30 Days of Discipline Review

 “They say that reading at least one book can change your life, but what better way to kickstart your new life by reading this 30 Days of Discipline review.”

30 Days of Discipline was one of those books that the title alone just screamed hardcore to me. It’s a boot camp type of book for people who need some discipline in their life to get their ass in gear.  

The man behind the book known as Victor Pride over at Bold and Determined is a modern example of hardcore. Go read his blog post and you’ll see what mean.

Initially, I thought like any other skeptic out there:

Is this going to be another bullshit e-book with a lot of hype and no real valuable information?

But even with the negative thought lingering in my mind, the price was hard to pass on. The e-book itself only costs peanuts.

I couldn’t pass on such a good deal. After all, I was very lazy at the time. I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I needed someone successful to kick my own ass into gear. I was getting fed up with not being where I wanted to be.

Through divine destiny or coincidence, that book changed my life.

Hell, this 30 Days of Discipline review wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for that decision I made long ago.

After reading the book.  I was really surprised with all the benefits that could be possible if you just followed what the book said. After all, it was written by someone successful.

Read on to read my full 30 Days of Discipline review…

30 days of discipline review

First Week

I’m not going to lie, the first week is going to be hell. During my first week, I found myself fighting against the insecure, skeptical me. I was fighting off my prides beliefs, just like anyone does in a boot camp.

Like any boot camp,  it requires you to wake up EARLY. Waking up early was never my strongest point. Working 9-5 makes you so comfortable.  

My initial thought was…

What was the point of me waking up much earlier than I used to? This lead to me hitting the snooze button repeatedly and confused as to why without guilt.

Every day I was started to dread the thought of waking up so damn early with feelings of confusion.

But, ironically good things were coming out of waking up so damn early and by getting past confusion.

Getting a lot of things done was part of the norm for me. Things that I usually leave to the side for me to do later on that night (which I never got to).

Taking a cold shower was even more brutal. Nearly screamed like a girl each and every time.

Checking off the to do list with red ink was somewhat encouraging especially when there was such a long to-do list.

Dressing up for success?  “Fuck that”, I said.  Who do I have to impress? And I’m in my house so what does that do for me?

Tip: Fight with your thoughts. Don’t give up.

Week 2

Week 2 was way better. After enduring 1 week of hell I was much more alert and much stronger!

Whether you want to or not. You will become stronger. By coincidence or by magic or just because you been following 30 days of discipline for a week.

How strong?

I have no idea it’s case by case basis your experience may be different.

If you have a lady like me….

The case will be the same.  She would love this new you.  My girl loved the changes but she also felt lonely during this 30 days, but she understood it was for a greater cause.

I was able to pick up my girl and other things like nothing. My every day long battles with my alarm clock and negative thoughts were beginning to fade.

Cold showers were tolerable now. In fact, I began to like them.

There’s just something about the showers that just wake you the F up instantly. Doesn’t matter what time you take it.

If you want to wake up instantly take that cold shower. There’s a reason in the movie cold showers is used to wake up drug addicts quickly.

I started to see things move along so well with following some of the rules. Why not follow all the rules now.

I decided to dress for success (business casual every day). I didn’t know this one little-overlooked rule can change your mindset so quickly.

When I went outside people took notice of my wardrobe, especially the ladies. I didn’t even have to work on posture like the book advises, just the clothes alone kill two birds with one stone.

If you’re ready to rock after reading about just two of my weeks, click here to check out 30DOD.

Week 3

By week 3, I noticed how much my will power had increased.

I felt so accomplished and proud of myself for even getting to week 3, most people would have given up by now, but not me. If this 30 Days of Discipline review teaches you one thing—just don’t give up.

Taking cold showers and screaming like a girl was thing of the past.  I don’t know why, but I felt like a gladiator when it went came to shower time.

I had to talk to myself and shout just to get through it. It was a challenge for me since I timed myself.

Little did I know doing this primed for taking a little pain every day.  Something every man should feel.  

Pain is good motivator as they say.

Instead of procrastinating, you’ll get shit done right away.  Instead of whining about small stuff, you’ll laugh at it.

Instead of doing normal body weight push ups, I added some weight to it, on a backpack; fuck taking it easy—keep pushing the bar.

Even taking shit from people was easy. Before I would argue with them and now I was so busy I just couldn’t hear them.  

Talking about being busy, I found myself too busy racing to get thing checked off my to-do list.  I found myself too focused on my goal. I knew that the more things I checked off the closer I was getting to my goal.  

As a writer,  I was getting closer and closer to:

  1. Writing a blog post for a successfully established blog
  2. Finding how to write legibly
  3. Finding out how to pitch to clients
  4. Finding  out how to be a successful intern

All this involved a lot of rejection and closed doors but, since I was primed to take a little pain I just didn’t give a shit and I was able to laugh it off and persevere with my business casual clothes on.

We were all born Average Joes. Waiting for opportunity means someone else is winning and doing what you’re not doing.

Tip: You’re, not the only one who bought the book, so did I, and I was just like you. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Week 4

30 days of discipline victor pride

By week 4 I realized I was unbreakable.

“Your not Shit, you’ll never do anything in life”, says the people who never got what they wanted in life.

Not only was able to handle simple stupid words that are said by people every day, I shove them aside and out of mind.

Nothing really got to me. Not even my 4-week  nemesis ( alarm clock-time)

Amazingly I found myself more organized and just able to use my time more wisely instead of roaming around the internet commenting on pictures on Instagram. That sure ass hell never got me closer to anything.

As I write this I  have 18 tabs open on google chrome yet I’m still writing. Fuck all the tabs. I’m getting closer to my goal.   

My 30 Days of Discpline review, ultimately taught me how to…

  1. Be productive
  2. Handle my time more efficiently
  3. How dressing changes your self-esteem
  4. Take a lot of pain
  5. How to make more gains (muscle link)
  6. How to ignore society’s BS
  7. Most importantly how to establish (life lasting changing habits)-link productivity

As you can see time to get busy folks. Imagine you for the price of a large size McDonald’s meal you can change your life.

I know it did for me.

This was just a fraction of my experience.  My full experience would be a whole book in itself.

Share your 30 Days of Discipline review below.

Good luck,

PS: You can pick up your copy of 30 Days of Discipline by clicking here.

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