5 Healthy Sides to Eat with a Sandwich

In today’s age, we’re all busy. And yet, with all of the processed food out there, it’s harder than ever to stay lean and fit.

So we’re left with the dilemma of eating clean, and eating for convenience.

Which brings one of my favorite foods—the sandwich—into play.

While not particularly healthy as far as a low-carb diet goes, you could do a lot worse. If you’ve got the option of eating a burger and french fries from McDonald’s, or having a turkey sandwich on wheat for lunch—it’s obvious which one is the healthier option.

But, just a sandwich by itself is somewhat plane and lacks in variety. However, almost every traditional “side dish” you’ll eat with a sandwich (especially if eating out) will be almost as bad as those Mickey D’s french fries.

In this article, you’re going to learn about a couple of alternative sandwich side dishes that will help keep you lean, lose weight, and simply adhere to your diet.

#1: Soups

If you’re eating out, you’re definitely going to be making the healthy option by choosing soup as your side instead of french fries or potato wedges.

Some soups are certainly worse than others, but the majority of soups will at least contain some vegetables and nutrients. In addition, they typically lack carbs—so you won’t have that lethargic, food coma feeling afterwards. This is especially key if you are eating out at lunch and have to return to work and still be productive after.

If you’re bringing your sandwich to work, consider making a large batch of soup at home once a week, and portioning it out for the week.

Once a week, I just throw a soup, stew, or chili into a slow cooker on the weekend (this is the slow cooker I use).

#2: Raw Potato

This option mostly applies to eating at home or in the office. And no, I don’t mean literally shoving a raw potato in your mouth.

But, bring an uncooked potato with your sandwich. Make sure you have a decent knife, too—a plastic one won’t cut it. When you’re ready for lunch, simply slice a whole down the middle, and throw it in the microwave on high for a few minutes. Make sure you wash the potato first, and then dry it thoroughly.

Sprinkle some salt and some BBQ sauce, ketchup, or hot sauce on it and you have a side dish with some healthy carbs—minus all the oils and additives that fast food restaurants throw on their potatoes.

Here are some recommendations:

#3: Vegetables

The majority of restaurants will let you substitute your carb-attack side dish with vegetables or a salad. If this is an option, do so.

If bringing food from home, consider just nuking some frozen vegetables on the stove once a week, and again dividing it up into some Tupperware for the week. Then nuke it in the microwave at work.

#4: Protein Bars

If you want to keep the carbs down, and are having trouble hitting your protein levels—sometimes a simple high-quality protein bar will do the trick (I’m partial to Quest's Chocolate Mint).

This will have the added bonus of keeping you full for the rest of the day. It’s also incredibly easy to pack and requires no planning ahead—a perfect sandwich side dish for the busy businessman or woman.

#5: Bananas

Similar to protein bars—bananas are easy to grab and go, and are a solid health-conscious choice of what to eat with a sandwich.

That wraps up a few alternative-thinking ideas of things to eat with a sandwich.

If you’ve got more, share them in the comments below.


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