Everything You MUST Know About Kratom Capsules

Most of Kratom comes in powdered form. This is the most common way of taking. Don’t worry, it’s not green cocaine. But, there is an alternative to powder—in the form of Kratom capsules. Let’s dig into the differences, pros and cons of them.

If you’re not familiar with what Kratom is itself, it’s a tropical plant that hails from the general Southeast Asia region. People take it for a variety of reasons—increased focus, mitigating pain, and of course—for recreation. Kratom is currently in limbo about whether it will stay legal in the United States (it’s April 2017 as of writing this original post).

Fingers crossed that it does.

Kratom Capsules vs Kratom Powder

Kratom capsules are an alternative to the powder form. They’re easier to store and manage, and far easier to clean up than having a mess of powder scattered around your kitchen. In addition, it’s a bit easier to handle that traditional Kratom powder. Rather than having to find a way to chug it down, you can just pop a pill, down it with your favorite drink of choice, and be on your way.

They work much in the way that Adrafinil capsules work—they metabolize in your stomach once they’re down there. This means that it can taken a bit longer to synthesize the process and effects inside your body.

Keep that in mind.

Cost of Capsules

The real problem with Kratom capsules is that they’re damn expensive. That’s why I’d probably recommend them more for the advanced users, who know how they react to Kratom, and know that it’s a worthwhile investment.

The last thing I’d recommend is a newbie to drop up to 5x the price of traditional Kratom powder on Kratom capsules instead, and end up unhappy with their purchase. Try out some more affordable strains of Kratom powder, first—then dabble with capsules. You wouldn’t buy an expensive Ferrari without taking a test drive, would you?

Even experienced Kratom users might balk at the cost of it.

Just a heads up!

How Much to Take?

Whenever I take Adrafinil, I have to plan a bit more in advance. I know that if I pop that Adrafinil at 6am, it’s going to be at least 7:30am before the pills begin to have their effect on me. Whereas with Modafinil, the effect is immediate.

While Kratom isn’t quite this dramatic, that is a huge downside to capsules in general. It’s 2017, after all—who has time to waste?

Where the Hell Do You Find These?!

It’s definitely more difficult to get Kratom Capsules than to get Kratom Powder. Keep that in mind as you start your hunt.

I’ve personally had great success and can advocate for the fellas at KratomCapsules.com.

They deliver a quality product.

Pro-Tip: Make sure you read carefully about how much Kratom are in the capsules before ordering any. Some vendors like to be not-so-transparent about this. Kratom Capsules isn’t one of them.

Order Now!

Making Your Own

You can save a bit of money by making your own Kratom capsules. But…you won’t be saving any time.

A capping machine will pay for itself with time.

You can buy that machine and some capsules (they're cheap).

Is it worth it?

Hard to say, man. Time is money these days. It’s why we take performance enhancers like Nootropics in the first place.

In today’s day and age, everyone is on the go, and looking for an edge. I’d ask myself if it’s really worth the time and energy to do something labor-intensive like that. Once you reach a certain point in life, you realize it becomes a bad investment of time to do certain processes.

For me, personally—capping my own Kratom falls into that category.

Look at it this way: If you were a millionaire, would you clean your house yourself? Would you, every weekend, take the time to painstakingly mop, vacuum, and dust your home?

Or would you pay someone $10/hour to clean your house for 5 hours?

Knowing that, as a millionaire, you could make that $50 back with about an hour of work (probably less, frankly)?

You would pay someone to clean your house. Every. Single. Time.

There would be no question whatsoever about it.

Using examples like this illustrates just how valuable your time is, no matter where you are in life. In my case, the time spent capping some Kratom could be spent on writing posts for this blog—which makes me money, and would allow me to afford the difference in price between capsules and powder.

See where I’m going with this?

Time = MONEY.

How to Buy From Vendors

Alright, back to discussing one of the view vendors out there that actually produce and ship the caps—KratomCapsules.com. Great name choice.

Their Kratom itself is top-notch. And they give you a good, fair deal on the stuff, too—albeit it’s still 2 or 3 times what you’d pay for Kratom in it’s powder form. They aren’t going to nickel and dime you over a couple grams of Kratom.

They accept both BitCoin and credit card payments, and overall they have a great support team. I’ve had good interactions with the staff and have nothing but pleasant things to say about them. They are professional, quick-to-respond, and generally care about their customers.

In any case, that wraps up this post and this mini-review of a great vendor.

PS: Give Kratom Capsules a shot—you won’t be disappointed. Click here to get them shipped to your door, ASAP.

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Kratom capsule is simply powdered Kratom which is packed into an ingestible capsule to conveniently consume it. I have found Kratom capsule to be the perfect thing. It not only helps pain but seems to loosen my muscles up.

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