How to Get Kinobody Abs: The Ultimate Guide

The Kinobody abs are perhaps the first thing you notice about Greg O’Gallager. Maybe he does not have the most muscular legs, but his upper body is super lean and ripped. In fact, I would go as far as assume that most guy that start a Kinobody program come for the abs.

No shame in that, summer is coming and Kinobody abs will certainly look great on the beach. As well as virtually anywhere else. So let’s look at the best way to get that six (or eight) pack just in time for beach season.

The Science of a Six Pack

Your future abs involve developing and ‘flaunting’ your rectus abdominis muscle. This is a paired muscle of your abdominal wall. The ‘abs’ are actually muscle bellies separated by connective tissue. Although six is the most common, there are people who have eight or even ten packs due to very low body fat percentage as well as particularities in the structure of the muscle.

While Greg does not guarantee a ten pack, six pack abs are achievable for virtually any well-trained guy.

There are two elements to building Kinobody Abs. You have to develop your rectus abdominis. Then (or while you do that) you also have to lose some body fat. Men are very likely to store fat in their abdominal region. Hence, the beer belly as well as the reason why some guys never get a six pack.

Not only does your belly fat prevent you from seeing a six pack but it is also the most dangerous type of fat to have. Having a lot of abdominal fat is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, and much more (even cancer!). This is why aiming for a six pack can be an amazing way to prevent all of those diseases. And you thought it was only about impressing girls 😉

The typical rectus abdomins is around 10mm thick. The superficial fat is 20mm. If it was not like this, everyone would have defined abs. In athletes, however, the muscle can reach over 20mm in thickness. This is still not enough to be visible if you keep the 20mm fat layer. We would need to minimize that to get Kinobody abs.

This is the ‘flaunting’ part, if you will.

Kinobody Abs Diet

It is a popular saying in the fitness world that “You can’t out train a bad diet.” Six packs are mostly made in the kitchen (and not by doing crunches on the kitchen floor!). Your diet will largely determine whether you lose fat and build muscle.

Greg O’Gallager is a huge advocate for Intermittent Fasting and for doing cardio in a fasted state.

Unlike other fitness and nutrition programs, the Kinobody plans don’t actually include a set diet. You can eat whatever you want as long as you follow the Intermittent Fasting pattern.

What Intermittent Fasting basically is, for Greg, can be summarized in the following points:

Fasting for 14-18 hours

If you have glucose in your blood, your body has to secrete insulin which ‘opens the gates’ for cells to use the glucose. Even when most cells can’t take any more in, the insulin remains elevated because the fat cells are still taking in glucose.

When the insulin is elevated, you cannot use energy from fat for fuel. Besides, you also have some glycogen stores that have just been filled up to deplete before starting to burn off fat. This happens around the 20-minute mark for a moderate intensity workout. By doing your workouts fasted you can go directly into fat loss and thus maximize your workout time.

You fast for around 8 hours while you sleep and you extend that overnight fast through skipping breakfast. Typically, Kinobody program users do a 16 hour fast. Going above 18 hours would mean depleting your liver glycogen stores.

When that happens, your body is more likely to go into the catabolic state. During that catabolic state, you are essentially so starved that a small amount of your own proteins (a.k.a. your muscles) also begin to disintegrate.

This disrupts training and it also prevents you from getting all of those muscle gains if you do manage to get through a workout. Depending on your body type, fat percentage, sex, lifestyle, and plenty of other factors, you might want to go lower or higher than 16 hours. Either way, try to stay within the 14 to 18-hour margin.

Depending on your body type, fat percentage, sex, lifestyle, and plenty of other factors, you might want to go lower or higher than 16 hours. Either way, try to stay within the 14 to 18-hour margin.

Blunt appetite and boost fat loss with caffeine

Caffeine is powerful when ingested in the fasted state. Not only do you suppress your hunger (which makes fasting easier) but you also boost your metabolism, essentially burning off, even more, fat, increase your productivity and work in a highly focused, flow-like state (caffeine is a nootropic).

Unfortunately, energy drinks contain sweeteners that will mess up the entire fasting concept, so you can’t have those.

And don’t even think about diet coke. It has been linked to actually preventing people from losing fat as well as a plethora of health issues.

Have Large Protein Dense Meals

Kinobody abs burger

Greg advises you to eat your first meal 4-8 hours after waking up. Because you will be eating fewer meals, you will have to make them larger.

Macronutrients will also matter, especially protein intake. The proud owner of the original Kinobody Abs says he frequently orders a big burger with no bun and two patties. He tops that with bacon and cheese.

Definitely delicious, although maybe slow down on the trans fats there! Anyhow, what is important is that you consume plenty of protein to give your body some material for those muscle gains.

Kinobody Abs Workout

Although Greg does have a separate plan that focuses on burning fat and building your abs, virtually all Kinobody programs will give you a six pack.

The cardio portion is High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT has been shown to dramatically increase metabolism as well as the post-exercise burn. It is also the fastest, most efficient way to get your sweat on. You will not need more than 15-20 minutes!

Compare that to the long hours so many gym-goers spend on the running mill.

As a matter of fact, the efficiency and the consequential time-saving are some of the best features of all Kinobody programs. Unlike other similar products on the market, Greg’s plans will only have you working out 3 times a week.

On rest days you are encouraged to do some extra cardio if you want to maximize the fat loss (and get the Kinobody abs even quicker). The exercises he includes are so effective that you truly do not need more time at the gym. You do not run the risk of over-training and injuring yourself (these are not only bad for your health but they will also slow down your progress).

No Crunches (+ Spine Protection)

Best of all, the Kinobody abs workout sets don’t include the dreaded crunches. There are some very interesting (and admittedly a bit funky looking) moves instead and they work like wonder. I also love how Greg focuses a lot on spine health and proper form.

He does not include a lot of upper ab exercises as those tend to put the spine in a very bad position. He also encourages you to develop your lower back muscles as a means of protecting the spine and preventing lower back pain. Considering that spine problems and lower back pain are some of the most common health problems even people who workout experience, listen to Greg on this one.

Plus, nobody likes crunches 🙂

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions…


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