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Find the Best Juicer for You

I’ve been asked before, what’s the best juicer? Like every good answer, I respond with, “it depends”. Finding the best juicer depends on a number of things. Objectively, do I think there are a few juicers that are better than the rest? Of course I do.  However, the best juicer for you is the one […]

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Different Types of Juicers in 2017 (Pros and Cons)

Getting into juicing can feel a bit like entering a sect. While I promise juice-fans are not fanatics that will gradually strip you off all self-sufficiency while your poisoning your mind and soul (ah, sects), the beginnings are equally confusing. There are so many different types of juicers, so many tips, so many articles to […]

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6 Reasons You Should Juice at Home

We love juicing here at BB. We believe it’s the main pillar for a complete and healthy lifestyle.  If you’re still on the fence, we’ve compiled a list. Here are our top 6 reasons you should juice at home starting today! Saves Money We covered this in our post on Juicing at Home, but it bears mentioning […]

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What’s The Best Juicer Under $100?

Most juicing newbies are looking for the best juicer under $100. Heck, even long-term fans of juicing would love to find the Holy Grail of appliances — a juicer that is affordable and amazing. Lucky for you, we have looked the most promising juicer models and compiled a list of the 5 absolute best juicers […]

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How Beet Juice Makes You Stronger (Like Hulk)

We usually associate juicing with hippie health nuts. You know what I’m talking about. Hemp clothing, backyard gardens, and they only shop at the local farmers market. We’re here to dispel those stereotypes and show you how juicing can be used to improve your strength training in the gym. Beet Juice for Strength Lifting weights is […]

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Juicing for a Cold: Recipes to Fight Back

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a doctor, but it doesn’t take one to realize the benefits of juicing regularly. However, we’re all human and sometimes its been a few weeks since our last juice. Maybe it’s winter time and a cold is going around the office. You eat right, get plenty of sleep […]

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Omega J8006 Review: Make Delicious Juice at an Affordable Price

If you’re like me then you do a lot of research before you buy something. Before I bought my first juicer I must have looked over a hundred different ones. Everything from professional juicers to the famous Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. Eventually, I choose the product you’re about to read in this Omega J8006 review. After […]

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30 Days of Juice Cleansing

Hey ladies and gents  Jonny, here again, I wanted to touch more on juice cleansing for weight loss. Today I’m going to talk about the pros and cons of juice cleansing. Many people such as myself get all hyped with what is achievable with juice cleansing – weight loss! Who doesn’t want to lose weight, […]

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Juicing At Home—Is it Worth it?

Juicing in the past 10 years has exploded. More than ever people are turning to juicing to improve their health and vitality. As a result of this increased demand, the market has responded with juicing products, cafes, and stores. Big name juicing companies are introducing 100% juice products. Local cafes are adding fresh juices to their […]

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