7 Compound Lifts That Will Boost Your Health and Well-Being

So I’m sitting at the gym, getting ready to crush another workout. New records on my compound lifts are expected, as usual.

But, instead I’m here writing my thoughts, while I wait for the big giant wannabe buff (high body fat, low muscle) guy to finish his set, which consisted of doing 50 reps of pure chest flys—an isolation workout (muscle group specified work).

Let’s call this guy Jon Don.

Jon Don finished his first set, he walks off with a little smirk on his face, looking around the whole gym to see who admires his pumped up look (temporary).

Ironically, no one even notices him, even the newbie girl on the squat rack machine was getting more admiration by doings things smarter—squats—a compound lift.

The moral of story is, if you want to build large amounts of muscle mass quickly you must do compound lifts.

7 Compound Lifts to BOOST

Compound lifts include:

  • Deadlift
  • Incline Chest Press
  • Standing Overhead press
  • Dips
  • Chin up
  • Squats
  • Pullups

Benefits of Compound Lifts

The major benefit of compound exercises is that effectively works your body as a whole. It can also boost your sense of well being and carve a physique that can definitely be admired by everyone. Additionally, these seven exercises can really translate well into the real world and can boost testosterone.

But before we talk about these compound movement in depth let’s look at what Jon Don did wrong.

Jon Don’s biggest mistake was each doing high repetitions of each and every exercise until his muscles were fatigued (he should have picked up some Modafinil). I can only bet he was possibly copying one of the many bodybuilder routines, which doesn’t usually work for naturals.

Look, I’m no saint—we’ve all done this mistake. Doing high reps of each exercise until your muscles are fatigued—no pain no gain! Sure, that will make you look awesome in the mirror temporarily…but, we all know what happens long after the gym session is done. You’re back to normal again: no pump, and in Jon’s case, he’s still fat.

This causes Jon to get angry and more determined and look for another popular body builder routine, to use in the gym again, with more intensity this time!

He does this in the pursuit to look like a bodybuilder. What he doesn’t know is that it will never happen, and he’s on a never ending cycle that will lead to nowhere.

As a Natural, You Must Lift Heavy

Compound lifts are meant to make you strong in all areas, tough, and God-like. You aren’t going to get strong by pumping out 50 reps, I’ll tell you that much—I know because I’ve done it.

Instead focus on the low reps range, 6-8 is more than sufficient. Anyways, now that that’s cleared up, let’s talk about the compound lifts that can help increase power, and translate that power into real world situations.

#1: Deadlift

Deadlift is the king of all compound lifts, and it’s the hardest to master. With this exercise, it’s best to start somewhat near 70% your max. You don’t want to get hernias, or a damaged back or spine. The back is a very import part of your body. Master the technique then reap the rewards.

Once you have the technique down, you will be setting new records quite easily from week-to-week. You’ll start to notice you can pick up objects from the ground like nothing. Picking up your girlfriend  becomes nothing too, and can lead to good things ;).

Another huge benefit: doing deadlifts will increase your posture, which many men lack. I suggest you always practice your form on this exercise continuously, it’s easy to forget.

#2: Incline Bench Press

This exercise is what makes boys into men. On Monday it’s always national chest day. You’d be hard pressed to not to hear the loud locker conversations that go somewhat like this…

“Hey bro, how much you bench?”

This question is always asked, for good reason, a well developed chest signifies power. I mean, have you seen Superman’s logo? It’s right there. On his chest.

Even though a standard bench chest press is more of the norm, it’s best to focus on your upper chest— it gives it a well defined and complete look. In fact, if you have been doing regular bench presses, I encourage you to start with the incline bench press first. The rep scheme is just like the deadlift (6-8).

Many good things can come from a powerful chest—respect, worship, and of course, random girls giving you the eye. Now you get to wear the fitted t-shirts without feeling ashamed! The man boob days are a thing of the past.

Don’t believe me? Go ask a girl what she thinks of Superman’s (Henry Cavill) chest. Be warned, you both will have similar reactions.

#3: Standing Overhead Press

The standing overhead press is a very difficult exercise to master as a newbie. Typically you need to have a strong core lower back and shoulders to execute the move well. However, the benefits are enormous and can actually be seen right out of the first set. Cranking out 6 heavy reps of these compound lifts, and you quickly see the shoulders pop out like a superhero.

