4 Ways to Take Kratom Powder

I won’t lie, Kratom powder is absolutely disgusting. The first time I took it was also the time I had my Kratom overdose. Hell, that first time I was surprised I managed to even get it down my throat—that’s how nasty it was.

So let’s say you’ve got your first order of Kratom from the internet, and now you open it up. Inside is the vacuum sealed package, full of the finely ground powder. What you’re literally looking at is ground leaves. Not exactly appetizing, is it?

Sadly, Kratom isn’t at the point of whey protein powder.

You won’t get some amazing assortment of flavors. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Yeah, none of that with Kratom. You’ll be eating one flavor, and one flavor only: LEAF.


Which leads us to the question—is there a way to make Kratom protein taste good? Or at least tolerable? Here are a few tips and tricks you can try.

4 Ways to BOOST With Kratom Powder

#1: Take a Shot

Exactly what it sounds like. You measure out the proper dosage, and just put the powder in your mouth, follow it up with a liquid, and just chug it down.

Think of it like doing a shot of tequila, and then following it up with a lime. Heck, maybe your girlfriend will even let you take your Kratom out of her belly button 😉

Water is probably the easiest liquid to do it with. Keep in mind that Kratom powder itself is kind of thick, so the last thing you want to do is mix it with a heavy liquid and have a hard time swallowing (this post is getting dirtier by the second).

Just a heads up: It still tastes really, really bad. But it passes after a few seconds. Just like a shot of Jose Cuervo!

#2: Make a Drink

If you’re not the type of person who takes shots, you can consider mixing your Kratom powder up into a drink. One option to do this is to just use one of those large water jugs you see people walking around the gym with.

Yes, it needs to be a jug, for two reasons:

  1. You need enough volume within the jug itself to make the flavor more mild.
  2. You need to have a handle or a good way to shake up your drink well, so the Kratom gets mixed in.
A jug like this one will work quite well. I’m partial to the red one, but get whichever one suits your personality.

Keep in mind when you take Kratom powder in a larger drink form, it will take a bit longer to reach your system and have an impact. Especially if you have a larger jug, you’ll just be sipping on the drink. The best advice I can give is to make your Kratom drink the night before.

Come morning, start sipping on it while getting ready and commuting to work. By the time you get there, it should have started to take its effect. Plus, the extra water helps to offset the dehydration that sometimes comes when taking Kratom.

I personally usually stick to water, but you can try various juices such as orange, cranberry, and maybe even apple—depending on your tastes. Experiment and see what works with for you, and what the most tolerable is.

#3: Make a Tea

Similar to #2, but with tea.

Some general rules:

  • Tea made from powder does not take as long as dry leaves—probably only needs 15 or 20 minutes, MAX.
  • The separate the Kratom powder from the water, you don’t do much. Let it sink to the bottom, pour tea off the top.
  • You can add some chai flavoring, milk, or sugar—but start slowly.


If you truly cannot handle the actual taste of Kratom powder, then Kratom capsules are for you.

I’ve written about them in much greater detail here.

However, I will simplify it a bit on this post.

You can make your own capsules, but they are an absolute pain-in-the-ass. Using some Gelatin caps and Kratom from your trusted online store, you can make them yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase them at a place like Kratom Capsules—but at a price.

Usually several times more than what you pay for the powder.

My suggestion: Try to learn how to take Kratom without needing it in capsule form. Man, or woman, up. It will save you a lot of money, headaches, and time in the long-term. But, it’s definitely worthwhile to keep a small stash of Kratom capsules in your inventory.

You never know when you might be late to work one day, and not have time to prepare your drink. Or perhaps you travel often for work, and capsules are obviously far more convenient for this purpose than powder and mixing drinks and/or tea.

Those are our 4 favorite ways to consume Kratom, let us know yours in the comments.


PS: If you’re looking to get Kratom in it’s powder form, I recommend my friends at Coastline Kratom.

For capsules, check out Kratom Capsules.

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