Kinobody Review: Are These Programs Legit…Or Not?

If you go to the , it looks like a gallery of fitness models all getting together to party. Between the videos, photo galleries, and general “high-life-living”, it’d be natural to feel skeptical about whether or not the Kinobody programs are a scam, or the real deal. So, let’s dive into this Kinobody review and see. […]

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5 Tips to Avoid the Travel Stiffness

Everyone is familiar with that feeling of being crammed into airplane seats that seemingly get smaller and smaller. Even if you’re lean with a bit of muscle on you, it’s difficult. Doubly so if you’re over 5’10”. Add in trudging through airports with heavy suitcases and backpacks, the dehydration that occurs from flying, and all […]

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The Different Types of Fasting to Help You Lean Down

Chances are you are reading this because you want to know which different types of fasting can help you lean down. There are two different types of fasting that I have tried, which have helped me lean down—quickly. But before I speak of them … What is fasting? Fasting is basically the last thing you eat […]

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5 Healthy Sides to Eat with a Sandwich

In today’s age, we’re all busy. And yet, with all of the processed food out there, it’s harder than ever to stay lean and fit. So we’re left with the dilemma of eating clean, and eating for convenience. Which brings one of my favorite foods—the sandwich—into play. While not particularly healthy as far as a […]

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3 Tips to Stay Organized and Increase Productivity

All of the Modafinil, Adderall, Kratom, or other cognitive enhancers in the world won’t do you an ounce of good if you aren’t organized. That’s something that many workers, entrepreneurs, students, and even stay-at-home moms struggle with. Stacks of paperwork. Email inboxes crammed full of unread messages. A desktop full of cluttered icons that more […]

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Everything You MUST Know About Kratom Capsules

Most of Kratom comes in powdered form. This is the most common way of taking. Don’t worry, it’s not green cocaine. But, there is an alternative to powder—in the form of Kratom capsules. Let’s dig into the differences, pros and cons of them. If you’re not familiar with what Kratom is itself, it’s a tropical plant […]

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