Kinobody Style Guide Review: The Hollywood Look Debunked

For most guys personal style is confusing, to say the least. Unlike girls, they don’t follow a bunch of male fashion influencers on social media — mostly because there not as many of them, plus it’s much nicer to see model photos and GoPro videos of cool adventures. Still, there will be few to deny the power of dressing well. In this Kinobody Style Guide review, we will try to see whether Kinobody can teach you how to channel your inner style icon. How much can a course do to turn you from an average T-shirt and jeans guy to a Hollywood A-lister level of style man?

Who Will Be Teaching You?

As their name suggests, Kinobody is a company… Well, about your body.

You might have heard of or even used some of their workout plans. Maybe you have also seen the Kinobody videos on YouTube or regularly read their blog (super inspirational transformations on there).

Anyhow, Greg does not seem like the kind of guy that is knowledgeable about fashion. And although he does manage to look pretty damn good, for this one Kinobody collaborates with Tanner Guzy.

If you are not familiar with him, he is the guy behind Masculine Style.

His philosophy is that style is simply a means of maximizing the impact you make in every relationship in your life. It is not about choosing the correct color shirt or about not using a clip-on bowtie. It is about making you feel and look as confident, powerful, and successful as you deserve to look.

Why Should Clothes Even Matter?

Here is a secret that girls have known all along. You act and feel the way you look. It might seem hard to believe at first but ask yourself — why would a girl spend hours on hair and makeup, why would she wear uncomfortable heels, spend a lot of money on grooming, clothes, and gym memberships? Most of them don’t do it for the attention (albeit some do).

It is about looking like the best her possible and that in turn transforming her attitude.

Most guys only take that last part of the equation. They work out. They go to the gym, they get a Kinobody program, they eat a certain diet to help build muscle. The trouble with those ‘gym guys’ is they rely solely on their physique. They have worked hard to get ripped, and missing out on an opportunity to show off their muscles seems like an absurd idea.

But let’s get back to the analogy with girls.

Most men would agree that for a fit girl yoga pants are one of the sexiest things she could wear. Similarly, most women really like seeing guys with great bodies (hence the success of the Magic Mike series).

But would you take a girl in yoga pants to dinner at a fancy restaurant? Would you bring her to a cocktail party?

Hell, if you were at a café waiting for your date and a very smart and elegantly dressed girl comes in, wouldn’t you rather see that? Well, it is the same thing for guys. If you rely on your amazing looking body alone, you would not be tapping into the potential that dressing well and looking good at any occasion gives you for self-growth.

Now let’s look at the guys in media that are considered to be sex symbols.

The ones that seem to exude that inner confidence and a strong sense of masculinity that commands attention and respect. They all have an effortless sense of style, that only subtly shows off their great physique. Whether you look at David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Adam Levine (three guys that have drastically different styles but that always make it onto the ‘Hollywood’s Hottest’ lists), they all have the high-impact style down to a fine art.

Tanner and Greg call this the ‘Hollywood Effect’ and their goal is to make it simple and accessible for everyday guys.

How Will They Teach You In the Kinobody Style Guide Course?

Kinobody Style Guide review

This is a Kinobody Style Guide review, but nowhere have we even mentioned what is included in the program.

Here is the full structure of the guide:

  • Section 1 is on the importance of dressing well as well as the keys to a powerful masculine style.
  • Section 2 gives you actionable tips and strategies for dressing in different situations.
  • Section 3 is about essentials for different occasions.

There is also around 2 hours worth of instructional video modules that could practically be a separate course in themselves. They go in further depth on different aspects of style and how finding your own will translate in terms of personal growth and impact on relationships.

There are also a bunch of bonus materials, such as a 40-minute video, some pretty cool outfit ideas, and a Private VIP Facebook Group.

You get access to a great community of like-minded driven, confident, and successful men. The fact that it is closed and well-moderated makes for productive discussion and overall you can find some great tips and ideas over there.

So bottom line, the community is cool.

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Kinobody Style Guide PDF Review: The Content

Kinobody Style Guide PDF

One of the Kinobody Style Guide principles I loved the most is that you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million dollars.

As a matter of fact, their style suggestions will most likely end up saving you money. There are so many guys that spend a lot on fad fashion items (i.e. ridiculously expensive sneakers) but still end up looking average at most. The great thing about the Kinobody Style Guide is that it gives you real examples of clothing you can purchase and links to the stores where you can get it.

Doesn’t that seem a bit fishy and affiliate market-y?

It does, but it also saves a lot of fuss, time, and money. I am not saying to go out and buy all of the products Tanner suggests, but rather that I could not have found better offers myself. I’m even rather irritated that I wasted the time to look for them when there is an easier option available. If you see a great deal on a similar item of clothing, then by all means, get it where you can find it cheaper.

In terms of simplicity of the presentation, I believe the guide is amazingly written.

Most guys are not familiar with the ‘language of fashion’ and even simple fashion-ese like ‘statement accessories’ can get too much for them. Tanner speaks in plain words and gets his message across very efficiently.

Unlike most men’s style blogs that give you snippets and ideas and suggestions, he gives you a plan and easy strategies to implement it. At the same time, I did not notice any possible cookie cutter effect.

He emphasizes a lot on finding your own unique and powerful look.

After all, the goal is not to simply look aesthetically pleasing, but rather to tap into the power of having a great personal style. That power might be improved self-esteem, better confidence, exuding more masculinity, commanding more respect in people you work with, attracting girls etc. It will usually be all of the above.

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But Is It Worth Spending $50 On Style Tips?

Kinobody Style Guide

One thing that I realized while reviewing the Kinobody Style Guide is how underrated personal style is, especially for guys.

As I already mentioned above, having a great body is only one aspect of the confidence equation. I honestly can’t believe I had not realized this earlier. True, great style does not have the same mental and health benefits as exercise, but it sure as heck has some unexpected benefits of it’s own.

Because most dudes out there have very little if any knowledge of personal style, I find it a worthwhile investment to get a specialist to teach you.

Just like with any other skill, you can teach it to yourself or you could take advantage of the expertise of others that have spent years perfecting it. This way you are actually downloading years of knowledge and experience and you are basically getting a shortcut to that skill. So here is my challenge to you: try it out for a month. Personally, I love 30-day challenges and I have found them to be a great way of testing out personal development ideas.

Since the Kinobody Style Guide has a 1-month money-back guarantee, there is nothing stopping you from trying it out. After all, there is only so much reading Kinobody Style Guide Review articles can do for you.

Go see for yourself!

If you hate it, oh well, money back. But if you don’t, and I highly doubt that you will, you get to tap into the kind of power that only seemed available to fancy Hollywood A-listers.


PS: You can get instant access to the Kinobody Style Guide, just click here.

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