Kratom Tolerance and Kratom Withdrawal

In this post, we’ll cover how I’ve been able to keep a low Kratom tolerance for the past 3 years. We’ll also go over Kratom withdrawal and what you can do to get through it.

Keeping a Low Kratom Tolerance

Kratom Tolerance Low

When you are just getting into Kratom you will often see people talking about “rotating strands”. Kratom comes in a variety of strands. The thought behind rotating strands on a daily basis is to keep your Kratom tolerance low.  Different strands produce slightly different effects, and by rotating them you keep your body guessing. It’s the same principle behind rotating exercises in the gym.

I first learned about rotating strands when I learned about Kratom. I was told that you had to order 5-7 strands and constantly rotate them to avoid the dreaded tolerance to Kratom. In addition to rotating strands, you also had to make sure that the “fast” strands aligned with your workout schedule and the “slow” strands on your off days.

Over time I’ve come to largely disregard these guidelines. I’ve had points where I’ve only alternated 2 Kratom strands and still kept my tolerance low. In fact, I’ve been taking roughly the same dosage daily for the past 3 years.

Everything in Moderation

The reason I’ve been able to do this is like any other healthy relationship, moderation. I only take Kratom once per day. This happens in the morning around the same time as I have my cup of coffee. You can read about my full morning stack here.

This lasts the entire day and by 7:00 pm the majority of the effects have begun to wear off. By that point, I’m usually content to make dinner and get ready for the next day. I typically will not take a second dose unless I have plans to go out or get extra work done.

I largely credit this as the reason why I’ve never felt the need to up my dosage by any significant amount. Admittedly, I’m quite sensitive to Kratom but that does not mean I’m immune to building a tolerance to it.  While I believe rotating strands can help keep your tolerance low, it’s not necessary. If you are in a situation where you can only get your hands on 2-3 strands you should still rotate them.

However, if you can choose from a large selection of strands, try them all out and decide which ones you like best. All Kratom strands are not equal.

Kratom Withdrawal

Get Through Kratom Withdrawal

Almost anything can be addicting. Each of those addictions has its own withdrawal symptoms. Caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, hard drugs and even emotions all have the possibility of abuse. I believe you can take something daily and not be an addict. That doesn’t mean you won’t have withdrawal symptoms if you ever try to quit.

I’ve personally dealt with addiction and withdrawal from Marijuana. I was a heavy daily user throughout college. When I left college and entered the workplace I was forced to quit. For 48 hours I had sweaty palms, loss of appetite, insomnia, watery eyes, and irritability.

After 48 hours, the withdrawal symptoms had largely subsided and I was fine. I’ve had a similar experience with Kratom when I had to quit before a trip through Europe. Unfortunately, Kratom is illegal in Poland. 🙁

Even though I had kept my tolerance low I was still taking Kratom on a daily basis. While I don’t think my withdrawal from Kratom was that serious I still experienced some symptoms. These symptoms were mainly drowsiness throughout the day, down mood, and night sweats.

Get Through Kratom Withdrawal

Kratom Withdrawal

My approach to Kratom withdrawal is pretty straight forward. Get through the first night however you can. The biggest thing I struggle with when it comes to withdrawal is sleep. I can handle feeling down for a day and being generally unproductive. The cravings aren’t a problem either. For me, it’s sleeping.

Waking up with your sheets soaking wet cause you’ve been sweating all night sucks. That’s why I’d advise getting through the first night however you can. If you need to knock back a few more drinks that night or have a small toke of the pipe, go for it.

The importance of time in breaking an addiction cannot be stressed enough. It’s the only thing that will break the chemical and emotional attachment to a substance.

After you get through the first night it should be all downhill from there. To keep my mood up the following day I drank a lot of caffeine and also cleared my schedule. It was a pretty lazy, unmotivated day. If you have to get work done and caffeine just won’t do the trick—try Modafinil.

The second night was much easier to get through and by the following day, roughly 48 hours later, most of the withdrawal symptoms were gone.  For the next week or two, I missed waking up and taking Kratom. To replace it I stuck to caffeine and moved my workout time up to mid morning.

Working out in the morning gave me the energy I thought I had lost from Kratom. My productivity quickly returned to normal. I’m back in the States now and back to taking Kratom. However, I’m confident, if I needed to, I could quit Kratom at a moment’s notice.

Get through the first night. Beyond that, keep busy and replace the craving for Kratom with a healthy alternative. For me, it was working out in the morning. For you, it could be rewarding yourself with a green juice or a cup of tea. It takes some willpower but with these tips, you can get through the pain of withdrawal and live without Kratom.

What have you done to curb your Kratom withdrawal symptoms?

Let me know in the comments below.


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