Crown Skinless Skin Condoms Review

Welcome to the official Biology Boost Crown Skinless Skin Condoms review. Good God, that was a damn mouthful to say. In any case, we all know we’re supposed to wrap it up all the time…but in the heat of the moment, slip-ups happen. Part of it is genuine passion, and the other part is because all of us men hate condoms.

Until the Crown Skinless came along, I was in the same boat. Absolutely hated the things. I’d put them on and feel like my dick was being starved of oxygen. I never was able to perform as good as I’d like anytime I had a condom on. And, here at Biology Boost we’re all about maximizing performance—so needless to say, most condoms weren’t cutting it.

You can use the free condoms at Planned Parenthood all you like, but after using one of those you’ll never have to worry about becoming a parent again.

Because that girl isn’t ever going to have sex with you again.

That’s why I’m writing this Crown Skinless Skin Condoms review for you. So you can get her back to you, over and over. Without the babies, of course.

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms Review—The Best Thin Condom on the Market?

Listen, if you’re scouring the internet looking for condom advice (which you are, because you’re reading this), I think it’s safe to say you want to solve the problem.

You don’t want to order ten different types of condoms in the next year and test them all out. You want to order one, love it, and order a thousand more and be done with it for the foreseeable future. Makes sense, because unless you’re in a longer-term serious relationship, “field testing” condoms is really not ideal.

So I’m here to tell you that yes, Crown is your answer.

Here’s why.

The Fit

Simply put, I’ve never had a condom just work as well. It feels like nothing is there. Granted, I’m not gonna lie—if you’re a monster who has a 10-inch dick, they probably won’t work for you.

For those of us less blessed, the overall fit of the Crown Skinless is going to be the best out there. It’s snug, but not so much that it suffocates.

Where this condom really shines though is when it actually gets going. It seems to slide and tighten up less than most other condoms. The only one that I’ve even found that comes close to the Crown is the Trojan Ectasy condom.

In full honesty, it can feel a bit tight at first.

Just How Good Are We Talkin’, Ben?

Don’t be worried if it feels a bit “off” at first. The true beauty of this condom is how well it works during a rough session. Let’s face it, in our current world, it can be tough to keep a girl around. Giving her good sex is a key part of that, and it’s hard to do that when your dick is drowning in a sea of latex.

You can expect to thrust at probably 90% of your capacity you’re capable of without a condom. Is it as good as the real thing? NO, AND NOTHING EVER WILL BE.

I’m not a God-fearing man, but I do believe that sex was meant to be enjoyed with a condom. Simply put, contraceptive condoms are just a tool. Stop searching for the Holy Grail that makes sex with a condom as good as it is without one.

It’s simply never going to happen unless you get a vasectomy—forget that.

Are Crown Condoms SAFE?!

Most important part of a condom—how does it perform as far as protection?

It can be the best feeling condom in the world, but if it snaps like a rubber band it doesn’t do you much good, eh? Might as well bareback it in that case.

I’ll admit, I’ve had more than one worry that my Crown might break on me during an especially hard session.

They are really, really truly thin.

But they haven’t, and I don’t know if there’s a better selling point than that. I have abused these things to no end, many times, and never had a single issue arise. Of course, I’m smart about it.

I check it once-in-a-while for integrity—especially before finishing.

Never had a problem.

I’ve broken my fair share of crappy Planned Parenthood and health clinic condoms in my day, but despite the incredible thinness of the Crown Skinless Skin, I’ve never had a single break in the last three years I’ve used them.

My First Time

I’ll actually never remember the first time I used a Crown Skinless condom. I was traveling through Europe with my buddy, and we were drinking and partying way too much. One night, I got a bit too drunk and took a girl home…but had no luck with sealing the deal.

I couldn’t keep my dick hard because:

  1. I’d had WAY too much to drink.
  2. The condom just didn’t feel good.

The combination of booze that impaired my sensitivity, and a crappy condom, made me lose out on that fun with a foreign girl. My friend, upon hearing my story, naturally had a good laugh at me.

Then he tossed me a Crown.

He told me to try it just once, and see how it performed. Well, a few days later I had the same girl back in my bed (surprising, I know), and I took the Crown Skinless for a “test drive”.


Admittedly, she was pretty cute and and I likely wouldn’t have had much stamina anyway, but it felt as close to the real thing as I’ve ever felt with a condom.

I got home to the US from that trip a week later and ordered several hundred of them.

I’ll never look back, so I hope you’ll consider moving forward too. Stop your endless search to finding the perfect condom.

Accept them for what they are, and see for yourself if Crowns are as good as I’ve been saying.

Hope you enjoyed this Crown Skinless Condoms review. Leave me a question or comment below!

PS: You can get your Crown condoms here.