How to Deal with a Kratom Overdose

I remember the first time I ever took Kratom. I was so excited to try this new super substance—it was going to make me a social superstar, help me focus more, and just make me overall more happy. And then…I took too much and ended up with a Kratom overdose.

It was one of the most unpleasant things in my life, and not one I’m keen to experience again. Thankfully, I haven’t.

But, this Kratom overdose did cause me to avoid Kratom for over the next year. I missed out on a lot of opportunity to be productive and enhance myself with Kratom during that time. All because I was a bit apprehensive (and scared) after my first experience and the subsequent Kratom overdose.

Kratom Overdose: My Experience

So, what happened to me?

Well, it was a nice Saturday morning. I was hanging out with my friend, and he’d been raving about Kratom to me. I had driven up and spent the night the day before.

Come morning, I decided what the hell—let’s take some of this stuff, then hit the beach and talk to some girls.

I have no idea what the dosage was that he gave me. But, he did have 25 pounds on me. And I’m fairly sure that he gave me the same dose that he took. And it was my first time using Kratom, whereas he was an experienced user.

Really, looking back—this was a nightmare just waiting to happen.

After about one hour, I started to feel completely nauseous.

After an hour and a half, I realize how bad I’m starting to feel. While he encouraged me to take Kratom on an empty stomach (and I’m a fan of intermittent fasting)—I knew food was going to be a necessity unless I wanted to keep going downhill.

After 2 hours, we finally got to a pizza place where I began to devour an entire pizza myself. Don’t ask me about the car ride getting there—it was misery, too. So much for low carbs…

Then I realize I can’t eat. Note I said “began to devour”.

Well, after one piece…the nausea started to get worse. I had to just nipple the rest of the pizza at a turtle’s pace to even keep it down.

Finally, after walking around the beach for another hour or so, I start to feel better.

But it wasn’t until the next day that I felt totally “normal” again. For the rest of the evening, I still had mild bouts of nausea, still had a bit of a high, and just did not feel well. I didn’t talk to any girls that day, nor did I become some productivity powerhouse. Instead, I was turned off what I later learned was a wonderful substance.

(I’ve since learned that there is no substitute for genuine confidence when it comes to girls. Substances won’t fix the problem, only put a temporary band-aid on it that will eventually fall off. But, this dating program really helped me out in this regard).

But only if you take the proper dosage and respect the hell out of it.

This might totally turn you off from trying Kratom yourself—but don’t let it. Just be cautious about how much you take. Definitely don’t take the same dosage as someone who is experienced with the substance and outweighs you by a couple dozen pounds.

Dealing with a Kratom Overdose

Overdosing reactions will vary. If you are one of the few to experience sedative effects than you are in luck. In this case, you can just sleep it off. If you are not like this then taking to much Kratom might cause you to have an upset stomach, nauseousness, racing thoughts, restlessness, overheating and mild hallucination. As was the case with me.

I’d like to share a few tips that have helped me in the past to recover from taking to much Kratom.

First, if you think you might be having a Kratom overdose determine how much you have taken. This is crucial. There have been several times where I’ve taken a fast strand of Kratom and felt intense effects. However, after 30-60 minutes the effects taper off and I’m in my sweet spot. This is much different than a full blown overdose. That’s why it’s important to determine, have I just taken a bit more than I’m used to or is it something more extreme like a doubled dose.

After you’ve determined you are having a Kratom overdose you want to consider how long ago you took it.

The effects can be felt in as little as 30 minutes. If you have accidentally taken to much Kratom, act immediately. In hindsight, I waited out both overdoses. Both of them made me vomit at some point. What I should have done was force myself to vomit immediately. This would get the substance out of my system before it had time to absorb.

The problem with this is it is hard to know whether you’re having a Kratom overdose until it’s too late. Especially when you are just starting out and experimenting with the proper dosage. That’s why I always advocate to start small and work your way up.

What’s going to happen if you end up on a Kratom overdose? A reasonable question after reading my story 🙂

Some people are going to get sleepy after having an overdose. If that’s you—consider yourself lucky. Take a nice little nap and you should be good to go.

If you’re not one of the lucky people, you might experience a variety of symptoms: nauseousness and overheating like me, upset stomach, inability to sleep, crazy thoughts/hallucinations, etc.

Now, you’ve determined that you have probably taken a bit more than you can chew. The first step is—don’t panic. It only makes things worse. Here’s the thing—if you catch it quickly enough, you can just go hurl and you might just solve the entire problem. The Kratom will all be out of your system quickly, hopefully before it’s really had time to absorb into your system.

If you’re reading this right now because you stumbled upon this on Google because you think you took too much—go to the toilet. Now. Don’t wait any longer. Get it done with.

And if it’s already in your system?

But, if you’re past the hour or so mark, and the Kratom is well situated in your body, throwing up isn’t as easy as an option.

Instead, get some food into yourself. I recommend eating some food that you normally would after drinking too much, or when hungover. It’s mostly a placebo effect, but if you always eat pizza when you’re stumbling drunk, it’s possible your body will react similarly and try to “come down” when given the same foods.

This may be tough, because Kratom is a natural hunger suppressor.

Keep up on the hydration, too—but don’t overdo it or you’ll just piss your stomach off.

Final Thoughts

kratom overdose

The last piece of advice I’d like to give you about a Kratom dosage is that…it’s going to take patience.

If you take too much, time is the name of the game. It will not just magically go away—much like a shitty hangover. You just have to wait it out.

But, the same things that can at least help your hangover a little bit will also help you recover from a Kratom overdose.

  • Eating something solid, maybe a bit greasy (depending on how your stomach reacts)
  • Hydrating in moderation—if chugging water makes you nauseous, don’t do it. Sip.
  • Going for a walk and getting some fresh air
  • (Sometimes) exercising to sweat it all out. Alternatively, a sauna or a long hot shower can help you feel better (temporarily).
  • Sleeping if at all possible

While I hope this article doesn’t scare you away from taking Kratom, I do think it’s important to be informed. If you don’t get your Kratom dosage right, you’ll be suspect to a Kratom overdose—and it’s not enjoyable. Think of it as a really nasty hangover.

The first time you drink you don’t chug a bottle of vodka (right?).

Apply the same logic to substances like Kratom and you’ll be just fine.

Good luck!


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