Where To Find Kratom For Sale

Kratom for Sale – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Before I tell you how to find Kratom for sale, let’s review a bit what Kratom is and why there are some legal issues related to it. Kratom is a fun and incredibly versatile nootropic that has only recently gotten popular in the West.

It comes from a plant from the same family as the coffee tree. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia – Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. There, it has been an essential part of traditional medicine for centuries. It is a staple in any local’s natural remedy arsenal. Here are some of the many health issues it has successfully helped relieve:

  • Chronic pain
  • Addiction to narcotics and withdrawal symptoms (even from heroin)
  • Digestive unease
  • Depression
  • Mood swings and mental health disorders
  • Sleep problems
  • Fertility and sexual health related issues

At the same time, there the trend of taking it recreationally. Just as a disclaimer, I don’t consider using Kratom as a nootropic to be recreational use. The brain boosting benefits, in my opinion, are simply a health benefit. Sadly, many people in the Kratom debate consider its use for cognitive enhancement to be drug abuse.

Kratom gives you a lot of energy and it makes you more sociable. Sounds like a God-like combination or when you are going clubbing, right?

It is.

In Southeast Asia (and recently also in the West) Kratom is the drug of choice to mix with alcohol. While mixing psychoactive substances with alcohol is always a no-no, this particular combination is extra dangerous.

You can actually overdose on Kratom.

Alcohol can make those symptoms even worse and the hangover in the morning will be positively horrifying.

Kratom For Sale Legal Issues

Unlike other beloved nootropics (Modafinil, Piracetam, etc.), Kratom is not actually legal for human use. People making rules and regulations don’t quite like stuff that you can overdose on, is potentially addictive, and it has a history of being abused in other parts of the world.

Because nobody approved it to be taken as medicine, there are no issues with prescription. On the other hand, this means that as a Kratom user the full responsibility for any side effects falls on you. From a legislative point of view taking Kratom is no different than drinking your perfume or eating some wash powder.

Why am I saying this? 

Well, because websites that sell it will not. There are plenty of online vendors that offer Kratom for sale and they ALL feature a disclaimer along the lines of ‘Kratom is only sold for aromatherapy purposes. No internal use!’

Here are some examples:

Coastline Kratom’s products are intended exclusively for soap-making and aromatherapy purposes, not human consumption.

The Kratom for sale on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not take any botanic or medication except on medical recommendations. Products on this website should not be misused.

All products on the website are sold not for human consumption, and are for incense or ethnobotanical research purposes only.

By the way, if you were wondering ethnobotany is the study of how plants are used in traditional medicine around the world. So technically, getting Kratom ‘for ethnobotanical research’ would include consuming it.

Anyhow, as you can see, these companies are abiding by the law perfectly. They do offer Kratom for sale but they do not present or market it as a drug. Most of them are US-based or they are based in Europe. These are perfectly legal online vendors, with the tiny catch that you can’t sue them if you overdose and neither can the authorities pursue them.

Is Kratom For Sale Illegal?

Not everywhere, but in some places yes.

There are some states and countries that have forbidden buying and possessing it. In response, some tension arose amongst people who use it to manage their chronic pain. Sadly, that did not help and currently you can’t get Kratom everywhere.

Here is a list (thankfully it is still pretty short) of them:

  • Australia
  • Romania
  • Germany
  • The states of Indiana and Tennessee

Tennessee made Kratom and some of it’s alkaloids illegal fairly recently. They were included in the ‘Synthetic’ bill of 2013. These are natural products and their presence in there is a bit weird, right?

Well, you can still email the Governor or the Senators to try and lobby for it’s removal. The main reason to get Kratom out of the bill, of course, is that an all-natural product does not belong in a list of banned synthetic substances.

Either way, my advice in the cases where Kratom is banned that you stay a law-abiding citizen. However, knowing you guys, don’t have much regard for silly laws.

Whether or not you decide to buy Kratom is up to you and it will be fully your responsibility. Just make sure to check the local rules and regulations, so at least you know what you are risking.

Kratom Legal Status: Additional Info

Apart from the countries and states where Kratom has been made illegal, there are also some places where the legality of offering Kratom for sale, purchasing, and using it, is a bit more complicated.

In Denmark and Finland, Kratom is a controlled substance and you need a prescription for it. Many Kratom vendors will not ship to these countries as the customs officers tend to be very efficient at seizing it. It is unlikely that any serious consequences will come out of trying to import it for a customer. You can try a service that redirects your purchase but double check the possible consequences just in case.

New Zeland’s laws on Kratom are a little blurry.

Mitragyna Speciosa is a Schedule I controlled substance. You can only buy and use it if you have a medical prescription. Even though Kratom is classified as a controlled substance, there are those who say that buying it online is not technically illegal. How so?

Well, you are allowed to import personal amounts of prescription medicine. This is why Kratom orders rarely get seized at New Zealand borders. There is a lot of paperwork they will have to do to have you prove having the prescription, and so customs officers kind of let it pass.

Finding Geniune Kratom For Sale

A simple Google search gives you hundreds of online pharmacies and supplement shops that carry Kratom. Here is my first piece of advice – look for the reviews. The nootropic community has a very strong presence online. Happy customers of Kratom vendors are quick to share their thoughts and so great online pharmacies have a lot of reviews behind their back.

The ultimate authority on Kratom are the consumers and so your first line of defense against fake Kratom for sale is researching what the Internet community has to say about the vendor.

The second most important thing, of course, is the quality.

Great selection, quick shipping, and awesome customer service are all key but if the Kratom is bad… Research what the different strains on offer do, how they have affected other people, how much you are supposed to take. We have a few articles on different Kratom strains that could help you out with that.

Our Favorite Vendors

Every Kratom aficionado has a slightly different view on where the best Kratom for sale can be found.

Me, personally, I have two main favorites. Of course, it’s up to you to test out others, too.

But my recommendation for newbies is to always start with either Coastline Kratom or Kratom Sensation.

Why These?

Coastline Kratom I love because the product is of the best possible quality.

There are zero reports of unauthentic Kratom bought from them. The selection is also pretty impressive – you have various strains and strain types to choose from. The other reason I like to order from Coastline Kratom is that it is a family business and that is the kind of think I want to support. Ultimately though, they are great at what they do, the Kratom is affordable, and the quality is impressive.

Kratom Sensation are also pretty awesome. They have a Canada-based warehouse which speeds up shipping for Canadian customers. The variety of strains is also very good and then of course, the quality is really high. Another thing that makes Kratom Sensation different is how consistent and responsive they are with their customers. Any problem that might come up gets resolved super quickly and efficiently.

Once again, feel free to experiment with other vendors, too. When you are ordering from a source that has not been recommended to you, though, please be sure to stay extra cautious. We can’t vouch for every vendor out there.

Do you have any tips on finding great Kratom for sale? What are your favorite vendors? How about the things you look for in a vendor? Tell us in the comments down below. We will be sure to respond.