The Stores That Give You A Free Modafinil Sample

The real-life NZT pill is a prescription drug so you won’t be able to get a free Modafinil sample offline. The Modafinil vendors on the Internet are working in a more free environment and so…

If you have always wanted to try Modafinil but you’re not ready to invest in a bunch of pills just yet, I have good news for you. There are many vendors online that will give you a free Modafinil sample so that you can see how effective it is for yourself.

Besides, with the new semester broke college/uni students around the world are looking at brain enhancement. Here are some stores that fit even the tightest budget (because you can’t beat zero).

ModaPharma: Review For A Modafinil Sample

You know how bloggers and social media personalities get free stuff for review? ModaPharma offers that to us, regular folks. In exchange for talking about them online you get a free 10x Modafinil sample.

We have done a ModaPharma review on Biology Boost before. In fact, they are one of the top 5 Modafinil vendors I would personally recommend. Although their prices are a bit higher compared to what the competitors have to offer, ModaPharma truly makes up for it in customer care and overall quality of the experience.

They are one of the few vendors that tested the pills for authenticity, their problem solving team is top-notch, and they have the UK dispatch option (which speeds things up for us Europeans). The Modafinil sample offer is not the only reason to love them.

Become A YouTuber For ModaPharma

Serious props to the marketing department of ModaPharma. Videos are one of the best ways to get word out about your service and YouTube seems to be the word of mouth of the 21st century. The easiest way to get your Modafinil sample from ModaPharma is to:

Film a video saying that you are expecting a free sample pack from ModaPharma.

Post that on YouTube and put at least one link to ModaPharma in the description.

Order 30 pills of Modvigil but don’t pay them. Email the customer service team your order number plus the URL of the video.


It doesn’t have to be a very professional video, either. The point here is views or video quality don’t really matter. You can use that as an excuse to make a quick video and get some Modafinil for completely free. Or this could be the start of a million subscriber channel. It’s all up to you.

And if YouTube videos are not your jam, there is also the option to talk about ModaPharma online. This will not always work but if you are active in a healthcare/medicine themed forum, it’s worth shooting ModaPharma an email. Some examples of online communities they want to get reviewed in are:,,,,,,, plus many more

Check out the page for examples. Sadly, reddit is not an option. If a website is not on the list, though, I would still check with them personally. As long as it’s relevant, I don’t see why they would not send you the sample.

Get A Free ModaPharma Sample £1.97 For Postage

Apart from ModaPharma, all other vendors that offer a free Modafinil sample will still have you pay for shipping. And if the shipping is $40 then… Why not just buy the pills? The price per tablet will come out lower. is one of the few pharmacies that gives you a decent deal on the postage of the free Modafinil sample. They send you just 2 tablets, sadly, but they do send the good stuff, a.k.a. SUN Pharma’s Modalert.

The offer only applies to UK customers which can expect their Modafinil sample to arrive as early as 24 hours after you place the order. It’s a great option if you urgently need some Modafinil to help with studies or a challenging work problem.

Free Modafinil And Armodafinil Sample (But The Shipping…)

ModafinilXL are a fun online vendor with decent prices and a nice reputation going on for them. They have a freebies offer, too but the shipping is $29. Before you hate me for even mentioning their Modafinil sample as free, postage can really be expensive—especially if you drop ship directly from India. I can’t imagine how 10-pill free samples with free shipping could be an affordable marketing option for any company.

The reason ModafinilXL is even on this list, in spite of the shipping cost bringing the whole price of zero up by more than a notch, is they offer Armodafinil as well. If you don’t know what that is (and why it’s a potentially better choice), check out our article on it. Basically, Armodafinil is like Modafinil but much stronger. It’s like the more powerful brother (an accurate analogy considering the chemistry behind the whole thing).

If you want to try Armodafinil out, ModafinilXL is one of the few if not the only site that would give you a free sample.

Get A Free ModafinilXL Sample

Not Free, But Also A Great Option

If you want to splurge a bit out of your ‘everything should be free’ budget, there are some affordable Modafinil sample options out there. Almost all vendors offer trial packs at a discounted price. This way you can try all of their products at once and decide which one works best for your needs and lifestyle.

One of my favorite online stores, Modafinil Star gives you a sample pack that includes 10 pills of each Modalert, Modafil, Waklert (it’s Armodafinil), and Piracetam for 80$. That is 2$ per pill but it can go down by a lot. If you pay in Bitcoins (and we definitely recommend that you do), Modafinil Star gives you a 30% discount.

Sometimes they run promotions where the Bitcoin discount is 30+20%, watch out for those. Anyway, even with the 30% the price goes down to 56$ or 1.4$ per pill. Considering the ‘free’ 10-pill trial of Modafinilxl ends up costing you 2.9$ per pill, Modafinil Star’s offer is way better.

Can I Trust These Companies With My Details?

Whenever someone offers to send you a product for free, there’s always a bit of worry as to whether you can trust them with your name and address. I mentioned already that I get super paranoid about this stuff, so I didn’t actually mention all free Modafinil sample sources.

Dodgy, newly founded, no reviews about them companies didn’t make it to the article. As for the ones that did, yes, I do believe they are trustworthy.

ModaPharma – Experience, Quality, And A Personal Favorite

Out of all the companies, ModaPharma are the only ones to offer actual free Modafinil. You will not have to pay for shipping although you are kind of paying with your time. YouTube videos can be made in just a few moments, though, and even forum entries could qualify you for a Modafinil sample. ModaPharma are the real cheapskate deal.

Apart from the whole free Modafinil deal, they are also one of my personal favorites. With over 2 years of experience (yes, that is a lot in the nootropic world), ModaPharma are well-established and they have a great reputation in the online community. Plus, as I already mentioned, they even test their pills for authenticity, a pricy process they are in no way obliged to go through. So yes, ModaPharma are trustworthy, in fact why not give them a go for more than just the free sample.

Brainsupplements and ModafinilXL

These online pharmacies aren’t big but they offer competitive prices and excellent service. Brainsupplements, for instance, have a lot of information and resources on their website. Modafinilxl I mostly love for their nice website deign and how straightforward they are about the product. Both companies have a ton of happy clients and a history of great reviews online.

What To Do With Your Modafinil Sample?

If this is your first time trying Modafinil, you would do best to stick to some ground rules. First off, no alcohol, no caffeine, and no other stimulants. Yes, that includes illegal stimulant drugs. I am not here to judge you for taking them (although this stuff has awful long-term consequences and you should probably not), but please don’t mix with Modafinil. The strain on your system and the potential negative effects are way too big.

Modafinil is great for when you have a deadline fast approaching. I wouldn’t actually recommend taking it on the night before an exam, though, at least not the first time. Some people experience Modafinil anxiety and taking the drug in a high-stress situation increases your chances of that.

The best time to use your Modafinil sample is a busy day where you have stuff to do but no super important deadlines or challenges. The week before an exam, if you are a student, is the perfect time. It gives you some breathing room before the actual deadline but it’s still a busy time and you will not waste the Modafinil high.

No matter when and where you decide to take it though, try to relax, make a to-do list, and don’t forget to eat and drink water. Have fun, most of all!

Good luck to all students (going into this year thinking they will work harder), workaholics, and nootropic enthusiasts!

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