Kinobody PDF Review – What’s The Best Program For YOU?

If you have been around in the online fitness community, you have probably heard of the Kinobody PDF programs. Greg O’Gallagher’s plans are designed to give you a Greek God body without much fuss or long hours in the gym. They are great for beginners and advanced fitness junkies alike and judging by all of the amazing transformations, they are super effective, too.

Some people are a bit put off by Greg’s supposed-slight douchiness. Whether or not you like the lifestyle that he sells, there is no doubt, the Kinobody PDF programs can take you to the next fitness level. The question remains, though, which one is best for you?

In this Kinobody PDF programs review, we will look at the most popular programs that Greg has created and try to give you a recommendation on where to spend your 50 bucks.

The great thing about Kinobody is that you get a 30-day hassle free money back. The programs are pretty versatile, too. Still, if you decide that a certain Kinobody PDF regimen is not right for you, you can get your money back and try with another one.

The Kinobody PDF Warrior Shredding Program

The Warrior Shredding Program is one of the Kinobody bestsellers. It focuses on muscle growth as much as it does on losing fat. It is very effective because it combines lifting with proper cardio. Too often when you are focused on getting more muscular you don’t see results in terms of how your body looks. Your newly developed muscles are ‘hiding’ underneath a layer of fat.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could be skinny fat or get skinny fat if you don’t have the correct approach to fat loss.

Cardio, when it is not incorporated into your regimen correctly, can raise cortisol levels so much that it actually hinders muscle development, raises hunger, and makes you feel tired and cranky.

Finally, the calorie deficit that is necessary for fat loss can imply a diet where you are not getting enough protein. Since protein is what muscles (and your entire body) are made out of, not enough protein means tiredness and zero muscle gain no matter how hard you push yourself.

The main advantage of the Warrior Shredding program is how balanced it is. Let’s look at the elements of building the signature Hollywood physique:

  • Muscle growth — Chris Hemsworth will not be Chris Hemsworth without those toned abs and pecs.
  • Fat loss — You have got to lose some of the fat to appear lean.
  • Building strength — because you don’t want these muscles just for show

On the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program, you work out three times a week doing 2-3 sets of 3-4 exercises at each workout. It seems like this is too little but actually, it is the optimal amount of training that will leave enough rest time for your muscles to grow. The repetitions are not too high, either.

The issue with too many repetitions is that they don’t give you an increase in muscle volume.

Think ballerina vs. weight lifter.

Ballerinas do many reps of what are basically bodyweight exercises and their muscles are elongated and not too prominent. It makes sense—because the body is not trying to add more weight on.

With weight lifters, they are usually ripped. They do very few reps with very heavy weights. If you want the body of a powerlifter or a bodybuilder you can’t train like a ballerina.

Check Out The Warrior Shredding Program

Where Is The Cardio in the Kinobody PDF Programs?

There is no cardio per se in the Warrior Shredding Program.

Rather, Greg tells you to do low impact cardio activities on your rest days. This could be walking, light jogging or anything like that. This is not too hard to fit into your schedule. No, scratch that.

This is extremely easy to fit into your schedule. And you will love it.

You don’t have to spend long hours at the gym or try to squish a few minutes of cardio in the evening when all you want is to go to bed. This way, you are less likely to give up on the plan.

Besides, excessive cardio has been associated with higher oxidative stress on your body. This sucks in the long run and it also hinders your muscle gains.

Some More Cool Things

The best of all is that it requires very little equipment. You do need a pull-up bar, a bench press, and a set of dumbells, but not much more. You could easily get these things, and workout at home. This is will save you a ton of money in gym membership as well as plenty of time.

The Kinobody Warrior Program is great for beginners because it’s practically foolproof. It prevents overtraining, it teaches you all of the basics of correct weight lifting, and it features the perfect formula for muscle gains, building strength, and losing fat:

Low Repetitions + Heavy Weights + Ample Rest Time + Light Cardio

That being said, you do need some sort of baseline fitness level to successfully complete the exercises.

If you are completely out of shape it would probably take you a good 2-3 weeks to get the hang of it. Don’t push yourself too hard at this and focus on proper form, or else you risk injuries.

Check Out The Warrior Shredding Program

Kinobody PDF Greek God Program

This program is focused mostly on muscle growth. Unlike the Warrior Shredding, the Greek God Program is better for when you are at least somewhat experienced in this entire exercising thing. It is amazing for when you have hit a muscle building plateau but you are happy with your fat percentage.

The strength building is super efficient because it employs the pyramid training concept.

Basically, you do your first set with the heaviest weight that you can handle.

Then for the next sets, you increase the repetitions but you decrease the weight. This means that the first set is you maximum effort set. Since you have the largest amount of energy during the first set it makes sense to push yourself the most.

It has been proven that by doing strength training in this way you ensure maximum muscle gain with minimal risk of injury or over-training.

Take a Look at the Greek God Program

Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

Fat loss is not completely out of the picture either.

As with his other programs, Greg recommends Intermittent Fasting as the diet pattern to follow.

You don’t have to strictly restrict your calories but rather restrict the window of time in which you consume them. This way you limit your calorie intake effortlessly without sacrificing protein intake that is super necessary for muscle growth.

Besides, Intermittent Fasting has a ton of other benefits such as improving performance, reducing inflammation, balancing out hormones, preventing disease, and much more. Read up on it and you will love it!

No Leg Day?!

One thing you have to know about the Kinobody PDF Greek God program though is that it does not feature a whole lot of leg exercises.

You might have heard of the saying ‘Never skip leg day.’…but Greg does not seem to take it to heart too much.

So feel free to add in some squats and deadlifts, or be prepared to only see major results in your upper body.

The Ultimate Challenge: Kinobody Superhero Physique

This one is definitely not for newbies.

Greg himself says that the Superhero Bulking Program is the ultimate challenge, the last step to perfecting that Hollywood powerful and muscular look. He noticed that as you get stronger it gets exponentially more difficult to add more muscle.

Beginners see results quite quickly because they go from little to no exercise to a proper workout routine and amazing nutrition. For the guys that have already been training for years, there is no drastic change to be made. What they need is a program that will take them from great to perfect and beyond and understandably that is more difficult to achieve.

The solution Greg gives is to break down training on different phases, focusing on one muscle group at a time. This works because it allows you to truly give your 100% to achieving the ultimate muscle development in those groups. The program is divided into four phases with the last one being focused on overall body appearance and the rest — on upper body.

Once again, you don’t have a lot of leg exercises and neither do you get a separate phase for legs. Greg says that the goal is to keep the legs powerful yet not too bulky so you can look as good in a suit as you do in underwear. The leg exercises are scattered out in all of the phases.

That is really great for maintenance but once again, if you are trying to build a bit more leg, add in some more squats, and definitely some deadlifts.

Become a Superhero!

Other Kinobody PDF Programs

While the Warrior Shredding, Greek God, and Superhero programs are the most popular, other Kinobody programs deserve some attention as well.

For instance, if you are looking for faster results you might want to add in the Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

Good luck, if you have any questions—leave them in the comments below!


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