What Does a Kratom High Feel Like?

If you are looking into Kratom I bet you are either excited or concerned about the Kratom high.

As with any other psychoactive drug or herb (including coffee and alcohol), you can’t be sure what to expect the first time. Although Kratom is not meant to be a recreational drug it can definitely give you a Kratom high. So what does it feel like?

What’s In Kratom?

The Kratom high obviously comes from the different chemical compounds in the plant. There are many different bioactive alkaloids in Kratom and they vary from strain to strain. (Psst! We have a handy little article on Kratom strains where you can learn more!) Alkaloids are simply a bunch of organic compounds found in living organisms. They are not really a solid group of chemicals. Alkaloids can be bases or acids, or they could be neutral, too. Most of them contain basic nitrogen and hence the term.

Alkaloids come in so many shapes and forms that we haven’t yet studied all of them. They are super useful as drugs because many have biological activity. Most (if not virtually all) contemporary medicines are based on alkaloids.

As for Kratom, there are a few different compounds that come into play. And to be honest, we don’t know a whole lot about them for two main reasons:

• Different plants, different preparations, different farming techniques all give us a different product.
• Kratom’s legal status is a bit of a grey zone. This stops any large scale medical investigation into its effects

Although there are possibly hundreds of different alkaloids in Kratom you really need to know about two of them – Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.


This is the most abundant phytochemical in Kratom. Let’s look at codeine. It is one powerful and somewhat dangerous opioid and also the reason cough syrup is regulated in some countries. When you ingest it, codeine will get broken down to morphine. It is one popular (but also a bit dangerous) pain-relieving drug.

In one animal study scientists compared Mytragynine to Codeine and surprise-surprise… Not only was Mytragynine a powerful pain killer but it also had significantly fewer side effects. Some people with chronic pain use Kratom religiously as it gives them the relief they need minus the possible unpleasant consequences.

7-hydroxy mitragynine was even more powerful but sadly it was also slightly toxic and addictive. Mice even developed withdrawal symptoms when they were taken off the drug. A similar thing happens with Kratom. You can become dependent on Kratom and you should take precautions to avoid it.

Thankfully, the negative effects of Kratom are much milder than those of other opiates. In fact, Kratom has been used to treat people with addictions for that exact reason. It mimics the effect but it is not as addictive or harmful in general.

So The First Thing About A Kratom High…

You get a general feeling of wellness. This might come as a surprise but us living beings…we don’t particularly love pain. Even if you don’t have problems with chronic pain you will definitely notice that you feel physically better.

Kratom has been used for pain relief for hundreds of years. It is no surprise that the sense of well-being is the first thing most users feel. If you have ever been on pain medication (as someone interning in a hospital right now, I know there are some places that give them out as candy), you know how the non-pain feeling can almost turn into euphoria.

Well, it is the same thing with Kratom. Researchers found that the single most prominent theme in user reports was well-being turning into…

Well, just general and intense joy.

From there on it will all depend on the strain.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein is easily the single most popular Kratom strain. It is also great for beginners as it gives the most classic Kratom high. It is very relaxing and it can even help with sleep problems. It can mimic opioids almost flawlessly. For that reason some red vein Kratom strains are used to treat opiate addicts (and quite successfully, too).

The Kratom high with this strain will feel a lot like the high from good quality weed. You will feel great – both physically and mentally. You enter a sort of higher state of consciousness where you are truly present for every thought. If you meditate, the red vein Kratom high will feel a lot like an awareness practice.

At the same time, Kratom and weed are not absolutely identical. In smaller doses, Kratom (including Red Vein Kratom) makes you all happy and excited. It does relax you but it doesn’t make you ‘slow’ way marijuana can sometimes. At a high dose, Red Vein Kratom is an awesome sedative. It can easily replace other painkillers. Red Vein Kratom is also popular among insomnia sufferers.

You can benefit from the relaxing Red Vein Kratom even if you don’t have any medical conditions. It isn’t nootropic in the traditional sense but it can give you elevated concentration and creativity. If you have been stuck on a project for a while the Red Kratom high can help out with getting you unstuck. Try the Red Sumatra that not only murders stress but it also elevates your mood, motivation, and calm concentration.

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Red Vs White

It would make sense that White Vein Kratom has quite the opposite effect. After all even the colors are basically opposite.

White Vein Kratom gives you energy and stamina. Some even swear by switching caffeine forr the White Vein Kratom high. This strain is almost comparable to Modafinil (minus the superhuman concentration bit). Sadly, the effect lasts much shorter – both in comparison to energy Modafinil and to other Kratom strains.

White Vein can really help get your morning started. It is also fun for going out when you are a bit tired (I for one hate drinking coffee at night but falling asleep at the club is not a great option either). You will love it for exam season study emergencies. Also, just in general, whenever you have a ton of work to do – the White Vein Kratom high can help big time.

Something I strongly suggest with White Vein Kratom is that you take the time to find your favorite variety. Everyone has a sweet spot of the correct strain in the correct dosage. This is especially true with White Vein where some strains give you more euphoria while others make you more productive and put you in a state of flow.

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Green Vein Kratom High

I like to think of Green Vein Kratom as being the best of both worlds. It starts off as Red Vein – you feel good, very relaxed, very unbothered by small things that might have been stressing you out. At the same time, it never gets you drowsy or super mellow. In fact, the best way to describe the Green Kratom High is cool energy.

You will be concentrated and calm but you will also feel an energy boost. Green Kratom is more subtle than other strains because it gives you that sort of balanced experience. Overall, it is a very well-rounded strain.

If you have trouble with social anxiety, Green Vein Kratom is particularly useful for that. It makes you feel at ease without giving you too strong of a high. The high energy plus the increased concentration and calmness make you more talkative, coherent, and cheerful. It is equally great for a night out and an important presentation. Because the effect is more subtle you get the benefits without others noticing that you are even on something.

One of my favourite things about the Green Vein Kratom high is that it completely erases the spotlight effect. You no longer feel like everybody is looking at you and judging you (I promise they are not). It is a bit like alcohol minus the nasty effect on your liver, the hangover, and the stupid drunken decisions.

Green Vein Kratom could be fun for beginners for its mild and balanced effect. However, I do recommend you try all three “colours” before picking a favourite. Starter (or sampler) packs are very useful for this. You get to experiment a bit and the price is very affordable, too.

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Beware The Kratom High

Finally, there are a few things that can go wrong during a Kratom high. There are some pretty nasty side effects if you take too much.

By the way, we have a full article on that too and I strongly suggest you check it out (for your own good and because it is a great article). As a beginner, stick to the ‘better safe than sorry’ principle. No need to go big the first few times. Start small and build from there. This way every Kratom high can be a great Kratom high.

What are some experience you have had with Kratom? Do you agree with what we described in this article or is your opinion completely different? Either way, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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