Coastline Kratom Review – Best Kratom Vendor?

coastline kratom review

Coastline Kratom is one of the most reputable Kratom vendors out there. With years of experience and unbeatable product variety, it is not hard to see why so many people swear by them. In this Coastline Kratom review, we are looking at the company in depth to see whether all the love is truly well-deserved. Diving right in…

Coastline Kratom’s History

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge sucker for hearing cool stories. I love it when businesses are more than a way to make money for their owners. With a lot of Kratom vendors, you see how they are passion projects more than anything else. Kratom is a harshly misunderstood herb that causes a lot of polar opinions. It is also an alternative to opiates that has certainly saved a few lives.

It is funny, although not entirely unexpected, how people who have personally benefited for Kratom end up starting their own vendor business.

So what is the story behind Coastline Kratom? It started with a guy and his dream. Fulton started Coastline Kratom back when there were few if any reliable Kratom suppliers. Sure, Kratom had helped him a lot—but he wanted to make it available in an easy, customer-friendly way.

The company has grown tremendously since the early days and now Fulton’s entire family works for Coastline Kratom. They have some more employees, of course, plus a bunch of friendly and reliable suppliers. Coastline Kratom attributes their success to great customer care and transparency at every step of the process.

The Customer Experience

If Fulton thinks he owes his success to providing the best customer experience ever, it is certainly worth looking at what buying from him is like. For the purpose of this Coastline Kratom review, we got virtually all user testimonials we could – both online and offline. First off:

The Coastline Kratom Productscoastline kratom review

Coastline Kratom offers impressive variety both in strains and in Kratom origins.

Recently, they created a Kratom starter pack called the Beginner’s Pack.

It soon became one of their best sellers and for good reason.

It contains 25g of Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, and White Vein Bali. These are three very different yet all very high-quality strains. The Red Vein Maeng Da is one of the most balanced (but still super potent) relaxing strains, while the White Vein Bali is possibly my favorite invigorating strain.

The Beginner’s Pack is a huge hit among Coastline Kratom customers and not just beginners either. Even if you already have some experience with Kratom, expanding your horizons can never hurt. Experienced users often get stuck in a rut where they take the same strain over and over until they no longer feel it (but they continue taking it out of habit).

If trying all Kratom strains is not for you, Coastline Kratom has also recently introduced packs of different varieties within the same strain.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It isn’t always easy to figure out what you like even when you know what strain you prefer. For instance, there is a world of difference between the Red Vein Bali and the Red Vein Maeng Da.

Packs are a fun and affordable way to explore your opportunities.

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Where Does The Kratom Come From?

We talk a lot about Modafinil suppliers here on Biology Boost, and we have a ton of reviews you could check out. The difference here is that all Modafinil comes from the same two companies.

This is absolutely not the case with Kratom.

Kratom comes from a plant similar to the coffee tree. You can mostly find it in Southeast Asia where it has been a part of traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Long before Westerners even knew what Kratom was, people in Thailand and many other countries were using it for pain relief, energy, and well-being.

But demand and supply are correlated. As interest in Kratom grew, the farms that produce it also multiplied. Not all of those farmers are experienced or dedicated to their trade. Coastline Kratom has committed to only selecting the best, most well-established suppliers for their Kratom.

Honestly, I love this for more than just the peace of mind it gives me in terms of product quality.

There are indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia that have spent years perfecting the art of growing Kratom. Those communities provide an excellent product and depend on this trade. When vendors prefer dodgier suppliers or their low price, they are essentially putting the honest farmers out of business. I don’t know about you—but that is not what I want to spend my money on.

Coastline Kratom Review – The Customer Service

Things happen and problems come up, and that is why we need the company we buy from to be reliable. One of the most important things I personally look for in an online vendor (of any kind) is great customer service. Coastline Kratom’s founder claims that they are fanatical about the customer care they provide.

Indeed, there are no reports of people having issues reaching the company. The customer service team responds within 24 hours, no exceptions whatsoever.

They are upfront about what is happening to your order – there will be no beating around the bush with these guys. More importantly, they are committed to giving you a working solution in the shortest time possible.

Users rarely have problems with their order, to begin with but those who have unanimously praised the responsiveness and resolution skills of the customer service people at Coastline Kratom. Of course, I hope you never have to contact them, but if you do rest assured that your problem will be solved.

Shipping, Returns, And Other Sweet Things

There is one-day shipping out, period. All orders ship out within the work day they were placed in, no exceptions made, and I am so impressed! Domestic orders come with a free shipping offer if you spend over $75, too.

Here I became mildly annoyed. As some of you might know, I am not based in the U.S. and so I am unfortunate enough to always have to double check shipping policies. Free worldwide shipping vendors really rock my world! Sadly, Coastline Kratom still doesn’t offer that.

I am not sure how much the whole shipping process costs but I would love to see the free shipping for a $75 + purchase offer expanded to include at least Europe and Canada. There are a lot of people here, you know…

Other than the lack of free international shipping, there is little I could complain about. Coastline Kratom offers a ton of guarantees for their customers so your package will arrive safe and sound to your doorstep. The website is responsive and user-friendly. Placing an order is easy at every step of the way.

Their shipping company of choice is USPS. They do ship outside the U.S. but they also have a list of countries where they can’t deliver Kratom.

These are Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Malasia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, or Sweden.

You might recognize some of them from the list of countries that can’t receive Modafinil either. This happens because those places have stricter customs and the package will get seized almost certainly. In a way, Coastline Kratom is refusing them service for their own good because customers from these countries will probably еnd p losing their money.

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The Money Back Guarantee

Yes, they have a money back guarantee! It is a no questions asked kind of thing, too. We heard stories of people who had to make use of that offer…and they had zero problems.

The customer service reps remained as polite and helpful as they were when the purchase was first made. They lead you through the process calmly. At no point can you tell that they are being a little… salty about the return. So yes, it truly is a no questions asked, we want you to be a happy customer policy.


Coastline Kratom Review: The Conclusion

At this point, it should be obvious what my opinion of Coastline Kratom is. In short – they are great. To elaborate a little, here are five great reasons for which I believe Coastline Kratom is the best Kratom vendor out there:

  • They are focused on product quality and amazing customer experience instead of profit, profit, profit.
  • It is a family-owned company and a very honest one, too. Buying from them supports great business practices such as choosing indigenous tribes as your suppliers and making sure are making a positive impact in these communities.
  • The product variety is impressive and I also love the different packs that they offer.

Overall, I would give Coastline Kratom 4.75/5. Yes, those 0.25 are for the lack of free international shipping.

I really, really, really do not like paying for that sort of thing. Other than that I can’t recommend Coastline Kratom enough.

Do you have any experience with this vendor? Make sure to tell us all about it. We love hearing from you and hope you enjoyed our Coastline Kratom review.


PS: You can order the Coastline Kratom Beginner Pack here.

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