How Kratom Makes You More Social

Here at Biology Boost, we’ve talked about different aspects of taking Kratom, like how to find the proper dosage and where to buy Kratom. One thing we haven’t touched on is how Kratom can help you. I want to share a few of the ways that Kratom has helped me become more social.

Discovering Kratom

I first heard about Kratom in the early part of 2014 while searching for solutions to social anxiety. I’d always had trouble motivating myself to socialize with others. Talking among friends was not a problem, but in group settings, I would always differ to others. I was never the one to hold court and entertain the group.

Sitting back and letting others talk just came more naturally to me.

This isn’t always a good thing.

Often, I’d like to contribute to the conversation but when the spotlight was on me, I’d clam up. My mind would go blank, palms sweaty and nothing would come out. Everyone would look at me as I mumbled out a few words. Sure enough, someone would sense this and jump in to save the conversation before I sent it to its death bed.

However, talking in groups wasn’t even the biggest problem that I had. What I really wanted to fix was my ability to meet new people. That’s when I discovered Kratom.

After reading about what Kratom could do for productivity, social anxiety, and overall happiness I knew I had to try it. I immediately placed an order. After a few weeks of experimenting with Kratom, I developed a way to integrate it into my everyday life. It helped increase productivity at work and made mundane tasks a lot more enjoyable. However, I still hadn’t used it to help with my anxiety. Which was what I originally got it for.

How Kratom Helps With Anxiety

Kratom puts you in a state of euphoria, increased energy, focus, and most importantly quiets your mind. In other words, it gets you “out of your head”. Getting “out of your head” has become a buzz word lately among self-improvement gurus. What they are referring to is the ability to quiet your self-talk and get into “flow” while having a conversation.

If you’ve ever been alone for a period of time you will notice you talk to yourself. That self-talk is good for getting through a project or analyzing a problem. However, it can become a detriment when it gets in the way of socializing with others.

Another illustration of this mechanism in action is in athletes. They have practiced certain actions thousands of times so that they become unconscious actions. They don’t have to think about it, and if they do think about an action it will usually mess them up. This is an example of their thoughts getting in the way of something they already know how to do.

You already know how to talk to other human beings. You’ve been doing it your whole life. What Kratom does is help to quiet that voice in your head and allows you to speak without thinking.

Kratom puts you into a state that makes you want to socialize.  The combination of focus and euphoria are a perfect mix while you are out among a large group of friends or out on a date. You won’t feel stifled. Instead, you feel out going and free flowing.

Kratom for Meeting New People

Kratom for Meeting New People

Let’s get back to the main reason why I was searching for help with my anxiety that day. I wanted to meet new people and to be more specific, I wanted to meet girls.

Like most guys, I struggled with meeting and talking to new girls. I would get extremely nervous whenever I would even think about approaching a girl. Kratom helped with this.

For a period of several months, I went out 3-4 nights a week. Some nights I went out completely on my own. My objective was to meet new people and become more social. The only thing I had to help me was Kratom. I limited myself to 1 alcoholic drink a night. No liquid courage here.

The results were better than I’d hoped. The Kratom propelled me past what I thought was possible. I quickly realized people had the same problem I had. They too struggled with meeting new people and were dying for someone to strike up a conversation. By the end bartenders were giving me drinks, bouncers would be happy to see me and every night I would make new friends.

A large part of that success was due to Kratom. Kratom gives you the motivation and good feeling to meet new people.  The euphoric feeling made rejection from girls feel painless. Nothing would get me down. That made approaching new people over and over again much easier.

Often times I hear my friends give me an excuse when I try to push them to talk to a random girl. Society has conditioned us to believe there is a barrier between us. Kratom helps to remove that barrier.

Get Out There

It’s easy to hear this and think Kratom is some sort of miracle substance. Which, in many ways it is. Like any other performance-enhancing substance, it still requires action to achieve a result. Yes, Kratom will make you feel amazing, your mind will be clear and you will have the motivation to socialize with new people. But, It won’t approach people for you. You still have to get out there and do it.

Next time you’re about to leave the house for a night out or a backyard BBQ take some Kratom. It will make the experience that much more enjoyable. It will take you out of your head and put you in the moment. It’s helped me out tremendously and I can’t wait to hear how it’s helped you.

Leave a comment and share your experience how Kratom has helped you become more social.


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