4 Tricks to Power Through a Monotonous Work Day

Working all day sucks.

If you think about it, our ancestors didn’t have to work the way we work today. They just had to survive. They did not sit at a computer, doing a meanlingless, mindless, and usually stupid task for 8 hours a day.

Their sole mission and purpose was to just get through the day.

Don’t get me wrong—I’ll take my comfy chair, air conditioning, and income over the circumstances they had to go through. But the fact is, our ancestors used to have to be alert 24/7/365. Anything could kill them. At anytime. No longer for us. We’re practically invincible now.

This also means we’re bored.

As I discussed before, I’m no longer a corporate wage slave. But I’ve been there, done that. I’ve also seen other people suffering. That’s why I’m writing this article. These tips will help you break up the monotonous work day and become more productive and happy overall.

#1: Exercise

We simply do not move enough, especially if you work a white collar office job.

The solution to this is simple—get up, and go for a walk. The fresh air and getting the blood flowing for just ten minutes can make all the difference.

An alternative is to get some exercise equipment in your office.

Keep a pull-up tower nearby if it’s possible.

A set of dumbbells easily fit in a cubicle.

TRX bands can be transported just about everywhere.

You see what I mean?

The possibilities are truly endless. There are dozens of options to bring exercise right to your desk.

As a slightly off-topic note, getting a standing desk can be a God-send for your posture, weight, and overall well-being. We were not supposed to work in cubicles 8 hours a day, and human beings were certainly not meant to sit for them, either. Standing up has helped me immensely.

#2: Eat Light

The death of mental focus comes in the form of triple XXL cheeseburgers.

Carbs = coma.

Eat too many of them at lunch (like most of us do), and you’ll end up just stuck in your cube, unable to move, and yet unable to conjure any brilliant thoughts to get your tasks done.

Instead, focus on light meals with a low amount of carbs. If you do eat carbs, keep them relatively clean—potatoes, brown rice, or whole wheat bread. Steer clear of cheeseburgers and pizza. Leave that 2pm feeling behind!

#3: Find The Right Tunes

Did you know that a lot of professors actually allow their students to listen to music during exams now?

We can harp on the fact that millennials have lost their ability to focus without gadgets, or use it to your advantage. The right music can absolutely help you focus and be productive.

But the wrong music will have you dancing and goofing off—getting nothing productive done.

For most people, music without vocals will do better than with—but your mileage may vary. Find what works for YOU.

#4: Rewards

Are you familiar with the good ‘ol 80/20 rule? For example…

20% of the people in the world have 20% of the wealth.

80% of the work you get done comes during the 20%  time you’re the most focused.

That means the other 80% of the time only accounts for 20% of your output.

That’s crazy. That also means that typically, things are going to come in spurts. So focus in the current moment and don’t let up until the task is done—no matter what it takes.

Pomodoros are 25-minute blocks that can be very effective. If you know you get to goof around if only you focus for those 25 minutes, your mind is more likely to get in the zone. It knows that a dopamine hit of pleasure is coming in the form of YouTube cat videos.

Make sure you get yourself a daily notepad.

Make a list.

Scratch things off.

It’s incredibly gratifying.

This is the one I use: