Kinobody Greek God Program Review

The Kinobody Greek God Program promises to give you all the results you never quite got from other workouts. Greg O’Gallagher claims it will give you amazing muscle gains, make you leaner, and completely transform your body.

The catch is, he does not say that it will happen just in time for summer. With peak beach season fast approaching, interest in programs like this has spiked. Girls and guys alike want to look their best in a swimsuit (or without). I am sorry to burst your bubble but the Kinobody Greek God Program is not a quick fix. In fact, I daresay quick fixes simply don’t exist. Feel free not to believe me.

My point is, though, if you came to this Kinobody Greek God Program review hoping to discover an overnight six-pack and killer pecs program—look elsewhere.

You are willing to accept that it will take a little time to see results? Great! Let’s dive right into the review.

Kinobody Greek God Program

The Kinobody Greek God Program Workout

The game plan goes as follows:

  • Strength & Density Split
  • Specialization Routines
  • Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration (MEGA) Workouts

If you are wondering, no, MEGA is not an actual thing. At least not for now. It was Greg that came up with the term (you have to admit it sounds cool). In his description of the plan, he says MEGA workouts will give you near-superhero body. Think Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

While there is nothing wrong in looking toward Chris Hemsworth or Greg O’Gallagher even for some fitness inspiration, I had to ask myself what exactly is a MEGA workout. Turns out, it was not that easy to find more information about it before buying the course. A bit of online digging later, here is some actual information on the Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration principle.

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MEGA – What, How, Why?

As you can probably tell, MEGA is designed to reduce the effort needed and to maximise the gains. The story behind it goes as follows. Greg started out as a personal trainer. He noticed that more time in the gym did not necessarily improve the results his clients would get. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Overtraining, says Greg, is extremely counterproductive to muscle gain. There is a simple biological reason for that. The results you get, do not come from the workout. They come when you are at rest.

Think about it this way:

Your body is the perfect energy-preserving system. It functions with the lowest amount of energy it can. This was an evolutionary advantage for our ancestors and we have all sorts of clever systems that ensure we make the most of the energy we consume. We use the bare minimum and store the rest.

If your body does just fine with how it is, it will not change. Muscles consume energy even when they are not at use. There is no reason, biologically speaking, to build muscle if you are not going to need it.

How does this affect your journey towards a ripped and lean body? Well, if you do not challenge yourself, you can’t prompt your body to change.

Kinobody Greek God Program fibers

Exercise As A Stressor

Any workout you do puts a controlled amount of stress on your muscles. You want to keep increasing the challenge or else your body will adjust and once it does – you hit a plateau. When you stress your muscles just enough, you are essentially damaging them ever so slightly. When they recover, they are stronger.

If you don’t leave enough time for rest, however, you will be constantly stressing out your body.

Not only will you see no change but you can also cause (or increase) chronic inflammation. This is when your immune system stays semi-activated for a long period of time. Your own tissues begin to suffer. You enter a vicious cycle of damage and repair known as chronic inflammation.

We now know that all major diseases of our time are somehow related to inflammation. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, even cancer.

If you want to avoid inflammation and increase muscle gains—stop overtraining! 

MEGA training allows you to gain a significant amount of muscle without putting your health at risk. You will only lift on three non-consecutive days. This is great news for people who don’t want to spend every waking hour at the gym. It is also much more effective. Apart from avoiding overtraining, you can find one very simple and intuitive concept at the heart of these workouts.

Reverse Pyramid Training

Reverse pyramid training is the best lifting protocol that you have never heard of. You do the heaviest weights first. That is right, no ‘working towards it’, no starting with lower reps or lower weight. During your first set, you want to be working at maximum effort. This ensures you hit your muscles as deep as possible. You can only achieve that before fatigue sets in.

One of the silliest workout plans is to do cardio first and then some weights. After the cardio, you will already be in a state of fatigue. You will not perform as well and you will not challenge your muscles as much. What happens when you are not challenging your body enough? You see no progress. 

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Kinobody Greek God Program

Kinobody Greek God Program: The Nutrition

One of the biggest mistakes (and the easiest to make) in sports nutrition is simply eating too much. It is a difficult balance to strike. You want to give your body enough fuel to build muscle. If you restrict your calories too much, you will end up cannibalizing your own muscle. On the other hand, people tend to have the exact opposite problem.

Exercise makes you hungry, I know. It can feel like the prospect of that pizza/taco/greasy Chinese food is the only thing that can get you through the workout. It is no rocket science that if you eat too much, you end up storing the extra energy in fat. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having a bit of fat, it will cover your muscles.

This is especially true for abs. Men tend to store fat around the belly and waist. This is the last place you lose fat from and the first place new fat goes to. Even if your abdominal muscles are thrice as thick as Chris Hemsworth’s you will not see them if you have a high body fat percentage.

To make things worse, the fat stored around your waist is the most harmful to you. Having a pound of fatty tissue there puts you on a higher risk for heart problems and cancer than having that same amount of fat anywhere else on your body.

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The Simple Truth Is Abs Only Come With Clean Eating

Ideally, you should have around 8-9% of body fat on you. This allows for a healthy hormone production (going bellow can make you deficient in testosterone and you can imagine the sort of effects that will cause) and abs. And pecs. And shoulders. It is the perfect percentage for being healthy and looking damn hot.

The Kinobody Greek God Program teaches you to achieve that by feeding your muscles and starving the fat. Greg will teach you how to balance your macros and how to figure out your ideal calorie intake. What I particularly loved about hos approach to nutrition, is that the emphasis is not on the calories. We are long past the time where “Calories are calories” was everyone’s motto and diet sodas were seen almost as a healthy option.

When and where calories come is much more important than the number itself. In fact, news flash, a calorie is a very relative way to measure energy. Joules are a little better but even then they do not give you enough information. The Kinobody Greek God Program does an amazing job at educating you about healthy eating for natural muscle gain.

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Intermittent Fasting

Kinobody Greek God Program

It will probably come as no surprise that Greg has incorporated intermittent fasting in this program. It is the eating pattern that he swears by. The cool thing about intermittent fasting is it is not a diet. It’s merely a pattern – you only consume food in an 8-hour window. The 16 hours left are mostly spent sleeping (you need plenty of sleep to grow muscle) or working out in a fasted state.

The downside here is not everybody can structure their day around intermittent fasting. If you enjoy having breakfast with your partner – well, you can’t do that. If you want to grab a coffee with a friend, it better be black. Not to mention, black coffee on an empty stomach… Still not a fan of it (I might have mentioned that in a previous review).

For the most part, though, Intermittent fasting is easier, healthier, and more convenient than ‘normal’ diets. You can still go out and enjoy yourself. There are no restrictions on the exact number of calories consumed. Alcohol is not encouraged but it isn’t forbidden either. Personally, I would prefer that over yogurt and berries for breakfast every single day.

The Results

Greg himself proves that the Kinobody approach gives you great results. The important thing here is that those are lasting results. They will take some time (typically a month before any impressive change) but they will be here to stay.

In my opinion, the Kinobody Greek God Program is one of the best, most educational, actionable, and effective fitness programs out there. Plus, they also have a free trial so you don’t have to take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself!

Any questions? Leave them below.


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