Shoulder workouts need to consist of both heavy weight, low rep and light weight, high rep work. If you’re struggling to get any shoulder pop at the gym, you must do this one.

I can hear you all screaming, “But what about lateral raises?! That gives me a good pump.’’

Pump is nice, but after 6 reps of overhead press you’ll want stick to heavy work, then you can get the pump afterwards with lateral raises. Besides, don’t you want permanent gains? Don’t you want the females at work touching your shoulders, or having a reason to touch them?

I know I constantly get those touches all the time, and they are hardly ever innocent 😉

#4: Squats

If you don’t want look like Spongebob, it’s essential to incorporate squats. Most importantly it ties all the other compound lifts together.

Like other compound movements, squats are best performed in the low rep range (6-8).

Since your legs are the largest muscle group, it’s considered the strongest muscle in your entire body. You can expect to gain incredible strength in your legs FAST!

The health benefits are enormous from doing squats. You can potentially run faster, jump higher, increase core strength, increase stabilization…and to stomp roaches quicker. Just kidding.

Don’t overload yourself on squats though, unless you want to have customized pants for life and an ass bigger than your girl—you’ve seen wrestlers right? I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing sexy about customized pants forever.

Keep the sets low. I feel it makes your legs harder (firm) without making you look like a giant bodybuilder. It’s good to have nice tone (lower body fat, more muscle) developed legs. It’s not good wasting extra money on customized pants because you’re carting around a couple of tree trunks.

One thing is for sure, don’t neglect them. You need legs for stabilization.

#5: Weighted Dips

So many dip stations at the gym yet, I always see the same mistake with men. You’re doing dips just like your girlfriend—no weights attached. Sure body weight dips can be difficult in the beginning, but after 2 weeks it’s much easier.

This is where weighted dips come into play. Instead of adding 25 more reps with your body weight, why not just buy a dip belt and attach a 25 pound plate to it. Trust me, it will be hard to rep out 25 reps with a 25 pound plate.

Like all compound lifts they work best in the low rep range (6-8). You will immediately feel the difference and feel different. Doing dips adds more additional muscle to your upper body by further working the triceps and shoulders, and even works the chest.

After your first set, you’d wonder why the hell you were doing dips with no weight? After one set, you’ll feel like a God and feel ready to grapple someone to the ground with ease.

Anyways, in order to see any benefits you must really concentrate on form when it comes to dips (and compound lifts in general). You must squeeze the muscle near lockout position (the top). With this exercise, form is forgetful. It’s best to practice your form religiously before going really heavy.

#6: Weighted Pull-Ups

compound lifts

Gents: Don’t do girl pull-ups.

Weighted pull-ups are essential for good back development. There are many muscles involved to performing a pull up—arms, back, and shoulders.

Like weighted dips, you must add some weight to even have noticeable effects. You will notice you gain a ton of grip strength from this exercise alone. The world is your playground with this exercise. You can do pull-ups just about anywhere: at the park, your home, your basement, the monkey bars, etc.

Once you obtain Super hero grip strength. You can break things part much easier and I mean that in any imaginable ways you can think of.

#7: Weighted Chin-Ups

Weighted chin-ups, if performed correctly, can further accelerate your back growth and develop your biceps really well. Like the weighted dips, you will need to get a dip belt and add some weight to it.

If you want some strength add some weight, damnit. Like all compound lifts, perform weighted chin up in the same rep scheme of (6-8) ranges. Now, be warned…I guarantee you will get addicted to these.


The power you’ll get from doing this exercise weekly can really translate well in the bedroom. If it’s one exercise I really want you to get off your butt and do right now, it’s this one.

Think about it, if you can pull yourself to bar with additional weight attached to you body weight, what can you do to a female, who typically weighs 120-130 pounds, in the bedroom?

The answer: a lot.

So as we know now , performing compound lifts is more than just numbers to brag to your ‘Bros’ about. It can really translate well into the real world and really sculpt you into a MAN.

However, let me stress again—before giving these exercise a shot, go a little light on the first two weeks. Just get a feeling of the compound lift movements and their proper form. Try to really master the form and feel the muscles at work. Know your limits beforehand.

If you really enjoy this post. Leave your comments below.

What are your thoughts of these exercises above? What compound lifts do you incorporate into your routine, and how has it helped you?


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