The 3 Best Stores to Buy Cheap Modafinil on the Internet

The Internet is a marvelous place to get cheap Modafinil. If you are filling a prescription, Modafinil can cost you up to $50 per pill. This is because there is very little competition even among generic Modafinil producers.

The patent on Modafinil was only recently lifted and so there are not a lot of generic versions around just yet. Compare the $50$= per pill to the price you can get online which is around (if not below) $1 and you can see why everyone in the Nootropic world prefers to buy it off the Internet.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 3 online stores that offer cheap Modafinil.

Where Does The Cheap Modafinil Come From?

Cheap Modafinil store

Getting bad quality drugs in your system is not like eating non-organic strawberries. The risks are far greater. So naturally, a lot of people wonder where the pills they buy online come from.

The answer is…India!

India has completely different patent laws to the U.S. and Europe. Since the patent on Modafinil and aArmodafinil expired only recently, it was not until a few years ago that Western pharmaceutical companies could produce generic versions of Provigil (the brand name).

Indian companies, however, have been allowed to legally produce Modafinil for much longer. This allows them to offer the product at a significantly lower price without any difference in the quality.

Sun Pharma Vs. HAB

The main suppliers cheap Modafinil stores on the Internet use are HAB and Sun Pharma. These are both established and reputable pharmaceutical companies. HAB is relatively newer while Sun Pharma has decades of experience in producing Modafinil. For that exact reason, Sun Pharma products are slightly more expensive, although they still come at a great value compared to Provigil.

The Sun Pharma Modafinil is called Modalert, while HAB’s product is Modvigil. Other than that they are virtually the same thing. There is little if any difference in their action although some people insist on paying the ‘premium’ price of the Sun Pharma Modafinil.

Because essentially all cheap Modafinil you can buy online is sourced from these two manufacturers (and because there is zero difference in the quality of HAB Vs. Sun Pharma), you can’t really choose a vendor by the product quality.

Remember, it is the same product.

Instead, we will be looking at the price, customer service, reliability, and other factors when reviewing the top 3 cheap Modafinil online stores.

cheap modafinil

We start with the vendor that has been around for the longest.

Although it does not necessarily have the most visually pleasing websites, ModUp has established itself as one of the most reliable cheap Modafinil vendors.

They have over 5 years of experience selling Modafinil and their customer service is one of the best. Their forums and the blog offer a great community which can be incredibly useful, especially to newbies.

They also have their own Subreddit where your un-moderated reviews can appear. This is something we particularly love about ModUp — how open and transparent they are about their business.

We all know how loud and hard to please some Reddit users can be and the fact that ModUp has managed to stay afloat for so long is definitely a great sign.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for Armodafinil you will not be able to buy it from ModUp. Their selection is limited to Modalert and Modvigil.

Since many people these days like to alternate between Modafinil and Armodafinil, this is a definite inconvenience.

Furthermore, unlike other suppliers, ModUp does not offer free shipping. Standard postage is $17.99 and the 7-day delivery is $21.99.

This puts ordering from ModUp on the pricier end of the cheap Modafinil spectrum.

Main Pros of ModUp

For the price, ModUp offers impeccable customer service as well as a full refund or reshipping if for any reason the package does not reach you.

They are available through live chat from 9 to 5 and they always answer their email within 12 hours.

The other great thing about ModUp is they have a significant discount if you pay in Bitcoins. This might not be for everyone but bitcoins are not that complicated either. It is certainly nice to benefit from the discount and the increased credit card security.

Browse’s Selection

cheap modafinil modastar

Modafinil Star

Modafinil Star is another popular vendor.

Unlike other online stores, they source their product from Sun Pharma and INTAS. INTAS’s product has just as high quality as Sun Pharma and HAB’s.

One slight pro of the INTAS Modafinil is that you can allegedly take it sublingually. By taking the Modafinil under your tongue you significantly decrease the time you have to wait for the effect as well as the damage to your liver (which is inevitable with any drug you take).

