The Foundation Of A Kinobody Workout

Greg O’Gallagher’s fitness and diet program have won him a steady following of increasingly shredded guys (and girls). If the hundreds of testimonials are to trust, Kinobody is your best bet for achieving a Hollywood-worthy physique. But how does a Kinobody workout actually work?

In this article I am nerding out to give you all the science behind the magic.

How Does The Kinobody Physique Look Like?

Greg is Kinobody’s best walking and talking ad. The guy is ripped in a superhero sort of way. No freakishly huge muscles, no ginormous veins scattered around his body but a balanced, well-trained body.

The key to achieving this look is indeed balance. You don’t want any muscle getting out of proportion, not the bicep, not the pecs, not even the abs. The Kinobody workout doesn’t focus on a single group only, at least not until you reach an awesome fitness level.

The other important aspect of the Kinobody physique is functionality. You won’t be doing any exercise for show-off muscle only. That’s not how your body is designed to be. If you try to pump up your volume and weight above what you realistically use two things happen:

Your entire body – joints, ligaments, and muscles – will suffer. Sooner or later that will lead to injuries and pain (usually nasty, hard to manage back pain).

The muscles will look unnaturally buff. Your physique will look more ridiculous than badass.

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Common Mistakes (Not Featured In A Kinobody Workout)

Kinobody workout

Not the guy you want to be.

The Kinobody look is arguably not what all gym rats look like.

Browse through any bodybuilding forum or subreddit and you’ll find not everyone is so keen on Greg’s strategy or body.

That’s fine and you can follow forum advice too eventually end up with the freakish muscles of the bad guy’s bodyguards in an action movie. A Kinobody workout plan is geared toward normal dudes that would like to see definition, strength, and some ladies’ heads turning.

The Kinobody Workout Is NOT All About The Big Three

All lifters focus on three exercises – deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. I am going to go out on a limb and say that is what everyone is doing at your local gym, too.

What does the Kinobody workout emphasize on instead? Shoulders a.k.a. your deltoid muscle. When you step up your shoulders game your entire upper body will look much leaner. Deltoid muscle exercises engage the pecs as well, so you will be pumping up your chest just not to the point where you get man boobs.

Work On Pectorals (The Right Way)

Kinobody workout

If you want that chest definition, your upper pecs need more attention than the lower.

The reason here is that the lower pec muscles gain mass and volume at a higher rate. You want to make a conscious effort to help the upper pectorals out. That means less flat and more incline bench presses. Every Kinobody workout features at least a few exercises that work on your chest and shoulders.

This way you can get equal thickness all over your chest for that strong, masculine look.

Trapezoid and Lats… But Only A Bit

The traps and lats are two of the most commonly overworked muscle groups. True, you want to develop both to achieve that superhero V-shape. But overdo it and you end up with weird posture and quite possibly a shoulder injury.

The Kinobody workout features back exercises that build your upper body strength, core stability, and then give you definition. Chin-ups are key here with increasing weights (but always use the right belt) and so are pull ups.

Bodyweight exercises are also important in the Kinobody workout for building and maintaining a strong back. Mastering your body’s movement not only looks impressive but it aso gives you the freedom to work out any and everywhere you want.

The Gym Is Not All That Matters

Abs are made in the kitchen and a Kinobody workout can only get you so far.

All of Greg’s programs feature a detailed diet plan. Athleticism and strength come when you fuel your body right.

One reason I am a fan of the Kinobody approach is it is truly holistic, as in it looks at your system as a whole. Depending on the program you are following the nutrition can be focused at leaning you down, building muscle mass, or helping to better endurance.

Relative Strength Rules 

Here is the example Greg gives on his website:

Let’s say I build you up to 100 lbs weighted chin ups for 5 reps at a lean bodyweight of around 180 lbs.

That’s a very high level of relative strength. How easy do you think bodyweight chin ups are going to be now? 20 reps will turn into a walk in the park.

At the core of every Kinobody workout is the goal of challenging yourself.

It isn’t news that you can’t build your dream body without a bit of discomfort and quite a bit of sweat. What is, though, is that you can focus on strength alone and improve endurance in the process. We call it relative strength because it really is the amount of weight you can lift compared to your own bodyweight.

A skinny guy of 150 lbs lifting 100 lbs is better than a tall, buff 220 lbs dude building his strength to the same weight.

Notice How We Are Not Mentioning Volume?

I know you want an elite body as much as the next guy, but a Kinobody workout is not focused on aesthetics.

The priorities go strength, endurance, looks. By building strength you build endurance. The looks will come from your clean diet and the improved functionality.

Your body adapts to the increased work load my building muscle. No additional emphasis on aesthetics is needed if you are upping the weight you lift and getting stronger every day.

Cardio To Slim Down (But Not What You Expect)

Kinobody workout

When you look at Kinobody transformations, a lot of these guys were far from fit in the before pictures. Your newly built muscles can’t be seen if they are covered in grease. There are two powerful strategies Greg gives you to help lean down. None are to starve yourself, cut carbs, and mess up your testosterone levels (to the point where you have zero sex drive… or motivation in general).

The first of these is intermittent fasting.

You fast for 16 hours and only eat in the 8 hour time frame in between. Regardless of the lies that the diet industry feeds you, this actually improves the rate at which you burn fat. It’s not limiting, either. During the 8 ‘eating’ hours you are welcome to feast on your favorite foods. Yes, even hamburgers (although the bun is not recommended).

The Kinobody workout features mostly strength exercises.

Lifting is great and it boosts your metabolism like no other exercises. Well, except one sort of exercise. High-intensity interval training is a fancy name for what is basically working in short bursts of energy. By switching your conventional steady state cardio to HIIT, a Kinobody workout gives you a longer post-exercises metabolism increase. In other words, you will be burning fat even after you are done with the day’s sweat session.

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HIIT Saves Time (And Your Muscles)

There is a paradox all new muscle aficionados come across. When you cut calories and increase cardio, you lose fat. But, sadly, you also lose energy and you suffer worse cravings. Exhausting cardio sessions are the single thing that always makes me hungry, zero exceptions. That is why a lot of guys never even see change. They work their butts off but then also eat much more than they should.

To make matters even worse, cardiovascular exercise might not be that good for your heart after all. Doing to much cardio can cause a lot of oxidative stress. This is only a recently discovered issue but a serious one nonetheless. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation lie at the heart of all chronic diseases, cardiovascular problems included.

HIIT comes to the rescue because it does not have any of these problems. It takes less time, it maximizes your effort, boosts metabolism, protects your body, and it doesn’t keep you constantly hungry, either.

The Kinobody Workout Experience

So here’s my favorite thing about the Kinobody workout. You don’t have to do it every day. In fact, Greg is a firm believer in the minimalist approach to health and fitness. Gym sessions only happen three times a week.


Well, for one, this way there is time left to live your life. Even more importantly, less is more because it gives you enough time to recover.

Here’s something that’s not intuitively true: you actually build muscle while you’re resting. If you overwork yourself, there isn’t time for your system to process the stress and for muscles to grow. So not only is the Kinobody workout experience fun and even a bit lazy, it is efficient, too.

As a whole, Greg’s programs are well-rounded and created with a lot of attention to detail. Diet and workout plan work together to help you see impressive and lasting change. Check out our reviews on his different programs to find which one is best for you.

Any thoughts or experiences with the Kinobody workout? Share them in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer!

P.S.: Kinobody offers a free survey on their website to help you get started with your fitness goals. Click here to take it (for free).