Save Money With a “Modafinil Coupon” Using Bitcoin

Buying Modafinil online is cheap, convenient, and quick. But the price you see could get even lower. Vendors are yet to come out with actual Modafinil coupon but in the mean time — how about their discount on Bitcoin payments?

I get it, it takes a few minutes to set up a Bitcoin wallet. Just plucking in your credit card number is the simpler way to go. But for discounts of 30+ percent, the extra time will be very well-compensated.

Why Modafinil Vendors Love Bitcoins

Let’s be honest, when you buy Modafinil online even the most reputable vendors are a part of a ‘grey’ market. Although they are not doing anything illegal, it is still a bit sketchy. PayPal and credit card options are usually less reliable for them. These platforms are actively trying to limit the sale of medicine through their payment services. As a result, payments in credit card can often get delayed.

Obviously, this is not great news for the vendor.

When it comes to fees, financial institutions charge more than Bitcoin transfers ever do.

The reason is that the transaction goes directly from your virtual wallet to the vendor’s. When you send a payment through Visa or Mastercard this money has to pass through a bank. The bank serves as a sort of escrow, but it charges you for it. If you sent the payment in a different currency, they also charge you for the currency exchange. Not to mention that you are definitely not incognito.

A Bitcoin payment, as it does not pass through a third-party, is more anonymous.

Bitcoins are anonymous, safe, and fast. Besides, their rates are on the rise. Don’t quote me on this, but there are few (if any) other currencies with such a steep rise. Of course, if the rates fall vendors are risking serious losses. The way things are going with Bitcoin, though, things are looking up. By using Bitcoin, vendors are investing to make some additional profit.

This investment is the discount they give you.

A Win-Win Situation

A traditional Modafinil coupon would be a discount that the vendor offers for marketing or client-base building purposes. The Bitcoin discount is lucrative for you, but it is also great for the vendor. This is truly a win-win situation.

I don’t believe Modafinil vendors will ever stop offering a discount for Bitcoin payments. They really have no reason to as long as Bitcoin stays alive and legal (which I really hope it does).

How Low (Can They Go)

The discount would vary from vendor to vendor but is generally around 30%. Here is a helpful breakdown of the Bitcoin payment discount offered by different sellers:

Afinil Express – 20% off (plus 10% more if you are a returning customer)

ModUp – 33% off

Modafinil Star – 30% off plus 10% for returning clients

Duck Dose – 20% off (they say it is a limited time offer but I doubt that)

ModaPharma – 15% off (and 15% more for returning customers)

Price Per Pill?

It is not just about the percentage, of course. It’s also about the original price. Although the vendors mentioned above have similar price schemes there are still some differences.

For Afinil Express the lowest price you can get is 240$ for 300 tablets of HAB Pharma’s Modafinil. After you apply the Bitcoin discount, you are looking at 192$ for 300 tablets. This is 0.64 $ per tablet.

Sun Pharma’s Modalert is usually 294$ for a pack of 300. Post-discount you get it at 235.2 $ or around 0.78$ for a pill. Oh, and if you are a returning customer the price comes down to 0.56$ and 0.69$ per tablet for Modvigil and Modalert respectively.

Modup sells you 300 tablets (or a 20 week supply as they like to call it) for 297$. After their discount of 33%, you get the same amount for almost a 100$ less! The price per pill is 0.66$. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. The downside here is that Modup does not offer free shipping. If we calculate that into the total cost per pill of Modafinil, it gets ever so slightly pricier. If you order in bulk this negligible but still bear it in mind as it somewhat reduces the discount by the Bitcoin Modafinil “coupon”.

At Modafinil Star you get 300 tablets of Modalert for 269$. Shipping is free, though of course, they don’t deliver to all countries. After the 30% discount, the price is down to 188.3 $ or 0.64$ per tablet. This is probably the best price you can get for Modalert. Add the returning customer discount of 10% and you are looking at 0.54$ per pill!

Modafinil Star does not carry HAB Pharma’s products, unfortunately. Imagine how cheap that would get! Right now their price is lower than the price you get with any other vendor even for Modvigil.

