Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Review—Can You Get Shredded With No Weights?

Bodyweight training is one of the more “controversial” topics out there in the fitness world. Can you lose weight with bodyweight training? How about just fat? Putting on muscle? Well, Greg O’Gallagher set out to find all of this out when he created his Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery course. Let’s dive in and take a look with what he came up with.

First question might be—is bodyweight training for YOU?

There are quite a few circumstances where bodyweight training might just be the right program for you. Maybe cash is tight for the month. Maybe you’re on the road, and don’t even have a coffee maker, much less a bench press. Or maybe you’ve just got too many things going on—doing some push-ups or crunches at night seems far more likely to happen than spending an hour or more in the gym.

Here’s what I’ll say…

There Is NOTHING Like Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery

That’s because the majority of bodyweight programs tell you the same thing. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about with this. The programs all tell you to work up in quantity of exercises.

Basically, if you are able to do ten pushups to start, then the goal is to get to twenty. Then fifty. Then a hundred. Then…that’s it! You just do hundreds and hundreds more push-ups. And eventually, you’ll end up looking like a warrior!


That’s the thing about trying to get a good physique. You have to progress. People in the gym lift heavier weights as a way of challenging their body further. If you do the same thing over and over again, your body is not forced to adapt, adjust, and grow from it.

Which is why bodyweight programs, while they have good intentions, get it wrong. They are not training you how to truly overload progressively. You’re just improving your overall endurance. Just like a marathon runner starts with running his first mile. By the time he can run 26 miles, it doesn’t mean his legs are any bigger. It just means that his endurance is better. He can run longer.

It doesn’t really matter if you can do push-ups for five minutes straight if you don’t have the physique you want. People weight train to look good, not to be able to do exercises forever. Leave that for the endurance athletes (and even they don’t really need to train to the extent that they often do).

As Greg himself puts it:

To achieve this level of mastery, this Bodyweight Mastery, you have to have a physique that is downright incredible and aesthetic. Think about Olympic gymnasts. They have some of the most impressive physiques known to man. If you go to an intense gym, chances are, most gymnasts look better than 99% of the guys in there.

Let’s Talk About Bodyweight Training In General

While I personally think a gym is going to be necessary at some point to get an elite physique, there are tons of benefits to bodyweight training. Just a few are…

Applicable Training

Have you ever had to lift a really heavy table, bed, or couch while helping your a girlfriend or a buddy move?

Yeah, all the bicep curls in the world won’t help you when it comes time to pick up that 400-pound coffee table she decided was a bargain at the last IKEA sale. But, if you’ve practiced proper squatting and are flexible, you’d have a much easier time of that—and be far less likely to hurt yourself.


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized something—my body needs more time to heal from strenuous exercise. Where I used to be able to be recovered in a matter of hours, now I simply have more aches and pains everywhere.

Bodyweight training is an excellent way to take a short break from lifting heavy weights, doing compound lifts, and taking supplements. Giving your body just a few days or weeks to heal completely, while still being active, is an excellent way to make longer-term gains.

After all, exercise is addicting. Who wants to stop working out for a few weeks to heal? You’ll miss those feel-good chemicals. With Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery, Greg gives you a great alternative towards being a couch potato but still taking a break from lifting.

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Let’s face it—you don’t see many professional athletes with a bodybuilder build. The people with the best physiques always have incredible body strength, flexibility, and are lean. Swimmers, gymnasts, and few other disciplines come to mind.

Putting yourself through intensive bodyweight exercises has the potential to give you an incredible physique. It’s just a matter of following the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery course.

So…what’s inside it?

What’s Inside Bodyweight Mastery

Greg has done a masterful job organizing his content into a beautiful interface that is easy to navigate, execute, and ultimately—get you lean and mean with bodyweight exercises. The program starts off with some general tips, how-to’s, strategies, and more.

All of this is well organized so that you can build your plan of attack.


Have you ever done yoga online, and then gone to a class to realize you’re getting your ass kicked—as you were never doing the exercises the proper way all along? Well, that’s a common thing with bodyweight exercises, too. You need to know how to perform them accurately for the best effect.

Greg teaches you how to build up your strength slowly but surely, by putting the workouts into phases. Each phase has a similar plan, but the variations change.

Normal pull-ups become one-armed pull-ups.

Same thing with push-ups.

Dips and squats get harder, too.

The videos teach you a proper form to implement to get the best results that you’re capable of getting. They’ll also help you stay injury-free, and ready to attack the next workout.

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An Added Benefit of Bodyweight Mastery

If you’ve had extensive experience in the gym, you likely know how hungry you are when you are consistently training hard, with heavy weights. That’s the thing about bodyweight training—if you weigh less, they’re far easier.

There’s a reason you don’t see the fat bodybuilder doing pull-ups in the gym. He can’t.

In my opinion, you’ll have an easier time leaning down if you’re on a bodyweight training routine. Calories are simply not as needed. The hunger pangs are not as great. It’s easier to eat less carbs and focus on the lean foods you need to get that shredded look.

Common Questions

Here are just a few questions that I’ve seen around various forums, the Kinobody site, and more…

How long will it take to get shredded?

It depends. On a lot of factors.

Your diet. Your consistency. How experienced you are with manipulating your body. With that being said, the program is enjoyable and you will reach your goals if you keep at it.

Plus, it’s fun! Going from push-ups on the knees to with one arm is badass.

There is a diet plan included, as the screenshot above shows.

Sweet! What else is in Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery?
  • Six sections of the strategies, fundamentals, and more about bodyweight workouts.
  • 10 videos of Greg showing you proper form for all the exercises
  • Exclusive private members forum access
What’s Kinobody’s refund policy?

30 day money back guarantee, with no questions asked.

Get Instant Access to Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery

Final Thoughts on Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery

This is the best bodyweight training program on the market right now. It’s backed up by empirical evidence, as shown by Greg’s own physique and knowledge throughout the course. I’d highly recommend it to anyone, young or old, if they are looking to get relatively stronger.

You don’t want to be that fat guy in the gym who can’t do a pull-up, right?

Bodyweight Mastery will help you become a lean and mean machine—while helping supplement your normal weight lifting routine, or using it as a time off period to recover.

If you’ve got questions, or anything else to share—leave them in the comments below.


PS: Whether you want to get lean, recover, or just take a slight break from weights—Bodyweight Mastery is for you. Click here to learn more.

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