Body of a Spartan by Victor Pride Review—Does It Really Work?

Do you hate rules? Me too. The bodybuilding world has a ton of useless rules that simply put, are there to confuse you. Luckily, I stumbled upon a book—Body of a Spartan—that breaks all the rules and still gives you results.

Let me ask you something: Have you ever seen the movie 300?

You did, great!

So, then why are you going to the gym tonight and following the same routine you been doing, with the same set of rules, that do nothing magical?

I know why. You were told certain rules are what’s responsible for muscular growth.

No worries, I used to think the same.

In essence, following a certain rep rule was my own wrongdoing.

Was it really?

It was so embedded in my routine that I believed hitting the iron for a certain number of reps or sets would immediately put on the size I was looking for, and everything else was nonsense.

However, if you show a picture of a spartan to your girlfriend and then compare it to that of a giant bodybuilder…tell me: Which did she like better?

She picked the spartan, right?

I know, how could we be so stupid for thinking any different.

Right now you’re probably thinking “I’m going to start Body of a Spartan, right now!”

Not so fast. Who said obtaining one was easy.

In fact, like I mentioned before, there is a book called here. and let me tell you…

…it’s far from easy.

In fact, hitting the iron with certain rep scheme for an hour is much.. much easier than following this program.

Still interested?

Good, let’s proceed. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you haven’t noticed already, I conquered Body of a Spartan.

Read my experience of how Body of a Spartan can make you into a lean mean machine that makes girls fight for you!

I’m exaggerating, but girls will be very receptive towards you.

Anyways, read on.

The First Week Is Always Hell

Like any new routine, the first week is always the hardest—hell.

Body of a Spartan comes with the same principles of any strength routine, they include heavy lifting.

Which of course, I wasn’t the least bit surprised, given how Mr. Pride looks. On the other hand, what I didn’t know, is how a program with barely any rules can really change your physique in a short amount of time.

Note: Before you even embark on a similar journey like mine, you better pick the right time of day for working out.

This program isn’t like fasting, where you rest a while (3 minutes per set) and you warm up to it, and all that good stuff.

3 minutes?

That too much rest SON!

So how much time should you rest between sets?

Vic states, ‘1 minute’ even when going heavy.


That’s exactly what I said when I read that part!

I don’t want to give too much away but, let’s just say, you will have to keep lifting heavy weight not for

3 sets…

4 sets…

or even 5 sets…

…but, until you can’t anymore.

Can you do that?

I sure as hell couldn’t. Especially, not on day one. I’m going to be totally honest, I half-assed it the first week.

But hey! Don’t let my mistake of half-assing the first week discourage you. If anything, it should fire you up. I encourage you to do better than me.

Tip: Be ready mentally. I would pick nighttime to workout. On the other hand, if you decide morning is best, do yourself a favor and eat before hand (you’ll regret it if you don’t).

Week 2: It’s Easier…A Bit

You thought what I thought. That the second week would be easier. Oh man, you thought wrong!

Anyways, so what makes it harder for the second week?

Well…let’s just say, you will be changing your exercises.

When you first start, Victor gives you a template of what to start off with like:

  • Deadlift
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press
  • Barbell Curls
  • Close grip Bench Press
  • Squats

You know, the typical main compound movements. But, unlike other workouts, you will be working out by feeling, instead of a set number.

To break it down you further, when lifting heavy you have certain rules depending which program you follow. Some programs say don’t go over 5 reps per set (ideal). Then another proclaimed guru tells you nothing over 3 reps per set, leaving you clueless as to what rep range you should be targeting.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you won’t be going over 5 reps when lifting. Oh yeah. Don’t think you’ll be doing 5 sets of 5, either.

This is Body of Spartan baby, you have to go lower than 5 and do more sets than 5!

Think 7 or 8 sets. Or…more.

In my experience, this really killed me. I was so used to the comfortable slower paced fasting routine which consisted of resting for 3 minutes.

Subsequently, this gave me the time to texting numerous girls while adjusting the weight for my next set. What a waste.

In contrast,with Body of a Spartan, there is no comfort! Within the first ten minutes, I was all over the place. I was dripping, like If I were doing intense session of sprints, yet I was only lifting heavy weight with short rest time, not exactly easy.

Tip: Drink your pre-workout of choice. My poison is coffee. What’s yours?

Download Body of a Spartan

Week 3: Progressing, But Still Feeling It

body of a spartan

Man oh, man. three weeks and I still can’t wipe right.

Did I tell you that you would be doing this more than 4 times a week?

I didn’t? Sorry, but not sorry.

Vic mentions you better make a habit of working out often—preferably more than 4 times per week, since there is no such thing as over training!

I thought you’d say said there weren’t any rules, you’d say.

If you thought that was a rule, you’re not ready for change.

Besides being constantly sore, It felt good to see some visible progress in the mirror. Forget Arnold advice about visualization.

I didn’t need to visualize anything. I saw results of nonstop grueling workouts being reflected back at me after nonstop brutal heavy lifting sessions.

When I first started I looked like shit—soft and mushy from too many pizzas.

But by week 3, I was starting to resemble something similar to an athlete.

Tip: Check yourself out from time to time. You do need to be accountable for yourself. Vic won’t be there, and I won’t be there, only your reflection will be there. So if you still look like shit, push yourself!

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Week 4

At the end of week four, I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. Victor’s no bullshit advice worked.

Note: You will have 1 heavy exercise and 2 supplementary exercises that you could do bodybuilder style (6-10 reps)


Don’t be, you’ll be combining both strength and bodybuilding routines. Sounds easy on paper. Going through it like a real Spartan is a different story.

Body of a Spartan Final Thoughts

body of a spartan

I was pretty happy with my results. Here’s what I noticed and you will notice after Body of a Spartan:

  • You’ll realize you weren’t really pushing yourself as hard as you thought you were.
  • You were resting too long for no reason
  • You will build confidence and stamina
  • All women will want you 😉

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead, give it a try. But be warned this isn’t for the whiners and those who cry when things get uncomfortable.

Talk to me.

What routine do you follow? What results did you get with Body of a Spartan?

Comment below and share with the community for people who want to kick ass and be better!

If you like the way that this book sounds, you’ll probably like Victor’s other book—30 Days of Discipline.



PS: What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Body of a Spartan.

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