Kinobody Elite Review – What Happened to This Program?

Greg O’Gallagher is all over social media. His projects are widely publicized and you can find tons of information, reviews, and opinions about all of his programs. Well, almost all of them. Some of his early fans might recall the Kinobody Elite plan. Right now it is all but erased from the face of the Internet. So in this Kinobody Elite review, we are looking at what happened to the program and why it got replaced with the current one.

In other words:

Why Did Greg Murder Kinobody Elite?

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If you go ahead and google ‘Kinobody Elite’ right now, there is hardly any mention of the program. The only thing that vaguely resembles information is a ‘review article’ from 2014 that does not even describe what it is reviewing. But Kinobody Elite was real once, in the early years of Greg’s fame (or even a bit before that). There are a few videos of him showing off the results. It seems like Kinobody Elite was the original Kinobody program.

So why did Greg murder it?

Unlike his current diet and workout plans, Kinobody Elite focused on very specific muscle groups in hopes of giving you targeted results. This is a strategy that Greg has since abandoned in favor of exercising to engage multiple muscles at once and maximizing gym time. Back in the Kinobody Elite days he was also not recommending Intermittent Fasting as much as he is now.

Since the 8-16 hour eating pattern now plays a huge part in the success of his customers it makes sense that he would get rid of any programs that do not feature it.

Let’s tackle exercise first:

Isolation Vs. Compound Exercises

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One common way of classifying exercise is by describing how many muscle groups get engaged. If you are only using one muscle group then it is an isolation exercise. If you are engaging multiple groups it is compound.

The distinction becomes a little blurry once you realise the term muscle group is not really medical. What muscles do is help your body move, right? You can only move at certain spots – the joints. So what muscles actually do is move your joints. One muscle can cause different, often even opposing movements at different joints. It could also just work at one joint or it could have a minor supporting role. The point is that to a certain extent all exercises are compound exercises.

For the sake of simplicity, bodybuilders typically divide muscles into 11 major groups. Those can be trained together fairly easy, although you can also separate the group where one muscle would work with another group to do a different exercise. The eleven muscle groups are:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Deltoids (a.k.a shoulder)
  • Pectorals – the chest
  • Upper Back – the trapezius muscle which actually covers half of your back
  • Middle Back – the latissimus dorsi that covers the other half and gives you that superhero back shape
  • Abdominals
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip adductors and abductors – they are on your inner and outer hip respectively.
  • Calves

One classic compound exercise is dips (both chest and triceps dips). Triceps dips for instance train primarily your triceps (surprise, surprise) but they also engage your pecs and your deltoids. Depending on form, they could even engage the upper back although you have to be careful with that – it comes with a higher risk of injury.

Isolation exercises include bicep curls and calve raises although you can argue that even those engage some secondary muscles.

Kinobody Elite Review: Why It Sucked

OK, so maybe it did not suck. The Kinobody Elite program was what Greg used originally and he had his impressive body back in the day, too. So Kinobody Elite couldn’t have been too bad. It was simply replaced with a superior program.

The thing was that the Elite program focused too much on isolation training. Although isolation was all the rage back in the early 00’s and 10’s it is not really the best way to go about training. Of course, you need some isolation exercise in your program. If you solely base it on isolation though, you end up wasting a lot of time.

A way around this would be to train all muscle group during the same session switching from one to another. This way you prevent fatigue and you don’t need long breaks in between sets. Kinobody Elite used that tactic but only to an extent. It was a much less through and strategic approach to bodybuilding where isolation was favoured and so results came slower.

What Is So Bad With Isolation Exercise?

Nothing, there is nothing wrong with moves that isolate. In fact, sooner or later you will need to incorporate them into your routine. But let’s look at the before pictures of Greg’s clients. None of them starts out exceptionally fit, at least not for the more popular programs. Most people go to Greg looking like your average Joe – no exercise habits, random and slightly unhealthy diet, a few pounds overweight.

They don’t need specific exercises that target their abs.

They need a program that would burn fat and build muscle as fast as possible.

Initially, you need a program based on compound exercise or else you will lose motivation long before you see any results. Think of those magnificent Greek God statues. They started out as a chunk of stone. The artist first needed to make the basic shape and then carve out the abs and the toned quads.

As you progress you often hit a plateau where you are increasing the weight you can lift but your body no longer changes. This is where isolation exercises come in.

The Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program (which we reviewed and loved) is much more about isolation than the Warrior Shredding plan. That is just natural – once you are at the weight and body fat percentage that looks good and feels even better you can work on the details.

Kinobody Now

kinobody elite

Greg has come a long way since his early days. No longer is he the guy who shows off muscle on YouTube with titles like “Amazing Muscle Flexing – Only 18 y/o” where people discuss whether or not he was on steroids (he could have been as he sure looks too bulky for an 18-year-old).

Kinobody has grown into a community where people come together to achieve the best results possible and Greg keeps working to improve it every day. That sounds a bit like an infomercial but I am honestly impressed with his constant strive to make things better for his clients.

There are three main programs on Kinobody right now plus a bunch of others for more specific goals. The three super popular Kinobody programs now are:

  • The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program which helps you kick start your fitness and health journey. It is a great place to start and it gives you some serious ass kicking (plus a killer body in the end). Even if you are not interested in bodybuilding and achieving a very muscular body this plan can help you build lasting healthy habits and a body to be proud of.
  • The Kinobody Greek Program that takes your hot warrior physique to the next level. This one is perfect if you already have some pretty good baseline level and you want to really up your game.
  • The Kinobody Superhero Bulking Program which is definitely not for the newbies. Talk about some hardcore training! Not only do you end up with Marvel-worthy body but you get to break any stubborn plateau you might be on.

These should be enough to keep you occupied for a long, long time (and you get lifetime access, too).

Just in case you are looking to get results even faster (who isn’t), I recommend the Aggressive Fat Loss plan.

It can be used on it’s own or in combination with the other workouts and it really helps you bring that body fat percentage down. With a lower percentage comes the chiselled physique ladies fawn over (and guys envy).

Greg has also made a program especially for women. This is pretty awesome as the female body has a different hormonal and physiological makeup. What works for guys might not work as well for girls.

This is not to say that Greg’s other programs are exclusively for men. In fact, some of the most impressive before and after pictures I have seen on his site are of females. Still, it is pretty cool that Kinobody is expanding to meet the needs of different people with different goals.

Kinobody Elite Review: Gone For Good

Kinobody Elite is truly gone for good. Who knows, maybe in a few years the Warrior Shredding will also be replaced with a more effective program. The cool thing about Kinobody is they are constantly improving. Personally, I am very curious to see what Greg has in store for us in the future.

Which is your favorite Kinobody program? Why do you think Kinobody Elite is no longer available? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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