DuckDose Review—How Do They Stack Up to Other Modafinil Vendors?

The Modafinil market is ever so competitive. In this DuckDose review, we are looking at price, customer service, and overall experience to see how they compare to the other options!

DuckDose Review—Overview

Apart from their cool name and their quirky logo, Duckdose is pretty much your standard Modafinil vendor. They source the product from the two major Indian suppliers — Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharma.

They sell both Modafinil and Armodafinil (Modafinil’s more potent version that comes in tablets of 150mg). The drug is shipped to you directly from India. Virtually no information exists about the owners of DuckDose, which sound scary but is actually a usual practice in the Modafinil vendor world.

DuckDose has been gaining popularity over the last few months. So far, they have proved themselves to be a reliable and affordable source of Modafinil online.duckdose review

The Prices

DuckDose offers significant bulk discounts for both Modafinil and Armodafinil. Usually, these will be your largest source of savings. For instance, if you buy Modalert 200mg in a pack of 50 pills the price per pill is 1.6$. By ordering a larger batch you can cut that by almost 50%. Order 300 pills and you get them at 0.85$ per pill!

As usual, HAB’s Modvigil and Artvigil are even more affordable. DuckDose does not have a very big price difference between HAB and Sun Pharma’s products. The lowest Modvigil goes (before applying any other discounts) is 0.80$ per pill and Modalert gets to 0.85$. Compare that to Afinil Express that sells Modvigil for 0.8$ per pill and Modalert at 0.98$!

You can easily see that the lack of significant price difference between Sun and HAB Pharma is because DuckDose actually sells Modalert for cheaper. Although technically Sun Pharma and HAB produce the exact same substance in the exact same dose, people still have their preferences. If you are a die-hard Sun Pharma fan, this is one of the cheapest places to get their products!

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Discounts And Coupon Codes

I am yet to see a Modafinil vendor who offers actual coupons. What they do instead is they provide a discount for Bitcoin payments. We have a few articles here about why vendors do that and how to take advantage. Basically, a payment in Bitcoins is much safer, faster, and cheaper than a bank transfer. On top of that, Bitcoin rates are steadily going up which makes them a great currency to invest in.

As of the time I am writing this DuckDose review, they have 20% off of all orders paid by Bitcoin.

On the Payment page, they inform you that this is a limited time offer. I am fairly sure this is just a marketing stunt. After all, virtually every Modafinil vendor on the Internet has a discount for Bitcoin payments. If DuckDose were to discontinue it, they would put themselves at a disadvantage. Still, please double-check before ordering. There is the tiniest chance that the 20% off are truly temporary.

Returning Customer Discount

On top of the Bitcoin discount, you also get 15% off if you are a returning customer. This discount is stack-able—meaning that in the ideal case you are looking at -35% on your order paid in Bitcoins. They send you a coupon code for the 15% off in your confirmation email when you place an order.

The downside here is that the code is one use only. Other vendors would encourage you to share it with a friend. DuckDose will not. On the bright side, their discount for a returning customer is higher than the usual.

Website And Navigation

If you have used Modafinil Cat while it still existed, you will notice a striking resemblance. The design, the layout, even the logo look similar to how Modafinil Cat used to be. Either these are the same people who used to run Modafinil Cat, or at least some guys that remember it and know that their reliable service is what the people are still looking for. DuckDose taking inspiration from Modafinil Cat is an advantage in both cases.

Another thing I noticed about the website is they have articles from reputable media linked on their homepage. These days everyone is raving about Modafinil. I think it is really cool and convenient that they direct you to reliable resources on the matter. Check out their blog, too! The articles are very well-researched and a nice place to start if you want to learn more about Modafinil!

Order Protection

Modafinil is a controlled substance in the US and in most European countries. As such, there is always a small chance that customs seize your package. This will not have any legal consequences for you. In the US they will simply send you a letter asking for additional evidence that you need the medicine (i.e. a prescription). If you don’t present evidence, they destroy the product.

Fortunately, the reputable Modafinil vendors offer to reship or refund packages that were seized by customs. DuckDose even goes the extra mile of warning you that the Modafinil has been held. They shoot you an email as soon as they see it on the tracking system. This saves so much time!

As soon as customs seize your Modafinil you can be warned about this and decide whether you want it reshipped or refunded.

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Shipping Methods And Delivery Time

All DuckDose orders are shipped through EMS for free. Occasionally, they might use Standard instead of Express shipping but this hardly ever happens. In most cases, they use EMS with a signature delivery. This ensures that the package reaches the correct person safely. If you are only available to receive a package at certain hours of the day, it is a good idea to add them as a note in your order.

All orders ship out within 24 hours of placing them. That excludes Sundays and bank holidays, of course, but on normal business days it is usually even less than that. Once your package has been sent they give you a tracking number and an estimated delivery time. These are, as follows:

The United States and Australia (6-14 Days)
United Kingdom (3-7 Days)

There is no time estimate for European countries. Clients say it normally takes around a week, if not even less. Make sure you check their no-delivery list.

There are plenty of European countries on there. Of course, you can still use a service to forward your order. Bear in mind, that some of those services are now on the radar of customs and your package could be seized.

In this case, DuckDose does not offer a refund or resend. They are only responsible for getting the order to reach the forwarding company. If you are in a no-ship country you might have to look for an alternative source. Check our article on how to get a prescription if you think that could be an option!

Payment Options

Beside Bitcoins, you can also use all major credit cards to pay for your order.

However, this would mean to miss out on the discount. Besides, buying drugs online can set off some of the security protocols banks. Your payment might get blocked or significantly delayed. DuckDose has already had some problems with this.

They still offer the credit card option, though, but they do not encourage it as it is more likely to cause a problem. What is more, you will not be anonymous as the payment passes through the bank.

For all of those reasons, Bitcoin is the preferred payment option.

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Customer Service

You can contact DuckDose at They are very quick to respond, with less than 24 hours being the usual response time. Not only is this a great sign that they are a legitimate Modafinil vendor but it also gives you some extra peace of mind that should any issue come up, they will resolve it quickly.

DuckDose has a separate Reddit community. There is some useful information and reviews on there. Posting on it is also another way to contact Customer Service. Reddit is quite popular within the nootropic community and DuckDose fully realizes that.

They are very active on there.

DuckDose Review: The Verdict

Finding a Modafinil vendor is no longer just shopping around for the best price. Often when prices seem too good to be true, you are risking getting scammed. Reputable vendors like DuckDose do not rely on flash sales and dirt-cheap products. Rather, they focus on building a community and delivering the best service possible.

You can see a lot of reviews for DuckDose online and many users are regular customers on there. With a reputation so good, there is little reason to hesitate to order from them. They follow all of the best practices in the Modafinil distribution industry. The website is clean, easy to navigate, and safe.

Their prices are amazing, especially if you prefer Sun Pharma’s Modalert. The shipping takes very little and it is free. Finally, they offer a very good, solid refund or reshipment policy.

The verdict of this DuckDose review should be clear. They are an excellent vendor and you should definitely check them out!

While we are at it, why not also check out our other articles on Modafinil and Nootropics? And, of course, if you have any questions or opinions to share — leave them in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed our DuckDose review. Cheers,


PS: You can order from DuckDose here.

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