Since not a lot of drugs can be taken in this way, do some experimenting to decide if it actually works. The other cool thing about the INTAS Modafinil is that it has an artificial sweetener coating that tastes like mint.

Modafinil Star does offer free shipping and they will also refund or reship lost packages. They send your pack through an express shipping service, too, so it reaches you rather quickly. Shipping usually takes anywhere from 5 to 15 working days.

Their supply chain is very solid — there are rarely any delays or lost orders. In any case, as I mentioned, they will refund or reship it all in case something does happen so you need not worry.

Reshipment Policy And Other Fun Stuff

The reshipment policy of Modafinil Star includes not only cases of lost packages, but also orders that were seized by customs.

In the U.S. Modafinil is very safe to order—but it is still a prescription drug and as such a small number of the orders will get seized by customs.

You will get another package or a full refund in either of those cases. ‘Bad batches’ also happen (although their percentage is as low as 0.04%) and they are included in the refund/reshipment policy.

Another great feature Modafinil Star offers are gift cards. True, it might be a bit unconventional to gift a certificate for cognitive enhancement drugs (if not a little offensive, too), but if you know what it is like to be a struggling student you will know why they will appreciate it.

Regular Modafinil Star customers get 10% off their next order. You also get additional discounts if you use Bitcoin to pay for your order.

Browse Modafinil Star’s Selection

Afinil Express

Afinil Express is perhaps the most popular cheap Modafinil online vendor. They are relatively new in the game but they were recommended by ModafinilCat and so… Basically, everybody that used and loved ModafinilCat now uses and loves Afinil Express.

Afinil Express managed to hold onto the attention they received thanks to Modafinil Cat.

They offer both Modafinil and Armodafinil by Sun Pharma and HBA. Understandably, the Sun Pharma products are slightly pricier. If you are still curious about the difference, Afinil Express offer a trial pack.

For only $75 you get 10 pills of each product (Modafinil and Armodafinil by both companies). This comes at around $1.87 per pill. By ordering a single product in a larger quantity you can get the price down to $.80 per pill which is virtually unbeatable.

Browse Afinil Express’ Selection

Customer Service And Other Considerations When Buying Cheap Modafinil

Although they don’t offer live chat like ModUp does, Afinil ExpressAfinil Express are very responsive and so far there have been little to no complaints about their customer service. Their contact page and email address are not hidden away — another factor that adds credibility.

Their security protocols when it comes to dealing with credit card information are superb. Still, it is always advisable to pay in bitcoins if possible for maximum protection. Like the other vendors, Afinil Express gives you a discount if you pay in bitcoins.

While we are on the topic of discounts, there are sometimes coupon codes for Afinil Express which can further lower their already very competitive prices.

They do not explicitly mention bad batches on their refund policy, probably because those are so rare. If you are worried about that, consider emailing customer service before ordering for extra piece of mind.

For the most part, though, there is no real reason to worry that Modafinil will not work for you unless you have a rare condition or you take it with other medications that can influence its’ absorption.

Cheap Modafinil Online: How To Distinguish The Bad Vendors

Buying pharmaceutical products online can feel a bit shady and unsafe at times.

Modafinil is one of the safest drugs to buy online because it has a body of avid, internet-savvy and health effect conscious users. Unlike companies that sell Viagra online, Modafinil vendors have a community of pretty smart people to please. They can’t get away with sleazy customer service or unreliable shipping.

All of that being said, there are still good Modafinil vendors… and definitely not so great ones.

The main thing to check before ordering would be the reshipment/refund policy and what exactly it includes. If an online vendor does not offer reshipment, think twice about ordering. Although unlikely, problems with customs can arise and you can potentially lose quite a bit of cash.

As with any other online service, also read reviews (like this one), check out the subreddits, and use some common sense.

Any questions about any of these vendors or Modafinil, leave them below.


PS: If you put a gun to my head, I’d probably recommend Modafinil Star as the #1 Modafinil vendor.