Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program Review

The Kinobody Superhero program promises incredible results with incredibly decent amount of work required. It is not a crazy diet plus a live-in-the-gym sort of thing. Rather, Greg gives you a plan to bulk up and gain that ripped, strong body superheroes like Chris Hemsworth (Thor) have. We are looking at the program in depth to see if it can deliver.

The Three Male Body Types

Endomorph, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph? Nope, that is for everybody. According to Greg O’Gallagher, there are three types of male bodies. He kind of refers to the aesthetic of that body, rather than some actual physiological differences. The difference is the level of muscle development.

Level 1 is Warrior. Then you have Greek God, and finally…Superhero.

There is a reason those body types all have badass names. The Warrior has a toned, lean, muscular body. He is not buff, just very toned and you can see an awesome definition with or without a shirt on. The example Greg gives is Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

  • The Warrior has a toned, lean, muscular body. He is not buff, just very toned and you can see an awesome definition with or without a shirt on. The example Greg gives is Brad Pitt in Fight Club. This is where a beginner’s journey should start – a program with a Warrior body in mind.
  • The Greek God is strong and muscular with more volume to his muscles. He is stronger so he has an improved functionality. His muscles can still get bigger, though. Think Brad Pitt as Achilles (I am giving a whole lot of examples with Brad Pitt in this article).
  • The Superhero is the ultimate male physique. When you look at actors like Chirs Evans or Chris Hemsworth, they pretty much have the conventionally perfect body. They have some extra muscle mass that is basically just there for aesthetics, and they have to work constantly if they want to maintain it.

The progression between the three is definitely a step-by-step process. You can’t jump to Superhero immediately, rather you will progress through them.

The Kinobody Superhero program takes you to pretty damn good to da-da-damn awesome. It is certainly not for beginners as it requires some baseline of endurance. The people on the transformation photos start with an already very toned and lean body. The program takes them to the ultimate level.

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The Benefits Of A Superhero Body

It is not easy to develop and maintain a body worthy of a superhero but it has its perks.

First off, attention. Girls like ripped guys and guys respect ripped dudes.

That being said, the social aspect is a little stupid as a means of motivation. If you are constantly focused on how you are not confident and desirable enough as you are, you will quickly grow to exercise against your body, not for your body. This slows down results and makes you miserable.

Secondly, the look is great. You have the ultimate muscle definition, your face gets chiseled, basically, anything you wear looks good on you.

The coolest part, though, is your body now works better on the inside. Building and maintaining those muscles will require some carbing up. This not only feels amazing but it can balance hormones, improve moods, and increase sex drive. Now that is what I call motivation.

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So How Does Kinobody Superhero Get You There?

The exercises are all about building strength. Surprised? You should not be. When you work for better strength in the 4-8 rep range you get optimal muscle fibre engagement. Your entire muscle and all of the cells that compose it are at work. This allows for the best overall muscle growth.

The technique for building strength in the 4-8 rep range is Reverse Pyramid Training. Basically, you do the heaviest weight first. Then you decrease the weight but increase the reps. You put a lot of pressure on your muscles and fairly constant pressure, too. When you hit your muscles that deep, they develop faster and more efficiently than ever.

On top of that, Greg has included pump training. You will be doing some high volume pump training (Standard Pyramid) for volume along with the Reverse Pyramid for strength. The emphasis is still on building and maintaining strength. The extra technique allows for some ‘pretty muscle’ as Greg likes to call it. This is not actually more muscle, but rather more glycogen stored in the muscle.

As the name suggests, glycogen is related to glucose. You will need some more carbs on the Superhero Bulking Program.

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The Nutrition Program

I have to say I am impressed.

When you are working out so hard, you have to fuel your body. Consuming fewer calories can switch your metabolism to self-cannibalism mode. Maybe that is a bit dramatic but you get the point. Muscle development can’t happen without enough energy and protein.

At the same time, you want to track your macros and you want to balance them correctly. This way you can have muscle gains and maintain a low body fat percentage. With little body fat on you, your muscles look infinitely better and more defined.

Nutrition tends to get overlooked when you get to a stage where you are not losing weight. The diet for fat loss is simple enough – eat fewer calories than you use. With bulking it is about finding the correct ratio between different macros. Greg gives some great tips, his advice is very actionable, and he makes an effort to educate you.

I find this so refreshing.

The information is very well organised, too. You come out of it all feeling like you learnt something and it also motivates you to make positive changes.

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Testosterone And Why It Matters

The nutrition plan focuses a lot on hormones, vitamins, minerals and how they relate to proper recovery. Muscles grow during the recovery phase, so it is essential to optimize it. A lot of the information has to do with testosterone.

Greg teaches you about testosterone’s role in your body and how to naturally increase the levels of this hormone. I find this particularly cool, as not a lot of people bother to research it. Testosterone is key in muscle growth. Even that would be enough to make it relevant to this program. But testosterone is also very important for your sex drive, your immune system, and your overall health and well-being.

It is certainly worth it to take the time to understand this hormone.

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One Funny Aspect I Had To Talk About

All is good when Greg focuses on training and nutrition. He is also a bit of a lifestyle guru, though. Just look at his promotional videos. Long-legged ladies, fast cars, amazing houses. He is not just selling a fitness program he is selling the  lifestyle (that some extra muscle will magically give you?).

So here come the bonuses. They have cool names like ‘The Superhero Guide to Dating’.

I like to think Thor or Captain America had more important things to do than date around. And they (well, not Cap really, but still) still got a hot girl (because they always get a hot girl in those movies). Greg even recommends outfits to highlight your new Hollywood body…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the program is cool and the nutrition plan is refreshingly simple and effective. The Kinobody Superhero look is amazing. What is not so amazing is the slight ego vibes Greg gives off. Like ‘Look at me, I’ve got it all figured out’. It is just a whole lot of showing off. This sort of egocentric approach that he has never bothered me in his other programs.

In the Kinobody Superhero Bulking, it provoked a few cringe-worthy laughs.

Apparently, I am not the only one. The first thing that comes up when you google Greg O’Gallagher is a Vice article called ‘I Spent a Month Getting in Shape with YouTube’s Douchiest Fitness Celebrity‘.

Anyway, my point with all of this is that the Kinobody Superhero Bulking program is fantastic.

It is balanced, well thought-out, you can tell that Greg has a lot of experience but everything is science-backed, too. I would say get the program—but please don’t think everything that comes out of Greg’s mouth is gold. You don’t have to let your ego get out of control to get a bit more confident.

I know this is free granny-style advice but I am convinced that true confidence (and success with women) comes with doing your thing and being nice to people—but in a strong, confident, manner. Not just women you are interested in, but people.

And now that I have had my little life advice rant, let me just say that the program in itself is really cool. And also, if Greg O’Gallagher  happens to help you with his tips for life as a cool ripped dude, then great. Never mind any of my opinions. You do you.

Good luck,


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