Kinobody Goddess Review: How to Look Great (For Girls!)

In this Kinobody Goddess review, we will be looking at the only Kinobody program that was created especially for women. Since the female body has so many different needs and characteristics, it is obvious that a fitness program tailored to a woman’s needs is much needed.

At the same time, so many of the girl fitness gurus don’t take advantage of all the strategies (or even bio hacks, if you will) that exist for maximizing your results.

Whether you are a smart girl looking to get fit and healthy the easy way, or you are a guy that has already benefited from the Kinobody programs, here is the definite Kinobody Goddess review to decide if it is worth it at all.

The Basic Rules of The Game

Whether you are a guy or a girl, there is only one rule in weight loss and that is to achieve a calorie deficit. If you consume more calories than you burn, no amount of clever fitness tactics and dieting life hacks will give you the results you desire.

On top of that, if you don’t want to look skinny fat, you would also want to build muscle. When you have more muscle mass, you appear leaner, more toned, sexier.

There is a saying that goes ‘Skinny girls look great with their clothes on, fit girls look great even without them.’ This illustrates my point perfectly. You might not seem to have a lot of fat but if you lack muscle you will still appear flabby.

What Makes Kinobody Goddess Different

Girls have had amazing transformations on Kinobody programs that were originally created for men. This goes to prove the point above — the basic rules of the game remain the same.

However, the fitness programs geared towards men often fail to cater to female fitness goals. Of course, there are women that would like to focus on strength, there are also those who would enjoy buffing up. For the most part, though, girls want to be fitnot super muscular.

The trouble that a lot of women following programs created by men come across, is they do not see the change they want. If you are after that toned legs plus tight, bubble booty look, it can be discouraging to see that you are growing quads instead. The same goes for arms.

This is why the Kinobody Greek Goddess program focuses on toning and slimming, not on achieving maximum muscle volume. Of course, unless they take testosterone girls will never get as muscular as guys and they also have a higher natural body fat percentage.

Many programs would encourage them to bring their body fat percentage to lower than what is healthy. Kinobody takes those natural characteristics into account and does not ‘combat’ them.

As a matter of fact, it is the perfect solution if you want to be fit and curvy at the same time.

Kinobody Goddess Review: The Workout

Unlike other fitness programs geared toward women, the Kinobody Goddess program does not focus on cardio. Instead, you will be doing highly targeted strength exercises.

Most of them are modifications to provide toning without having you go up a size from all the newly gained muscle mass. What might seem counter-intuitive at first is actually the most logical thing to do.

Because muscles are never truly relaxed, they burn calories even when you are seemingly at rest. This is why you and a female bodybuilder at your same weight will have different base metabolic rates. A.k.a. she will be burning more calories just sitting around doing nothing than you will.

By building muscle, you are actually building the foundation for maintaining weight loss. The only sustainable way to lose fat is to also strengthen your muscles or else you will put the weight back on the minute you go off the calorie deficit diet.

That being said, there is some light cardio in the program, emphasis on light. Too many people (women especially) end up hating cardio because they associate it with long hours of drowning in your own sweat at the treadmill.

Aerobic exercise has amazing benefits for your heart and overall health.

It will also help with burning off fat.

The point here is to do it sparingly and not to base your entire workout routine on cardio. This allows you to create a lasting habit out of doing it. Besides, there has been some evidence that doing too much cardio can actually be detrimental to your health and fitness.

More and more doctors are recommending strength training as a safer, healthier focus in your fitness regimen.

 The Educational Potential

Kinobody Goddess

If you are anywhere as curious as I am, you will love this next feature of the Kinobody Goddess program. I personally detest it when I am told to mindlessly do something. With health and fitness especially, it is essential that you understand what you are doing, how you are supposed to do it, and most importantly why.

Every exercise in the Kinobody Goddess workout comes with a detailed explanation of proper form and of the muscles you are targeting.

What is more, Greg also includes a celebrity body that has that particular awesome feature that you are working on with the exercise. Having that example does wonders for your motivation.

Not to mention that visualizing your goal is also incredibly beneficial to your persistence. Jennifer Lopez’s booty was not built in a day!

Kinobody Goddess Review: The Diet

Girls are notorious for jumping from diet to diet, never quite getting the results they were looking for.

Diet plans can be a terrific way to lose some weight while still providing your body with the nutrients it needs. However, what most diets get wrong is they give you a very short-term fix. My theory is that this is why we get fad diets so often.

They do work, and they work well but only in the short term. Because the change can’t be sustained, there soon arises the need for a shiny new diet.

The difference here is that Greg focuses on teaching you how to make a sustainable difference. It is not a matter of having a blueprint because let’s be honest, no such thing truly exists. Instead, the Kinobody diet is actually a diet pattern. We have already talked about intermittent fasting here on the blog, but in case you missed it — intermittent fasting is the single most efficient change you can make in your diet. It boosts fat loss, resets your metabolism, reduces inflammation, prevents disease… And it is just about eating fewer meals.

It came as a shock to me at first, too.

Our diet culture has it hammered into our heads that we need to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Not only is that difficult if you are an actual person with a job and family but have you noticed how hungry and miserable it makes you feel? I have literally never met a person that says ‘I am on a diet’ with a happy face!

And you should be happy! Food should give you pleasure and make you feel satiated, it should fuel you, not take up all of your time while giving very little in terms of energy! And by doing intermittent fasting you do just that. You go back to eating how you have evolved to eat.

Of course, women are more sensitive to missing mealtime and so Greg has modified the traditional intermittent fasting model he recommends to his male clients. In this way, you can benefit from an intermittent fasting plan that is fine tuned to your needs not the needs of a big, super muscular guy that has a completely different hormonal makeup.

The Kinobody Goddess Mindset

If you want to look like a Greek goddess you have to think like one. Do you think Aphrodite ever looked at herself in the mirror and thought ‘Ugh, my thighs are so thick!’

I doubt it.

If anything, most of the classical representations of Aphrodite show her as voluptuous and unbothered rather than skinny and constantly anxious about her weight. She is the goddess of beauty after all!

While motivating yourself to achieve the best you can is crucial, hating on your body is definitely not the way to go.

The Kinobody Goddess program has perhaps the most elaborate and well thought-out motivational workbook of all Kinobody programs. Maybe guys are more stubborn or maybe they are more self-obsessed but there is a reason most eating disorder sufferers are women.

I can only applaud Greg for creating a program that promotes healthy body image. Improving because you love yourself enough to do it is so much better than radical change at the cost of your mental health!

Plus, in my humble opinion, the workbook and the program overall helps develop a sort of self-loving persistence that you can use even outside of your fitness journey!

PS: The verdict.

Definitely worth it. The Kinobody programs have always been a trustworthy resource and it is so cool that we now have one tailored to women!