Duck Dose’s “Limited Time Offer”

As of today, Duck Dose say on their website that the Bitcoin payment discount of 20% is only for a limited time. The banner seems to suggest that they are having technical problems with other payment methods. I am a bit unconvinced. Discounts for paying in Bitcoin are basically the industry standard for Modafinil vendors. I highly doubt they would ever put themselves at a disadvantage when Bitcoin discount does not cost them that much (if anything at all).

I can’t speak for Duck Dose, however. This might really turn out to be a limited time “Modafinil coupon”. So please double check if the discount is still valid. There is a slim chance that they have removed this option and I really don’t want to give you possibly false information.

Right now, Duck Dose gives their customers a 15% discount if they have already made an order. The discount on Bitcoin payment is 20%. These are stackable. Presuming that you would have both, 300 pills of Modalert would cost you 165.75. As opposed to the original price of 255$ for 300, this is a spectacular saving!

With the returning customer discount, the price per pill of Sun Pharma’s Modalert is 0.55$. If it is your first time ordering you get it for 0.68$ for a tablet. HAB Pharma’s Modvigil goes for 0.52$ and 0.64$ as a loyal or a first time client respectively.

The Priciest Option

ModaPharma is a little pricier than the other vendors on the list. They offer 300 tablets of Modvigil for 300$. The great thing about them is they have a UK warehouse. If you are ordering from Europe, the UK seller makes the package less likely to get stuck in customs.

Another cool thing about Modapharma is they are the only ones who guarantee a 24h dispatching of your order. Although their prices are not as dirt cheap as those of other vendors, ModaPharma is actually great value. The price difference is not that dramatic anyway.

Speaking of the price difference, how much would the tablets at Modapharma be? Usually, they are 0.99$, before the Modafinil coupon. With the double discount (15% off for paying in Bitcoin and a 15% returning customer discount) it drops down to 0.7$ per pill of Modvigil. If you only qualify for the Bitcoin Modafinil coupon though, a single tablet will set you back 0.85$.

As you can see, there is definitely a price difference. What you are actually paying for is some more safety plus a quicker delivery. The most ModaPharma says a package can take to reach you is 14 days and that is if you live in Australia. They are an amazing option for Europeans and for people in a time crunch.

How To Pay In Bitcoins to Get Your Modafinil Coupon

Bitcoins are not just to serve as a Modafinil coupon. They can also be a worthy investment. I am not saying jump into trading with cryptocurrencies. But it would not hurt to look into them. Modafinil vendors have very valid reasons to prefer Bitcoin. These reasons are not just the anonymity and the low taxes.

If you are just getting started, Coinbase and Changelly are the most beginner-friendly. We actually have a full article on Bitcoins here on Biology Boost. Basically, you set up an account, exchange some USD (or another currency you prefer), and send the payment to the Modafinil vendor.

Be careful not to mention you are buying medicine in the notes section of the payment. This puts you and the vendor at risk, as Coinbase is government-monitored. They tend to stay on the safe side and your payment might fail. Simply leave that section blank.

Your other option, Changelly is an instant currency exchange. They allow you to transfer bitcoins from one wallet to another. The great thing about them is anonymity will still be granted. Changelly only provides the exchange and they charge a small comission fee for that. They are not a third-party escrow service, though.  You stay incognito throughout the process!

What seemed weird about Changelly at first, is they don’t provide you with a fixed exchange rate. This is actually a great thing. Cryptocurrencies are much more volatile meaning that the rate will differ from moment to moment. Their algorithm chooses the best rate so you don’t have to pay to cover the difference (with a higher comission).

Whether you choose Coinbase or Changelly is up to you. Take a few minutes to read their FAQ’s and see which one you like better. Either way, they are both really easy to use and incredibly reliable. This is why I am not recommending one over the other.

I hope I have inspired you to explore Bitcoin payments as a permanent “Modafinil coupon”. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments.


PS: Make sure you grab our free Nootropics Quick-Start Guide if you’re new to Modafinil.

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