How Male Testosterone Impacts Dominance in the Bedroom

Have you ever been with a girl who said something to you and you just went bat shit crazy? She said something along the lines of, “I don’t want to be with you anymore, your never there for me emotionally.” Perhaps you’re suffering from low male testosterone.

As she walks away, you run after her like a little a scolded puppy in the hopes she forgives you (she never does).

Those who answered yes, you have low testosterone syndrome.

To which I say—screw that! This doesn’t have to be you.

Why would any man subject himself to such treatment?

First, you must realize that you may have low testosterone?

Testosterone is what makes a man.

Before I show you three scenarios how testosterone plays a major role in everyday life for a man.

You should understand the opposite of high testosterone—low testosterone.

Let me explain: women are practically 90% estrogen. That is why:

  • They are emotional
  • Love drama
  • Love being pampered
  • Want to be lead from (looking for a leader)
  • Looking for the strong
  • Prey on the weak boys (estrogenic boys)
  • Indecisive
  • Feel inferior

If any of these symptoms resonate with you..

Read below to see how testosterone is essential for dominance, which can result in an overall better sex life and well…a more happy life overall.

Most Importantly, Sexual Dominance

Let me explain: women don’t respond well to estrogenic guys who don’t satisfy them.

They get cranky, they start creating drama. In fact, this is one of the reasons they like to “test” you.

When you have sex with a woman, even if it’s a quick little rumble high adrenaline tussle…always make sure to please her.

By including…

  1. Foreplay
  2. Teasing
  3. Flirting
  4. Sex Position that stimulates her the most
  5. Pace (stamina)

If you don’t get a “wow” or a lustful kiss after having sex, you gave a lackluster performance and she’ll look elsewhere.

Girl wants to be satisfied without any question. That’s why most of them are angry all the time and always talking shit about men (don’t let this be you) 😉

Have you seen the movie 50 Shades of Grey?

If you haven’t, you should, and take your girl to go watch it. The main character is just how many men wish to be.

Some of you are saying, “Pshh, I dont need lessons from a movie character, my girl doesn’t complain.”

Which you should all be saying. However, if don’t believe me, send a quick text to your woman right now asking her.

“Hey babe, how come you don’t compliment me after sex. Do you not like it anymore?”

Did you send it?…

You’re caught, that was a trick. You never ask girls those questions—are you crazy.

This leads me to the next point.


A woman is always looking for an assertive man. The guy who can lead her to bed, to her goals, pretty much anything.

Yet, everywhere you see in this clubs, lounges, and bars; anywhere where females are in masses, you see the opposite.

I know this following scenario has happened to you:

You walk into a club. You see a cute girl. You think she’s the hottest chick in the bar(most likely a 6). She glances and smiles at you. You get excited. Your heart starts racing. You go to approach but, you stall and just become an orbiting creep.

As you finally come up with the guts to say something, a charming confident assertive individual just grabs her by the arm and signals her to dance. She then turns to you again and smiles as she disappears off into the middle of the club with this assertive unknown man. Never to be seen again.

I see this play out over and over again in the clubs—it happened to me ALL THE TIME.

You don’t want to be that guy who just stands there like a dummy.

Next time you’re in the club be assertive, go after what you want. Who cares if you get laughed at or rejected.

Makes You A Leader

If you want someone else to run your life then, how can you be a leader?

A high testosterone male is a leader. As a leader, you rarely ask women for approval of anything, ever. Not even friends.

You let them ask the question, just like little girls who ask 50 million questions.

Your can either answer or refuse to answer. As a leader you have choices.


…you must understand that woman and young estrogenic boys alike, want to learn from a leader.

Usually, their words start with questions like…

  • Should I?
  • What do you think?
  • Can you?

They need you to be the leader to validate if what they are doing is correct or right, answers only a leader can give.

Sure, they ask their girlfriends
or mommy’s
but at the end
of the day
they need a man for guidance.

After all, a leader can be also seen as problem-solver. Don’t be like low testosterone guys who look to other people to solve their problems. Having low male testosterone makes you unmotivated and therefore, unattractive.


Testosterone jacks up motivation 1000% (percent). It makes you a man on a mission.

It can be the difference of getting shit done and not getting shit done.


Getting a girl and having sex with her that night or jacking off to porn.

I choose the former.

In fact, testosterone keeps you focused on success and only success. You constantly want to be better.

Unlike, the floor looking estrogen man, the male testosterone infused man is a go-getter. He is always looking up and ahead to see what to conquer next. He doesn’t waste his time on social media or looking up irrelevant things that don’t benefit him.

In fact, he’s too busy writing these articles and helping people.

However, it is up to you to no let anyone ruin this motivation.

“Life is always testing you”

We’ve all heard this saying before. But who exactly is testing you?


  1. Your jealous friends (who secretly want you to be failures like them)
  2. Your annoying neighbors (secretly hate you)
  3. Your family (who doesn’t believe in you)


Most importantly, your girlfriend.   They are constantly trying to break your testosterone(manhood) down with various sneaky test (shit test).

You don’t want to be this dude.

If you have high male testosterone, you are unbreakable.

You see there’s a big reason why girl throws you a host of tests.  They want to see if what your doing is all an act, or is he a real man with high amounts of male testosterone. Like the way you would test a teacher on how many days you can get away with handing your paper in late.

Unfortunately, these test will never stop.


Your girlfriend has a social group of girls to report to. So with that said, the other girls will hear what the hell you been doing right or wrong. Girls love being validated and the star of their group. (Check the “leader” portion of this post)

If you do things right she won’t have anything negative to say about you. and like I said before this is a never ending cycle.


You make sure to be that Man. Don’t let her social group create her validation. Be the man she comes to for validation or some guy named  Jonny will steal her away 😉


Ask yourself, is jacking up YOUR male testosterone worth it?

If you haven’t figured out yet. If you have low male testosterone, you’ll just end up acting like a girl.

Don’t be a girl. Be a Dominant and Jacked Up Man—that’s what your girl wants and what you should want.

What nobody wants is your moaning and bickering and lack of motivation and wishy-washy mood, I suggest you jack up.

Tip:  Always improve on areas of your life. People will take notice of you when your male testosterone is at its peak.

Did you like the tips above?  Do you suffer from a lack of male testosterone?

I encourage you to share your story below.

Good luck,
– Jonny

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