KinoBooty Program Review: Can You Achieve Your Dream Butt?

We are living in the hay day of the booty and the new Kinobooty program is here to turn us into the next Kylie Jenner. Well, if you want to look like her, anyway. Some say her particular booty could be a bit fake…

But this is not a celebrity gossip page. At Biology Boost we are looking at promising and popular health things (fitness, nutrition, nootropics) and reviewing them to see if they are worth the hype.

Today it is the Kinobooty Program, Greg O’Gallagher’s brand new brain child that is supposed to help you build an hourglass figure the right (and scientific) way.

Booty Myths

Here is a confession. I am lowkey addicted to Pinterest. It feels like you are getting valuable information (plus a lot of ‘mason jar salad’ recipes). Even though I know better, often I take to Pinterest for diet and fitness advice. Here is what a quick browse revealed:

  • You have to do a lot of squats. Seriously, reps upon reps, variations upon variations, if you want to look like an Instagram model you just can’t avoid the squats.
  • If you want to get your dream body, stick to less than 1200 calories a day. Yes, you will also have to workout quite a lot on this incredibly limited amount of calories. And it should mostly come from protein.
  • Carbs are forbidden. Well, not really, but you should avoid anything that is explicitly ‘a carb’. Even whole wheat bread, and oats (bothof which are very healthy food choices) should be avoided. Carbohydrates should only form around 3% of your daily calories.
  • You should count calories. If you don’t count your calories you are doing it all wrong. No matter how great the nutritional value, you should not exceed the 1200 per day and you will exceed them unless you count your calories.
  • 3 days of the week (at least), you should do some hardcore cardio. A long HIIT session should do it. No, doing HIIT a few days in a row will certainly not lead to injuries. Besides, no pain, no gain, right?

kinobooty program review


Very, very, very wrong.

Squats can be great but you have to target the glutes (a.k.a. the butt muscles) right.

1200 calories will not be enough for most people. Your daily calorie needs are very individual and there can’t be no ‘one size fits all’.

Protein is great but you shouldn’t cut out carbs dramatically. This will just make you cranky and leave you with no energy.

Calorie counting could be a good educational tool when you are first getting started with a healthy lifestyle. It is by no stretch of the imagination obligatory or even that useful in the long run.

I am sure we have all seen that kind of advice. It sounds good at first, especially with a photo of a fit girl smiling at her salad along with it. And even worse, bad advice is often viral advice.

There are even entire programs based on this. Programs that you pay for and that would screw up your body, mind, and spirit. It is almost as though they want you to fail.

Is There Even Good Advice Out There?

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually sound scientific advice you can follow. The thing with the medical community (in this case the nutritionist and sports medicine specialists) is there can never be a consensus. It is in the very nature of science to be constantly evolving, constantly changing opinions, constantly looking for more.

None of this invalidates what scientists tell us today. It just means that there will be more than one point of view. I, for one, am a big believer in the personal responsibility we all have for our health and well-being. It is crucial that you do your own research, especially when the decision affects your body.

This is all a bit too serious for a booty article, I guess. My point is, as women we tend to give ourselves less power than we deserve. We read an article, something doesn’t sound right, but hey, it was an expert who wrote it. No, it is time that you empower yourself to make the right decisions for your body.

With all that in mind, I suggest you don’t believe my Kinobooty Program review blindly. Read on, check out the program itself, read up on the science behind it. This way you can be sure you are making the right decision.

Find Out If KinoBooty Is Right For You

kinobooty program

The Kinobooty Program Alternative

If you have been on Biology Boost for a while, you know we love the Kinobod approach. There are some amazing transformations that happened thanks to Greg’s programs. And I am very much convinced that the science behind it all works.

Here are the three keys to any Kinobody fitness program:

  1. Intermittent fasting to boost your metabolism, help with fat loss, allow you to build muscle and slim down. There are also a bunch of other health benefits to intermittent fasting like limiting inflammation, improving sleep, and even bettering your mental health.
  2. Weight training should be the focus of your workout routine. You want to challenge your body constantly or else you hit a plateau.
  3. Cardio is great but in moderation. It is in no way, shape, or form something you need to do every day or on consecutive days. It can even be harmful.

That is a lot of new and frankly a bit counter-intuitive advice when you first hear it.

There are a lot of articles and resources on the Kinobody blog itself, if you want to learn more. But if you would rather read (and hear) independent people speak on that, I recommend the What I’ve Learned channel on YouTube (very well-researched pieces and quite entertaining, too) or Dr. Doug McGuff’s talk on The Effective Man podcast.

Yes, that last one is very much targeted towards men but it also very informative and eye-opening. Plus, who said guys get to have all the best fitness advice and we should just listen to Cosmopolitan magazine.

What You Get With The Kinobooty Program

Let’s cut to the chase.

The KinoBooty Program is one of the best, most elaborate, but also most expensive Kinobody programs. At $99, it is twice the price of other programs we have reviewed. Of course, this is still significantly cheaper than hiring a personal trainer, and a nutritionist. Depending on your area (and how fancy your gym is), it could even be less than the price of your gym membership.

So, here is what a hundred bucks gets you:

  • The Science Behind Building Your Perfect Butt
  • KinoBooty Training Tactics
  • The KinoBooty Workout Routines
  • KinoBooty Exercise Video Tutorials
  • KinoBooty Nutrition Guide
  • KinoBooty Mindset Development
  • Lifetime access to the program and membership to the Facebook groups
  • ‘Just Today’ a free T-shirt. I think that is there every day. Still a nice top, though.
Find Out If KinoBooty Is Right For You

Keeping up with the ‘Do your research and be educated’ theme, most of these components are actually comprehensive guides to understanding the science behind the KinoBooty Program.

I particularly love the nutrition guide. Not only does it explain, nice and simple, what to do and how to do it, but it kind of also feels like a mini ebook on nutrition. You leave it feeling like you have learned something. Once you understand not only the what and the how but also the why, motivation gets easier.

I have found I no longer want to put simple sugars in my body, knowing the damage I will do. That is a lot easier and more sustainable than sticking a photo of Jessica Alba on my fridge (as the magazines suggest).

Speaking of motivation, I think it is pretty neat that there is a separate guide on creating and keeping the right mindset. I feel taking conscious steps to take care of our mental health definitely the way to go.

Finally, the workout program is really the star here.

Remember what I told you about the squats? They can be great but they are not always enough. Greg takes booty training to the next level. He talks you through the exact strategy to activate your glutes.

There is no mindless squatting in this program. In fact, there aren’t that many squats either. The weight training part has been crafted to perfection and that is what really makes the difference.

After all, a nice bubble butt is a matter of strong glutes (plus a nice thin waist).

Kinobooty Program: Is It Worth It?

I always seem to end these articles with ‘There is money-back guarantee, just go ahead and see for yourself’.

This time is no different. For me personally, KinoBooty is one of the best programs for women right now. It does follow the trend (big butts are all over, right?) but it is actually effective, fun, and it brings lasting results. So definitely check it out, it is completely risk-free and the booty gains will be pretty damn good.

What is your favorite tip for building an hourglass figure? And how about the dumbest women’s magazine advice that you have heard? Tell us in the comments, we are always in for a good laugh (and some useful info).

PS: You can take KinoBody’s awesome survey to see if the KinoBooty program is right for you. Just click here (it’s free!).

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