama’s price. A pack of 30 tablets costs $69.99 for 800mg pills.

As I mentioned, Nootropil gets prescribed quite regularly here in Europe. My local pharmacy carries Nootropil for the equivalent of $6 for a package of 30 800mg tablets. This is almost 12 times cheaper! It is the exact same product from the same company.

Piracetam is supposed to be cheap.

It is one of the most popular, oldest, and safest nootropics out there. People choose it because it works and it is cost-effective. But you do have to take a lot. The scheme I used called for 800mg thrice a day. That is almost $7 per day if you buy from Modapharma, plus you would need to supplement choline (Piracetam depletes it).

For Europeans especially, I would not advise you to buy it online. Modafinil is another story, but Piracetam is so subtle in it’s effect that you would have to spend a fortune just to feel something.

Modapharma Review: How To Get Freebies

There is a sneaky little button on the Modapharma website with just ‘Freebie’ on it. The deal is to make an unboxing video in exchange for a pack of 10 free pills. It is a somewhat complicated process (first you would have to make an announcement video, etc.) but it can get you some Modafinil for free and hey, who doesn’t want that.

The downside here is that you can’t really trust any Modapharma review on YouTube (except for ones that come from bigger channels) as they are most likely influenced.

This is not to say that the service isn’t great, it’s just that you will have to sort through videos to find a truly impartial Modapharma review.

Modapharma Payment Options

Like most Modafinil suppliers, Modapharma wants you to pay them in Bitcoins.

We here at Biology Boost love Bitcoins, so that is no problem in our book. We even have some resources to help you with Bitcoins, plus I will not get tired of repeating that Bitcoins are easy and much safer.

But if you are not into the whole thing, you can also pay by credit or debit card. This is sometimes an issue with other suppliers and it sometimes fails (as in, the payment does not get to them in time or a refund gets delayed). As far as I know, there have been no issues with Modapharma’s payment options. You can safely pay by card and although it is a bit less anonymous (plus a bit more expensive, too) you can be sure the Modafinil will not get delayed due to payment problems.

The one thing they lack is PayPal and I would love to see them add it soon. I realize it is not a common thing for online pharmacies to do it but since Modapharma is already so much more different than it’s competitors one can only hope.

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Modapharma Review Conclusion

There are a lot of great Modafinil suppliers and surely you can’t say which one is best. If anything, it is a matter of finding a supplier that will work for you.

Modapharma is one of the best suppliers we have reviewed so far. If I had to rate suppliers, Modapharma would definitely be in the top 3. The thing is, it is not the cheapest so that might be an issue for some. Their price per pill is still so much lower than what you would get at a pharmacy plus you have the convenience of ordering online. It is still now the cheapest option.

On the other hand, I love how Modapharma is much more serious about product safety and package insurance than most vendors. The whole ‘If it kills me, it kills me’ attitude of the nootropics community does not encourage more testing of the drugs than what the producer has already done. The fact that Modapharma still tests their pills and make sure you will not get a bad batch is definitely a step in the right direction.

These are psychoactive substances and although they have been proven to be safe, you can’t be too careful. Maybe I am just paranoid but I like to know what I am putting in my body.

Overall, I am very impressed with Modapharma and I have zero hesitation to recommend them. But remember, just for Modafinil and Armodafinil. With Piracetam you can find cheaper options, especially if you are in the EU.

Do you have any thoughts or opinions on this Modapharma review? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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