Brainstorming Tools That Will Boost Your Writing Output and Creativity

In this day and age
Everything commands your attention,
Like the addicting phone apps;
Family, your needy nagging significant other;
Your loud neighbor, Netflix etc.

This leads to so many distractions, so many thoughts, and so little time for you to get shit done. This subsequently leads to every artist nightmare-mental block. It’s important to have good brainstorming tools to achieve maximum productivity.

However, not every artist is the same. There are two types:

  • The wanna be artist who let’s mental block defeat him.
  • The actual artist (Pro) who laughs in the presence of mental block and uses one of the many brainstorming tools options described in this article.

For example: You can be Joe Shmoe, who’s an aspiring new writer. Who has many ideas, but because of so many thoughts he gets paralyzed.

He then decides to waste his times responding to text and everything else that grabs his attention, in the hopes that something will give him an idea. After 1 hour he gives up, all before he even started.


You can be like me and have tricks and methods to breakthrough mental block.

Who do you want to be?

Don’t be ashamed if you’re like Joe Shmoe, I can still help you. In fact I am writing this to help you not to be like Joe Shmoe. Even I almost gave up today. But, I said fuck it, and used one of the methods below to get myself started.

The key is to start and never give up.
-Steve Pressfield (The War of Art)

Lucky for you guys, I’ve done all the work for you. So get your pen and note pad ready.

After all, you want to test out if this shit actually works, don’t you?

Okay, so now that you’re ready…

Below are my 5 brainstorming tools and productivity tips to boost creativity:


Modafinil is a powerful product. “How powerful?”, you’d say. We’ll get to that it in a few. First lets see what it actually is and does.

Modafinil is known as a Nootropic, a class of smart drug. It is used to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. To obtain Modafinil you either convince your doctor to prescribe it or you can search on Google right now and order it.

I chose Google.

However, there are many options out there and like anything that works it’s hard to get it from a reputable source…so do your research.

Anyhow, They come in different dosage and pill counts. Mine came in 200mg(milligrams) and 30-pill count (the amount). The way it is advised to take it is by splitting the tab. But, if you want to be hardcore, then ingest the whole tab.

My method (half tab).

In my experience, anything that you split in half is usually strong—be warned.

So how strong, you said?

Well ladies and gents, this little small pill will kill mental block in its track.

After ingesting it, it takes about 20-45 minutes to kick in.

The experience is like everything you’ve heard about and about to read about.

You will experience extreme tunnel vision, you just want to keep working on the task given, fuck yawning, fuck sleeping, and no thought of hunger.

In other words what could take you a week to do can be accomplished in one day.

I take it during the day, as Modafinil has a (8hr) peak performancelife span. So as soon as I wake up, I split the tab, chug it down with water, and kill some time before it hits. But, hey, you could take the other half at night if you want to take productivity to the next level.

There is only ONE thing I hate about Modafinil: when I come off it, I’m normal again.


Coffee has been around for centuries. If it’s been around this long it’s because simply…it works.

Caffeine can act as a stimulant, which keeps you alert and awake and takes about 30 min to take effect. All you need is 1 cup of coffee (70-140mg) to feel its effect.

The benefits of using coffee are enormous. Studies have shown that caffeine can help increase focus, concentration and increase memory retention and that’s just the beginning.

Coffee is very convenient since it’s cheap and readily available to purchase at just about anywhere.

I brew my cup at home. I take small sips of it. Takes me usually a 1 hour to finish.

Tip: In my experience Coffee is best consumed when you’re fully rested. This helps to avoid shifting in out from zombie and awake mode.


Being active also known as being in motion is very therapeutic to the mind and the soul.

You’ve seen the movies where the magazine author has a treadmill in their office.

Hint, is not for burning calories even though, that’s a bonus. It’s used for thinking.

When you’re in motion thoughts and ideas come to you.
Just like when you’rein the shower (relaxed state) ideas just come to you.

What I do is just go for a long walk and embrace Mother Nature and observe things and before I know it, ideas come to me.

Tip: Keep a note pad or your favorite handy-dandy note-taking app open to jotdown the ideas that come to you.

Binaural Beats

This concept is quite relatively new to me. I know what you’re thinking, “Just put some weird mystical beats and that’s it; it gets you thinking.’’

In simple terms, yeah, but behind the scenes, much more things are happening than just boosting creativity.

As an artist, this is my #1 method I rely on to get my creative juices flowing.

There are many types of binaural beats with different frequencies.

For the sake of this article, let’s go to the one that does the magic for me and will also do for you.

Theta beats-theta beats in the 432hz frequency is the one I use and so should you. In this frequency many magical things can happen for an artist.

Theta beats can decrease cortisol by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Additionally, by communicating with the brain it also activates epinephrine (adrenaline).

This causes healing in the body by releasing anger and fear and other emotional blockage that you may be holding in conjunction with meditation practice- this can calm your mind.

Deep theta beats causes you to be in a dreamstate. This dream state is important, as many revelations and ideas, happen in this state.

In essence, it puts you in a child like dream state. A child has less worry and fear. This allows the mind to roam with creativity.

Anyone who has relatives with children or surrounded by children can see their creativity in play almost everyday.

How to listen to theta beats is debatable. Some say expensive headphones, I say play it in the background. Do what works for you.

Speaking Out Loud

Keeping all your thought and ideas inside trapped in your mind is like a disease.

So what I do is speak out loud, to myself.

Sounds crazy but, think about it for a second.

When you have a problem and you tell someone about it, you feel so much better.

When you don’t tell someone about it, your body get sick in the form of stress and all types of negative ideas jump at you—the kind you don’t want.

When you speak out loud you train the brain to gather your thoughts better. It also helps to focus your attention by asking yourself questions—talk about keeping yourself in check.

Now that you’ve learned some of the new methods I use,I encourage you to choose one of the methods above and give them a try , you just might be surprised.

If you used one of the methods above, what was your experience with it? What other methods have you used to boost creativity?

Comment and share your experiences below.


PS: To get #1 on this list, Modafinil, I recommend you grab it at Modafinil Star.

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